How to arrange dishes in kitchen cabinets

The number of items that a kitchen cabinet store has is mind-blowing. For hassle-free work and cooking in the kitchen, it becomes essential that you arrange the dishes properly in the kitchen cabinets. Whether you wish to prepare a quick breakfast or a family meal, a well-arranged dish in the kitchen cabinets will make your job easier and swifter. The kitchen holds items of different shapes and sizes, thus making it hard to organize them in the cabinets. That is why you must invest some time, effort, and money to arrange the dishes well in your kitchen. The best way to store dishes is to stick to a particular organization strategy or blend different organization methods according to your needs. If you are also facing disorganization in your kitchen and looking for ideas on how to arrange the dishes in your kitchen cabinets, this article is for you. You will know the basic procedure to organize your kitchen and the in-depth resources you need for doing so. Hence, keep yourself motivated and go through the following points.

Why is organizing your kitchen cabinet worth it?

In case you are still wondering why you must put in efforts to arrange your dishes and the cabinets in the kitchen, here are some points to motivate you. These lists of points will let you know why it’s important to organize your kitchen space. 

  • Arranging your kitchen will provide some extra space in the kitchen and make it look spacious. 
  • You will know what you have in your hand and whatnot.  
  • You will not be buying the same dish or item twice and save yourself some money and space as well. 
  • It will save you time as you will not spend half of your time in the kitchen searching for the dish you need. 
  • You will have a vague idea of the items you have with you and not get surprised suddenly. 
  • An organized kitchen and well-arranged kitchen cabinets will help you to assist your grocery shopping and meals accordingly. 
  • Your cooking process also gets easier. You will not have to waste time running around the kitchen to find the right-sized lid for the pot. 
  • Organized kitchen cabinets are easy to use for guests and other family members as well. You can orally tell them what is placed where, and they can locate it easily. 
  • Last but not least, organized dishes and kitchen cabinets will reduce the cleaning time. When you get used to the kitchen arrangement system, you are likely to put the items back on the same spot. Now you know why it’s important to organize your kitchen space. It not only saves your time but money and energy as well. After that, it’s time to learn how to do the trick. Here’s how should arrange your dishes in the kitchen cabinets for the optimal space and ease of use: The following steps will explain each point in detail. 

Step 1: Declutter your kitchen and the cabinets

Decluttering your kitchen is the foremost thing you must do when arranging the dishes in the cabinets. You must do it before you buy other storage solutions or rearrange the items. To do this, arrange a bin near you and an empty box as well. Throw the items that are absolute waste into the trash bin and the items that you can donate or resell into the empty box. Go through each cabinet and search for things that you do not need. 

Tips for decluttering

  1. Perform an inventory check- Group your dishes into different piles. Place your daily use dishes in one group and the dishes you need occasionally into the other. 
  2. Decide what you need- There might be many such items in the kitchen that you do not need anymore. Keep the things you need separately and the others aside. 
  3. Throw what you don’t need- Put all the unnecessary items in the trash box. 

Step 2: Sort items back into the cabinets

Once you are done removing the unessential items, it is time to rearrange the dishes back into the kitchen space. When you organize the content of your kitchen, start from the most basic items. Organizing or rearranging your kitchen means placing things in a way that looks neat and is easy to locate. At this stage, look for kitchen cabinet organizers that separate items by a divider. 

Here is how you should arrange your dishes in the kitchen cabinets.

  1. Separate everyday use items from occasional use items- Make sure you do not mix the daily dishes you need with the occasional dishes. 
  2. Place items near to the place you use them- Everything you need for preparing a meal, including frypan, pots, spices, etc. close to the stove. Do not keep the essential items on the other side of the kitchen. 
  3. Make room for small kids- If you have young kids at your house, dedicate a separate cabinet or a corner for them. Place their snacks, food, drinks, etc. in a cabinet that is accessible to them. 
  4. Separate food from dishes and cookware- To arrange the kitchen, start by reserving places for eatables and other cabinets that are not edible. Consider arranging the eatable to your left and other items to right or vice versa. Or, you can also place the eatables in the upper items and the cookware in the lower ones. 
  5. Keep the most used items near you- The items you use most frequently must be nearest to you. If you are an everyday coffee drinker, keep the coffee mugs in front of you. 
  6. Be neat- Try labeling things, keep the boxes in a line, Bowles stacked in order, and process accordingly. 
  7. Find a different place for some items- If you have less space in the kitchen, you do not have to fit everything in one place. In case your cabinets are small, you can keep some things aside. 

