How To Hem Jeans Without A Sewing Machine?

Do you have jeans that you never wear in your wardrobe because they’re too long? Don’t you think you should change the jeans because you don’t own a sewing machine? If you replied yes to all of these questions, this article is entirely for you. Without a sewing machine, you can hem your jeans. Sewing by yourself could seem a bit tricky task. You might plan on sewing a few stitches here and there to alter some of your clothes and end up with a different and ill-fitting piece of cloth. That is why it is not recommended to use a sewing machine because if you do not have the expertise, you will damage the sewing machine or cut your clothes beyond repair. 

How to hem jeans without a sewing machine

Stitching without a sewing machine can be a bit challenging, but it is well worth it. To shorten or lengthen your jeans’ hem without a sewing machine, you will be required to follow the backstitch method, which can be done by hand sewing. 

It’s quite simple, and you’re going to specifically learn how to do it without cutting the jeans’ actual hem. Although you can visit a tailor to perform the task for you, the simplicity and ease of the task would hopefully lead you to consider hemming without sewing the jeans on your own.

All you need to do is get a needle and a thread solid enough to pass through the jeans material. As you pass the needle through and under the fabric, repeat the stitch halfway and thus aptly named the backstitch. Again take your needle to a considerable length through the material and repeat. 

Many people don’t know how to hem jeans without sewing, but this method is much simpler than you would expect. You’d use one of the easy hem jeans methods, i.e., backstitching, to hem your jeans without a machine. Now, say goodbye to the days when you ask your grandmother to sew your jeans because it’s so simple that you’ll be done in less than 30 minutes.

Here is what you will need for hemming your jeans. 

Materials you need:

  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • A pair of jeans that needs to be shortened
  • Straight pins
  • Ruler
  • Thread and Needle (Make sure to use stronger ones)
  • Tailor’s chalk

Here is the step by step guide to hem jeans without a sewing machine:

Step 1: Take Measurements:

With the help of a measuring tape, measure the dimensions of your favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly or take measurements of the person who will be wearing that pair of jeans. You would also have to try the jeans and measure how long you want them to be. It would be best to stand on a stool instead of the floor to get the correct measurement. Hem the jeans to the length you want them to be. Wear the jeans after you cuff them up and make sure that it is perfect according to your measurements. Iron the cuffs to make the cuff visible.

Step 2: Mark the jeans:

Mark where you will hem with the help of tailor chalk or pin. Mark the line where you want the ends to be and how much you want your jeans shortened. After getting the measurements for cutting the jeans, make a mark of half that length. Like if you want to cut off your favorite pair of jeans by 4 inches, you’ll have to make a 2-inch mark. Do this for both sides. The marks created at half the length must be at similar distances below and above the actual hem. Using our instance, this means that there must be a 2-inch line below and above the jeans’ actual hem.

Step 3: Fold the jeans:

Fold the jeans to the point that the original hemline crosses the line or label above it and then cut off the fabric’s extra end.  Make sure to do it for both the legs while using the same measurements. Iron the folding again to make it look tidy and simpler for you when you begin stitching.

Step 4: Start stitching up

At last, you need to stitch the line below the actual hem of the pants. The stitching must not be cut to the other side of the pants. You’re supposed to stitch the hem with the jean’s body. Make the stitching around the cuff. However, you are not using a machine, so try to distance the seams as equal and straight as possible by using thread for jeans hem. Also, consider having this line around the cuff as close to the initial seam as possible. This will make the hemming less noticeable when the work is finished.

Some tips for Hemming Jeans:

No matter if you buy new jeans or pick them up at the nearest Thrift shop, you’re going to want your money to be worth it. The styles of the pant leg and the desires of the wearer should be taken into consideration. There are some things to consider at the time of hemming.

  1. Straight-leg jeans are ideal for this method, but jeans with a barely noticeable flare can also be hemmed appropriately.
  2. Always ensure the pants hemming tools you use are sharp. Denim can be somewhat rigid, so you’ll need incredibly strong tools to cut through it.
  3. As children grow up, they tend to shoot up faster than they grow up. Get even more life out of their jeans by dragging out the stitches and dropping the hem length as required.
  4. If the hem is never let down again, you should cut the excess tissue out of the cuff. Split the freshly stitched hemline no closer than half by using a good thread for jeans hem.
  5. Don’t attempt to fold and pin the other leg by keeping the folded leg on top of it. It’s a bad mistake that people repeatedly make. You will end up getting different lengths. 
  6. Don’t ever forget the pre-wash. It softens the fabric. Also, wash with like colors to not destroy the look of your valuable jeans.
  7. Pay close attention to the seams as they are essential aspects when working. Maintain them flat by ironing correctly.
  8. Practice scraps of denim to make you feel comfortable before you commit to the task.

So, after reading this informational guide on hemming without sewing, you’ll get an idea of stitching and hemming your jeans to suit your taste and preferences. It may be challenging initially, but try to practice it regularly, and soon you’ll be walking confidently in a good-looking pair of jeans that are made to suit you only.