Interesting Facts About Watches

What is the most important thing in life? Time. Let’s see some of the interesting facts about watches in this article.

What is the most important thing in life? Time. Not everyone in this world has time to do everything but, we do have one thing which helps us keep everything on track. That is none other than watches. 

Watch is considered a person’s best friend as it is the gadget that helps us have punctuality and discipline in life. As they say, if you can’t give someone your time, gift them a watch. 

There is also a famous person who has said people look at their watch and it in a way represents the person you are, all your values and your personality, and he was speaking facts. 

In simple terms, a watch is a device designed to keep track of time by humans, and what to say? It’s still telling the time just fine. An amazing discovery like this, doesn’t it make you more curious to know just everything about it? If yes, you are just on the right page. 

Interesting facts about watches

A long time ago, if you think I am going to tell you a folktale, you are wrong as I am telling you about the time when watches were built, and you will be surprised to know, but it was built in the fifteenth century. Isn’t it just blowing your mind? 

Watches also bring responsibility to your life as time is really important. There are many interesting facts about watches that will really make you wonder more about watches. 

Here are some of the facts given below:

  • The earliest watch was in the shape of a stone. 
  • The concept of watches became famous only after the first World War. 
  • When you see a commercial, the advertisement about watches always shows 10:10 as the timing. The reason behind this is to indicate a happy face or a smiley face to get more sales. 
  • The first-ever wrist watch was said to be worn by Elizabeth 1, which is said to be gifted by her lover. 
  • The most expensive watch in the whole world was sold for about 17 million.
  • The black color watch is sold in large numbers because of its charm. As a person who loves black, I know what this means. 
  • Mechanical watches are usually heavier and less accurate when it comes to comparison with quartz watches. 

What makes the watches so unique and interesting? 

In this world of uncertainty where changes occur every minute, watch is your present. When we were kids, getting a watch in the birthday gifts was something that we all prayed for secretly. 

Trying out grandparents’ and parents’ watches just to look cool was a thing we all are guilty of. But as we grew up, the meaning of watch changed somehow for us.  It becomes more of a personal deal than just a cool gadget to wear. 

The fact that they can have a small size and have a good purpose to serve us is the most interesting part about it. 

You don’t even need a large amount of money to purchase a watch. The interesting part about watches is that they can be three hundred rupees watch or a million worth of watch, it will tell you the same time.

Watches never discriminate. It’s the same for you and me. Watches add glory to your outfit too. Whenever we see a watch on someone, it makes us believe that the person really respects the time. 

Watches not only tell you the right time but also provide features like indicating the temperature, humidity, and also the capability to record the time through stopwatch. 

Some more interesting facts that you might have never heard about before:

  • Wrist watches were said to be designed only for women. 
  • Geneva is a city that is known for making watches. The city explored more than 60,000 watches by the year 1790.
  • The pocket watch in modern time used to dominate the market. 
  • An interesting fact that is not known by many people is that the watch was worn by astronauts when they landed on the moon. It’s so good to know that earth is not the only place where an amazing watch has been, it has traveled in space and came back. 
  • People also wore watches during the time of wars in order to keep track of each and every attack. 

  • Watches designed by rolex have also enjoyed the depth of the waters. 
  • The first pocket watches ever made had just one single hand showing the hours. And the minute hands started being used only in the 17th century. 
  • An Interesting fact is also that men were not allowed to wear wrist watches. 

Interesting facts about new watches 

The new watches are becoming a new way of lifestyle. Nowadays everyone is switching to digital watches. The function of a watch is not just telling the time now. It helps you to know how much you have walked in a day by tracking your step count. Isn’t it too interesting that a watch can tell you time and make you take care of your health at the same time? 

Many watches are not less than a doctor as they even track down your heart rates and also provide the history of data of your pulse rate. 

Watches that are lightweight are a miracle in the cases of sportspeople and coaches. 

It also consists of features such as weather, GPS, compass, and many more. Watches never stop working Even when other devices give up to tell the direction. 


I hope reading all the interesting facts about watches made it more interesting for you to read this article. There is so much to know about watches that just reading about them can make you buy one. I have put all the interesting facts in the simplest way. I hope this will make you understand about the watches more and make you appreciate your time. By the way, what’s the time? Grab a watch and find out. 

Thank you