Best Roti Maker In The USA

Modern times require modern solutions. This observation seems quite apt for Roti Maker or Chapati Maker appliance for the kitchen. Though Roti or Chapati was not very popular in the USA earlier, it is gradually becoming a staple diet in several parts of the USA, not only among Asians but also several international communities living in the USA’s different regions.

Roti Maker is the healthier way to stay fit, and you must be wondering which roti maker to buy. So, we have shortlisted the top five roti makers in the USA for your reference. You can check yourself and decide which one to buy for your kitchen utilities.

Our Recommended Best Products In The USA

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Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine with 2 Years base warranty (Official Listing)

Westinghouse Stainless Steel Non-Stick Tortilla and Rotimaker 8 inch 110 volt, SILVER

Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker Non-Stick, 10-inch, Brushed Stainless Steel/Black

CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Maker - 10" Pitas, Chapati, Roti, Flatbread, Non-Stick Cooking Plates with Ready Light and Cord Wrap

Revel Roti CTM 630 Tortilla Flatbread Maker with Temperature Control, 10-Inch

Pointers for the article:

  • Bottomline Introduction
  • What is Roti Maker
  • Five Best Roti Makers in the USA
  • Buyer’s Guide and tips
  • Conclusion

Five Roti Makers to be discussed today are the following:

  • Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker
  • Westinghouse WKRM292 Roti Maker
  • Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker
  • Cucina Pro Tortilla Maker
  • Revel Roti CTM 630

Bottomline Introduction

Today, we will explain five leading Roti or Chapati Makers in the USA. You will get to know their features, price, guidelines to use and buy, along with many more other relevant information. Bread or Chapati or Roti is not a recent phenomenon. It was there for the ages. Roti Maker appliance is the perfect combination of the traditional and modern process.

Evolution is the law of nature. From traditional Roti making to using machines for the same, we have moved ahead in the evolution process.

Let’s move ahead in the article with the fundamental question here:

What is Roti Maker?

In our country, everything is in fast-forward mode. In this fast-paced mode of life, and efficient Roti Maker can save a lot of time. Roti Maker is an electrical appliance for making round, crispy and fluffy Rotis or Chapatis. You can work without worry about making food on a tight schedule.

Utilities of Roti Maker

  •         Roti/Chapati Maker is a electrical equipment with a simple instructional manual to use.
  •         It does not require any specialization to use Roti Maker. Anybody can use it to make round, crispy, and fluffy Rotis by following instructions.
  •         Apart from Rotis, you can also make khakhras, papads, dosas, and several other food items on your Roti Maker.
  •         Roti Maker is the perfect option for bachelors, students, busy working professionals, canteens, tiffin service providers, and similar bulk and fast requirements.
  •         Price is nominal, and you can get the best Roti Maker in the USA within a price range of 50 US Dollars to 90 US Dollars only.

Now let’s get ahead with our list of the five best roti makers in the USA.

Five Best Roti Maker

Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker

Zimplistic, a Singapore-registered company, prepares Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker. Roti/Chapati lovers need not worry for kneading the dough and using hands to do so with this machine.


Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker is available across the USA. This appliance is the best in quality and features. It is available at attractive prices on e-commerce sites.

First Flatbread making Robot

Rotimatic Roti Maker is the world’s first piece of equipment with a Robot making flatbread. The inclusion of robotics in Roti Making is revolutionary in itself.

Faster with Artificial Intelligence

Rotimatic functions very fast with in-built artificial intelligence technology. You will get hot, soft, fresh Rotis in just ninety seconds.


Rotimatic can be customized as per cooking requirements. You can adjust thickness, oil level, etc. You can make almost everything, including parathas, puris, masala roti, pizza bases, simple Roti, and many more.

Warranty and body

Rotimatic Roti Maker offers two years of warranty for repairs and servicing. With a resilient and robust design, it looks desirable.

Additional Features

The unique selling point of Rotimatic is its ability to cook Mexican tortillas, Arabian Khubz, and other international delicacies. These options are available along with the tradional Indian cuisines.

Robotic technology does all the work, and you don’t have to make your hands dirty. This artificial intelligence and mechanical equipment can do amazing stuff in your kitchen. Users can use this for kneading the dough, rolling perfect circle dough discs, mixing ingredients, and roasting them, all this without human interference.

It is fantastic and unique, isn’t it!!!


Rotimatic is pretty expensive because of the latest technology and multiple cooking options. Their technology is revolutionary in this segment. They are using robotic technology for Roti making, and hence they have set the price at 2099 US Dollars.

Westinghouse WKRM292 Roti Maker

Our second product on the list is Westinghouse WKRM292, Roti Maker. Westinghouse Roti Maker comes in an ergonomic design and body of non-stick material, which is easy to clean.

