Is a chimney necessary in the kitchen

Since ancient times, the chimney has always been a part of the kitchen. It sucks and removes all the smoke from the kitchen outside, keeping the kitchen new even after long cooking. But, is the kitchen fireplace necessary? Yes, there always needs to be a kitchen chimney. It absorbs all the oily, and smoky particles emitted during cooking and make the kitchen as well as the home new and free from emissions.Chimneys are classy and essential for smaller kitchens. Still, if your chimney doesn’t have a higher suction capacity, you will find that the odor of food products and sticky or greasy particles will reach even your living rooms. There are certain benefits to owning a chimney that is mentioned below: 

Why use the kitchen chimney?

Who doesn’t need a fresh, clean kitchen? We all want our kitchen to be neat and clean. Whenever we go to the kitchen, the first thing we want to see is a clean kitchen, free from unnecessary smell. This is easy to do if you have an electric kitchen chimney fitted in your kitchen.

benefits to owning a chimney

1. Keeps your kitchen clean and fresh:

When preparing food in your kitchen, cooking fumes contribute to creating dirt all over the house, including cupboards, house shelves, and even roofs. Eventually, these stains give the kitchen a bland look. The release of sticky and greasy particles from deep-frying makes our kitchen walls and tiles yellowish. This dusky color in the cookhouse is mainly due to the greasy smoke of spices, tadkas, and vegetable oil. The chimney is then needed to wipe out all the smoke right from above the stove, just at the time of release, to maintain our kitchen clean. With the use of an electric chimney, you can prevent this problem and maintain your cooking space fresh all the time.

2. Provides a breathable and comfortable environment

The most significant aspect that decreases culinary participation in the kitchen is cooking exhaust. Heavy oils give your kitchen a stuffy environment that makes it difficult to work inside. Even the exhaust fans in your kitchen can’t pull out the cooking fumes because they’re not near to your pots and pans. Today’s electric chimneys are designed to sit on your kitchen tops and remove all the cooking exhaust from the cooking area.

3. Protect from indoor air pollution

  1. When cooking, most of the items that burn are oil, fats, and carbohydrates. Burning of these compounds releases gases that contain nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other gases that are very dangerous to our lungs. Regular ingestion of these gases can cause severe health issues that many of us are unaware of. Using just a chimney in your kitchen will save you from these infections and keep your kitchen healthy.

4. Ensures better hygiene

Apart from maintaining a smoke-free atmosphere and providing a clean kitchen, chimneys have become highly advantageous by ensuring better hygiene in your cooking area. Smoking that passes away when cooking sticks together to form sticky stains. This contributes to the development of germs and microscopic organisms. As a result, germs and bacteria impact the environment, causing food poison, fever, and diarrhea. Any of these problems can be resolved by using chimneys.

Things to consider before buying a Chimney

1. Noise:

The operation of the engines in the chimneys creates an excess of air pressure resulting in noise. But, when buying chimneys for home use, one must take noise into account. Otherwise, you could feel a bit of annoyance and discomfort due to the noisy noise from the chimneys.

2. Filters:

If the filters do not work correctly, the suction may become weak and pose a severe health risk. Choosing the correct filter increases the efficiency of the chimney.

3. Maintenance & Cleaning:

Maintenance and cleaning of chimneys is an essential thing that anyone wants to do to boost efficiency and last longer. As the purpose of the chimney is to eliminate the smoke and dust present in the kitchen, it needs to be regularly cleaned as it is covered in debris. If you find it extremely difficult to clean the chimneys, simply select the one that includes detachable filters and auto-cleaning functionality. It cleans the filters neatly at an instant and appears like a new one.

4. Manufacturer's image and guarantee:

Another crucial thing you have to look at is the quality and warranty details of the manufacturer. Most consumers are drawn to advertise models as they offer excellent efficiency and also extend the lifespan of chimneys. Also, the manufacturer is giving a warranty duration of 6 months. Although it can differ from brand to brand, you can get it fixed free of charge within a defined period. So, whenever you purchase a product, always review the models that come with the warranty services.