Step 3: Storing items in the cabinets

When you are done decluttering and grouping your items, it is time to store the items into the cabinets neatly. The best way to store dishes is to categorize them first, and then store them. For this, you can install more number of kitchen cabinets as you need, not more, not less. When you are storing things in their zones, keep their functions in mind. Tips to do so: 

  1. Things to store in the upper cabinets- It is best to store food, dishes, glasses, cookbooks, and storage containers in the upper cabinets of the kitchen. 
  2. Things to store in lower cabinets- The items that best suit the lower cabinets are pots, pans, appliances, mixing bowls, cutting boards, etc. 

Step 4: Maintain the organization

The most important thing after the arrangement is its maintenance. Go once or twice through your cabinets in a year. You can do so with the help of the following tips: 

  1. Set a helpful reminder to remember which things you have kept at what place. 
  2. Do 30 minutes of decluttering once a month. 
  3. Follow the plan and arrangements you have made for cleaning up your kitchen. 

Here are some of the top-picks of cabinets and kitchen storage sources that will help you arrange your space:

Aysis - Multi-Use DIY 4 Cube Metallic Wire Storage Organiser

This multipurpose DIY storage cabinet and kitchen organizer is one of the best cabinets for dishes. Its sturdy and durable construction makes it worthy of all the money spent on purchasing it. Each of its cubes can hold weight up to 6 kgs, which means you can keep several kitchen appliances on one shelf. It’s exposed arrangement makes it convenient for keeping the things of daily use visible and near to you. Its interlocking cubes give multiple stacking options, and you can assemble the cubes into any shape. All of these features make it a good choice for the cabinet to hold dishes. 

Marsun Kitchen Dish Rack for Cabinet

If you wish to have a cabinet with the sole purpose of storing dishes, this product can do the job well. This cabinet for dishes is designed exclusively for holding dishes. Its peculiarity is that you can fit it on a wall and save your kitchen space. Marsun Kitchen Dish rack is a budget-friendly cabinet to hold dishes. It comes with a detachable drip tray to hold the water dripping from the washed dishes. You can use the upper shelf of the cabinet to store dishes and plates and the lower one to store small bowels. This product is the perfect example of the plates cabinet. 

Cello Novelty Compact Cupboard - Ice Brown

For storing dishes in drawers, this product is one of the best picks. This spacious and elegant cupboard has several drawers to store dishes. You can arrange your dishes according to their use, and everyday needs, in its drawers. It requires minimum maintenance and has multiple storage solutions. You get a one year warranty from the manufacturer when you buy this cabinet to store dishes. 

KitchenAid Full-Size Dish Rack, Light Grey

This dish cabinet from KitchenAid is best for storing dishes, plates, and bowls. You can use it as a plates cabinet as well as a dish cabinet. This multipurpose kitchen organizer comes with anti-rust nano-coating and helps in the easy draining of water. It is perfect for kitchen use as it has different portions for storing dishes, bowls, etc. This product has a sturdy and durable frame that resists bending. You can use it for multiple purposes and storage solutions. 

Household Essentials C21521-1 Glidez Dual 2-Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer

This is one of the best products for storing dishes in drawers. This silver color stainless steel kitchen cabinet serves multiple purposes. You can store dishes, edibles, pots, etc. in it. Its small size makes it convenient to keep it handy and use it whenever you need it. You can place it near the stove because it can tolerate moderately hot temperatures due to its steel body. 

VASAGLE LOWELL Storage Cabinet, Standing Cabinet,

If you wish to have height-adjustable shelves to store dishes of different sizes at the same place, this product will do well for you. Another feature that makes the Vasagle Lowell storage cabinet stand out from other cabinets is its low-pressure opening door. You have to put little pressure on the door from outside, and the door will open automatically. This product is a mixture of stainless steel and high-quality wood that makes it sturdy and long-lasting.