How Much Space Is Needed For A Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is a serious investment – after all, you don’t buy it very often and intend to use every single day, at least for the upcoming 10 years. Still, there is a huge variation in the size of the refrigerator. Getting the wrong one will get you into certain risks as it will not fit in with your existing front door or opening in your kitchen. A major consideration is the refrigerator space requirement for proper ventilation of the compressor around the unit. That’s why it’s essential to know your space requirements that perfectly suit your home when buying a refrigerator. Refrigerators are not something that we buy regularly, neither they’re something you can buy on the run and get back before finding the right match. Invest your time in some research regarding the size and space of the refrigerator so that you’ll be able to make a wise decision at the time of buying one for yourself.

Types of Refrigerator

When searching for appliances, you will need to consider both the size and the type of refrigerator. There are some large space refrigerators and some small scale refrigerators, with their average size. Since these sizes are just averages, you will also need to look at the dimensions for the particular refrigerator that you are interested in when making buying decisions.

Top freezer refrigerators

The “traditional or classic” refrigerators have been an important part of the kitchen for decades with the primary compartment, which is at the bottom and takes up around two-thirds of the space. The freezer is taking up around one-third of the space at the upper portion. They have big shelves and seem to be the most compact of all forms of refrigerators. This large space refrigerator style is one of the most economical options, making it the perfect budget buyer choice. It is also available in a wide range of sizes to suit large and small kitchens. You can get Frigidaire Gallery FGHT2144K when you’re buying a home for the first time, and your budget is likely to be as compact as your kitchen. This refrigerator is the more energy-efficient and budget-friendly option you can get for your kitchen.

The average size of top-freezer refrigerators

  • Width: 28 – 32
  • Height: 61 “””¾” – 66 “”” ¼”

Bottom freezer refrigerators

The bottom freezer refrigerator is very famous for good reason. These models have a large storage area for both the freezer and the refrigerator sections. It allows simple material accommodation in a range of widths and sizes. Many people even enjoy the ease of getting a refrigerator section at eye level, making it much easier to locate what they need quickly. They are ideal for those who would like to have the main compartment at eye level. They are often more energy-efficient as the main compartment lets the freezer retain its ice-cold temperatures with much less energy consumption. Haier 320L refrigerator is ideal for a U-shaped kitchen. If you want to keep yourself and your family healthy with delicious food, bring this Haier 320 L refrigerator home. This essential kitchen appliance provides a Veg Box to store to keep various seasonal vegetables and frozen food for a long time. The style and design of this refrigerator are ideal for U-shaped kitchens.

Average sizes of Bottom freezer fridges

  • Width: 29 “”½” – 32 “” ¾”
  • Height: 67″” – 70″”

Side-by-side refrigerators

If you’re searching for a slim style, side-by-side refrigerator model offers a vertical freezer and a refrigerator that sits right next to each other. The slim profile reduces the range of the food that can be processed, and these models are not as energy efficient as other popular refrigerator types. You can get many excellent refrigerators available on the market today. The Whirlpool 568 refrigerator is perfect for an L-shaped kitchen, and this fridge is the ideal combination of exceptional performance and modern style. This refrigerator comes with various other features, such as energy-efficient systems, ice makers, digital displays, and controls for better comfort and convenience if you have a G-shaped kitchen Hisense 690L refrigerator. This large space refrigerator has become an on-demand appliance, particularly for people with plenty of kitchen space. This Hisense refrigerator comes with a luxury glass door to complement your premium home decor. 

Average sizes of side-by-side refrigerators

  • Width: 32 ¾” – 39 ¾”
  • Height: 65″” – 71″”

French door refrigerator

The French door refrigerator adds a new look to your kitchen. Not only does the freezer configuration mean huge blocks of storage space for a refrigerator, but also the ability to open only one refrigerator door at a time minimizes the leakage of cold air. Many models have a freezer-style cabinet, but some have French doors in the freezer area too. French doors need a limited swing space, and, just like regular, bottom Freezer models, there is a lot of flexibility to fit big or big objects. If you have gallery-style kitchens, then you can get a Samsung RS265TD. This 36-inch Samsung is a top-rated model, providing strong marks in all test categories, and if you’re living with a family, then you can get a Samsung family hub refrigerator. This large space refrigerator has become an on-demand gadget, particularly for people who seem to have plenty of kitchen space and spend lots of time making food. It will also add an amiable and elegant look to your kitchen.

Average sizes of French door refrigerators

  • Width: 29″” – 36″”
  • Height: 68″” – 70″”

How to measure space for a refrigerator

After knowing a little about the refrigerator’s sizes and styles, how will you find out which refrigerator space requirement is ideal for your home? It would be best if you did calculations or measurements for that. So get a measuring tape, a pencil, a sheet of paper, and get to work.

Step 1: Measure the width of the space

Figure out how much space you need to save from, countertop to the wall, based on where your refrigerator will be. If your fridge has a wall on one side, make sure you leave 2′′ to 2 1⁄2 “of free space so that you have space to open the door.

Step 2: Measure the height of the space

There are possibilities that your ceilings are tall or large enough to fit the size of the refrigerator. Still, if you’ve got cabinets above the area where the refrigerator is going to be placed, then you’ll have to measure them. Start measuring them from the floor and continuing to the base of the cabinets.

Step 3: Calculate the height or depth of countertop

Suppose you’re going to have a counter depth refrigerator or a regular depth refrigerator. In that case, you’re always going to want to test your counters’ depth to make sure the refrigerator matches appropriately.

Points to keep in mind at the time of buying refrigerator

When you buy a refrigerator, you would want to make sure that it’s the right fit for your lifestyle and has all the best features. You should bear in mind the below-mentioned points at the time of buying refrigerators.

Specific measurements

You have to begin by measuring the width, height, and depth of the space in which the refrigerator is mounted. It’s always wise to put extra time into the calculation so that you can have the exact measurements.

Door swing

You should be aware of how much space you need to open the refrigerator door completely. Most refrigerators need to be opened at 90 degrees or more to allow full access. Check the basic installation specifications of the refrigerators you are looking at since the space required for a door swing differs in style. The top freezer refrigerator needs a lot of capacity to be completely opened than the side by side refrigerators.

Ventilation space

Always make sure that your refrigerator can breathe. Without adequate ventilation, the refrigerator can be harmed, and more energy can be consumed. You’ll at least require one-inch distance on the back and the top and a quarter-inch ventilation distance gap on the sides of the refrigerator. So, that refrigerator will not heat up instantly. And if there is no ventilation space, then your refrigerator can be damaged. So, try to keep at least one-inch distance on the back and the top of the refrigerator.

Space for moving refrigerator

The final places you need to measure before buying your new refrigerator are your doors, stairs, and everything else that the refrigerator could bump into. Nothing could be worse than purchasing your perfect refrigerator and not being able to place it through the front door. So, space is also a significant factor at the time of buying a refrigerator.Read the above-mentioned guide for more information on a wide range of refrigerator options available to choose from large space refrigerators to small scale refrigerators and how they can be used in your house. Take these considerations into account each time you search for a refrigerator so that you can select the right fridge for you and your family.