5. Price:

There are many big e-commerce websites available that sell various products. Many good Kitchen chimneys are pricey but offer various features and benefits. However, to figure out the best, you have to look at the price and the features. It can differ according to the size, durability, functionality, and upgraded features.

6. Suction Power of the Chimney:

The key feature or theory on which the chimney operates is suction force. It is, therefore, crucial to remember this aspect when making the purchase. If you’re wondering how to identify the proper suction capacity, then the rule of thumb is – a chimney must be able to clean ten times the volume of air in a given volume. The chimney, with its strong suction strength, is efficient enough. 

7. Care and Maintenance:

It is best to use a chimney that needs less maintenance. Place the chimney at a low height (4feet) so that it is easy to clean and eliminates smoke and oil particles effectively.

8. Size:

The size of the kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen. Standard chimneys are available in sizes 2 feet and 3 feet.

9. Motor/Blower:

 The engine should be sealed to prevent dust and dirt from entering it. Aluminium non-stick blowers and engine saves you from the pain of daily cleaning of the internal components.

10. Aesthetics:

Chimneys are available to accommodate every segment and taste of society, varying from modest rates to luxurious ones. Depending on your budget, lifestyle, and kitchen decor, you can select the best. A few brands have the option of customizing looks to suit your kitchen decor.

Here are some of the best contemporary chimneys and convectional kitchen chimneys to buy

Sunflame Kitchen Chimney

This brand has always been one of India’s well-known brands for kitchen appliances. Sunflame Innova has earned a spot in our list among its wide range of kitchen chimney items due to its efficiency and capabilities. This product features reinforced curved glass and metallic finish hoods that guarantee long life and performance. The one-touch control panel allows users to access and monitor functionality. Besides that, one interesting thing about this model is that it comes in combination with a 2-burner gas stove. If you’ve purchased a new home, then the deal is excellent.

Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney

Over the last two decades, GLEN has revolutionized kitchen equipment in India with innovative products and thoughtful features. Glen Hood Chimney 6071 EX has a black hardened glass that not only ensures reliability, protection but also improves the interior of your kitchen and is essential for smaller kitchens. This product includes a next-generation baffle filter that offers dynamic airflow and high performance. The material used in this product is of excellent quality, such as the engine has a thermal overload shield, the casing, the fan, and all the wiring is made of flame-resistant plastic.

Seavy Ciaz Titanium Kitchen Chimney

Seavy is a very well-known and successful name when it comes to standard and fine kitchen appliances. It has brought about a ground-breaking shift in kitchen appliances by introducing cutting-edge designs and fine-quality products to customers. This conventional kitchen chimney contains a touch panel that offers ease of service. The sleek style and state-of-the-art technology make your kitchen appear even more beautiful. It usually comes in a single titanium steel finish, making it easy to fit in any kitchen interior.

Cosmo COS-63190 kitchen chimney

Cosmo Kitchen is introducing this new European style range hood. It features a 250 CFM high-efficiency 79 watt engine that uses less energy than a regular light bulb. This newly built range hood is both energy-efficient and silent. It has a full stainless steel body and longer-lasting aluminum filters, which are essential for smaller kitchens. Filters may be washed one or two times until they need to be replaced. Featuring 3-speed settings on the push button, it includes built-in LED lighting. This appliance brings the benefits of design, beauty, and quality to your kitchen. Range Hood does not have a connector and must be hardwired to install. You can cook with no unpleasant odors and no toxic air pollution to disrupt your house

IKTCH – Campana kitchen chimney

It included all the hardware you need to install and very simple instructions; the LED lights are dimmable. These contemporary chimneys use less power (180 watts), so you don’t have to think about monthly energy bills. It generates 58db, which is generally less than other kitchen chimneys. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the whole product and a 5-year warranty on the engine motor.

Wall mount range hood kitchen chimney

Pleasant indoor kitchen hood, low noise level, strong suction. The baffle filter present in this chimney causes oils and other contaminants to settle in the baffle. This makes the air move easily without interference. You don’t have to dirty your hands with this method to clean the chimney. Just one click away from the auto-clean feature generates a certain amount of heat to push the oil, grease to travel in the collector tube.