How to Clean a Sofa with a Vacuum Cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is an essential item in every home. People who live in tiny houses or apartment living rooms always pay extra attention to their sofas or sofa cushions. However, people forget the fact that vacuuming is essential to keep our home clean and dust-free. The vacuum cleaner is the right machine for Cleaning and collecting the dust and dirt from the carpet and floors. 

We advise you to use a vacuum cleaner to clean our sofas, sofa cushions, armchair or dining chairs. This is the easiest and the best way to get rid of the dust from the furniture. It is very important to use a vacuum cleaner to clean them because of the risk of bacteria and allergens from the dust. People are living in huge cities, and it is impossible for them to keep the house spotless. It is good to wash our sofas and cushions once in two weeks. 

You can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning your sofa cushions. You need to find out the exact position where the dust collects. Then, place a sheet of cling wrap on your sofa and shake the vacuum cleaner around the couch, trying to remove the dust. Once you get the dust out of your sofa, vacuum your sofa in another location. Make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner and shake the dust after vacuuming your sofa. It is very important to protect the foam and foam cores. Remove the vacuum cleaner hose from the water hose. Do not connect it back to the water supply. This will ensure that the dust will not get stuck in the hose. However, you can place a bucket underneath the sofa and fill it with water.

Here's how to clean your sofa using a vacuum cleaner:

  • Measure the distance from the ground to the sofa. Place your vacuum cleaner on the sofa.
  • Start by taking off the seat cushions from the sofa. If it has many soft fibres in it, take care not to wear shoes. This step is mandatory because you will be removing them as one solid piece.
  • Use a sponge or a cloth to cover the whole cushions with some damp cloth and fill the whole sides. Dusting the cloth is a must. If you use just dusting cloth, you won’t achieve the quality you are aiming for.
  • Take the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the cushions completely. Only vacuum the seams of the cushions. Don’t vacuum all the sides of the cushion.
  • Then, take the vacuum cleaner off the plug and put it in the back of the sofa. The vacuum cleaner should be behind the cushion without touching the back.
  • Plug the vacuum cleaner back into the socket. Now put it back on the sofa. You can put the cord right above the backrest. Make sure that the cushion is underneath the vacuum cleaner so that it can pull the material.
  • If you have a straight line of the bottom of the sofa, you can place the vacuum cleaner above the cushion.
  • Now, position the cushion above the vacuum cleaner so that it can get the hair and dust trapped inside the cushion.
  • If you want to remove the excess foam from the cushion, you can take a regular piece of cloth and tie it on both sides of the sofa. With these two ends of the cloth, you can lift the cushion.
  • You can vacuum the cushion for a couple of minutes. If the foam comes off with the cushion, you can take the cloth and tie it again.
  • If the foam is still stuck to the cushion, you can wait for a couple of days and then vacuum the cushion.