Cooking options

Westinghouse Roti Maker can be used to cook tortillas wraps, pitas, chapatis, rotis, and flatbreads in a couple of minutes hassle-free.

Easy to clean

Westinghouse Roti Maker is available in a non-stick body. It is easy to clean with a plain cloth. They have made a storage area with a beautiful chrome design.

Other features

Westinghouse Roti Maker provides indicators for ready-to-cook and power status.

Roti Maker can be used to cook rotis or tortillas of eight inches in size.

The dimension of the Roti Maker is 20*12*6 inches and weighs around twenty pounds.


Westinghouse Roti Maker is available at 52.99 US Dollars on E-commerce sites.

Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

The third best Roti Maker on our list is Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker. This appliance is one of the most economical Roti Maker available in the market.

Non-Stick body and Adjustable Temperature

Brentwood TS-128 model is available with a non-stick body, and you can adjust heat as per your required level. Temperature can be increased or decreased to make crispy and soft Rotis.

Cooking options

With Brentwood Roti Maker, you can make flatbread, chapati, mandarin pancakes, tortillas, rotis, and many more dishes.

Dimensions and weight

Dimension of Brentwood Roti Maker is 8*9*2 and weighs 3.7 pounds.

Other features

Brentwood Rot Maker provides indicators for preheating and power.

You can make crispy ten-inch long rotis with Brentwood Roti Maker.

Roti Maker is easy to clean and use.


Brentwood Roti Maker is available for 49.31 US Dollars on different e-commerce site

Cucina Pro Tortilla Maker

Flatbread maker Cucina Pro Tortilla is another best Roti Maker in the USA. For busy professionals like you who do not have enough time to make complete food at home, buy Cucina Roti Maker to make your life a little easier.

Non-stick and Aluminum body

Cucina Pro comes with an aluminum body, which is pretty heavy. Non-Stick coated plates circulate heat evenly around the food, which helps in cooking fantastic food

Food Options

You can make rotis, pitas, flatbreads, chapatis, tacos, tostadas, gyros, quesadillas, and many more food products with your Cucina Pro Roti Maker.

Other features

Cucina Pro is simple to use and easy to clean. It is a complete tension-free experience for the longer term.

Dimension and weight

Cucina Pro comes in 13*9.75*6.5 dimensions and weighs 9 pounds.


Cucina Pro Roti Maker is available online for 89.99 US Dollars.

Revel Roti CTM 630

Our last product on the list is Revel Roti CTM 630. This flatbread maker is available with an option to control temperature while cooking your favorite food item.

Food Options

Revel Roti Maker can make puri, chapati, Roti, tortillas, flatbread, and several other foods.

Temperature control and indicators

You can adjust the temperature as per requirements while cooking Roti, chapatis, etc. There is also automatic light available for ready and on indications.

Dimensions and weight

Revel Roti Makers is available in 15.1*11.5*9 inches and weighs 6.34 pounds.


Revel Tortilla Maker is available at 79.95 US Dollars.

Buyer's Guide and Tips

  •     While deciding upon buying a Roti Maker, look for quality, not only saving cost. The first step is to make a budget. But don’t be adamant about it and open to a quality product. Roti Makers’ price fluctuates as per size, so keep this in mind before making a budget and searching for the USA’s best roti maker.
  •   Roti Maker should have a pan made of aluminum. Aluminum-made pan distributes heat uniformly around food. If the Roti Maker is non-sticky material, you will need lesser oil. The size of the Roti maker should be between 8 to 10 inches.
  •   Temperature control is one of the crucial factors to look for while buying Roti Maker. The surface temperature should reach 425 degrees for the ideal outcome. With Rot Maker, you can save gas usage, and most of them are available at affordable prices.
  •     Look for on and off indicator lights on the appliance. If your brand is offering automatic on and off, that will be much better. This feature will help you in better managing the machine.
  •     Choose the Roti Maker, which is shock-resistant because it consumes a very high amount of electricity, so electric hazards are among the probabilities of using Roti Maker.
  •     Last but not least, remember to check the demo CD and user manual. This step will help in a better understanding of functions and how to use Roti Maker.
  • Once you are satisfied with your Roti Maker, you are good at going for Best Roti Maker in the USA.


In a country like the USA, most people are working and generally don’t have time to cook food for themselves. For them, Roti and Chapati is a perfect alternative to junk food and expensive restaurant meals.

With this article, our purpose is to help you find your best Roti Maker in the USA and enjoy soft, crispy, and healthy food at home without spending much time making food and worrying about the quality.

We hope this article will serve your purpose.

Good luck!!!!