How to get Bed Bugs out of Vacuum Cleaner?

The best way to get rid of the insects is to keep the vacuum cleaner away from the bed areas. Whenever you vacuum, make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner bag open, as some bed bugs may fly out. Once you’ve emptied the vacuum bag, take the vacuum bag outside for safe storage, or throw it away. Some people think it’s better to keep the vacuum bag outside, as they believe insects can’t get through the vacuum bag. In the end, the insects can get out, just like they can in any container you use to store food and other products. The best option is to throw the bag away.

Be careful when cleaning

Usually, you can deal with bed bugs by cleaning the vacuum in small increments by wiping it down first. But if you’re in the process of vacuuming and you happen to take the vacuum out of the closet, the bed bugs in the vacuum may be alive at this point, so you might want to be careful. Bed bugs tend to crawl in when the vacuum is turned on and can make it hard to get the vacuum out, but be careful. Just because you see bed bugs, you don’t want to take the vacuum out to clean it without looking at the vacuum and seeing if it has bed bugs still stuck to it.

Use a wet cloth

Before cleaning the vacuum out, wipe the vacuum down to remove bed bugs from the vacuum.  You could either use a wet cloth or spray some dry shampoo, which would go right into the vacuum and clean bed bugs from the vacuum cleaner. You’ll need to clean the vacuum every day for about a week, and it’s very easy to get bed bugs onto the vacuum. 

Dry it thoroughly

Use a dryer sheet to dry the vacuum out completely so the bed bugs are removed completely. Use the dryer sheet to wipe down the vacuum. It’s easy to get bed bugs stuck in the vacuum. Just keep cleaning until you get rid of them completely.

Pour out the remaining water

Once you get bed bugs out of the vacuum, pour out all of the water. The vacuum may have some water left on it from when it was first cleaned. Just pour the water out of the vacuum, and then put the vacuum cleaner in a closet or other place where it can be out of the way. You can leave the vacuum cleaner out of the apartment for several days, and if you get bed bugs still stuck in the vacuum at this point, you can take it out of the apartment to clean it and get the vacuum out of the apartment.

Simple steps for removing bed bugs out of your vacuum cleaner:

  • Open the vacuum cleaner and spray inside or outside the vacuum cleaner’s tube (usually near the hose).
  • Dispose of any inside bed bug waste in the garbage or the trash can.
  • To ensure no bed bugs enter the vacuum cleaner during the cleaning process, use the attachment to clean a vacuum cleaner’s door.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting furniture or other items before putting them in storage or the garage is important to prevent the spread of bed bugs.
  • Be sure to clean and disinfect wood furniture or other items before putting them in storage or the garage.
  • Cleaning products used for furniture cleaning may be ineffective or harmful to the furniture or household items. Instead, always treat the entire piece of furniture before putting it in storage or the garage.
  • Use a few different chemicals on the furniture to ensure the best results. Try using dry salt, vinegar, mineral oil, or products that contain pesticides.