How To Build The Best Terrace Garden?

Are you looking for how to build the best terrace garden? You can easily recreate the garden of your dreams by using these best terrace gardening ideas. These tips to try for your terrace garden will certainly enhance your porch experience!

The present hustle-bustle of the world leaves no space for fitting in any activities that are refreshing for the soul, mind, and body. You might want to have a beautiful intimate space, filled with a few plants of your choice, and would love to have a walk amid your beloved plants after a long day. In the urban residential complexes, where there is only a limited place for people to live, there is almost no way to start a garden space that appeals to your inner nature-loving self. But luckily, you can always find a way in the heart of all problems. With the urban growth, and unlimited extension of the concrete jungle, came the idea of building devoted garden space in whatever area you have. Hence, the increasing popularity of kitchen windowsill gardens, balcony gardens, indoor gardens, and terrace garden spaces saw a tremendous surge. But, do you feel confined whenever you think of the best ideas, ways, and steps to make a terrace garden. Well, fret not! Here is how to build the best terrace garden and spend some quality ‘me time’ with nature. 

Choosing your terrace garden setting

You can create a terrace garden setting almost at the top of most residential buildings and houses with no extra requirements. You can also begin a garden in your balcony, etc. with relative ease and give the plants the proper care they require. Choose a place that has ample sunlight. Also, remember that your plants should have a barrier to combat high-speed winds. While you are building a terrace garden to enjoy some time in the outdoors, you will not want the wind-breaking your plants before you get the chance to enjoy the greenery. 

Building wind barriers

If you cannot find a space on your terrace that provides proper shielding against high-speed winds, you will need to install wind barriers that will ensure that your plants are not destroyed. Install metal sheds that will combat all high-speed winds, excessive sunlight heat, and also, rain. The altitude of your terrace will also be a considering factor regarding the wind barriers. Ensure the metal sheds are securely fastened, as there are high chances of winds blowing away hastily installed wind barriers.

Waterproofing your roof

There are more than a few ways to reimagine your terrace garden. You can begin with potted plants, small climbers, or even large trees if your roof can support the weight. If you are looking for more innovative ideas and want a full-fledged green look, you can also establish a terraced lawn. But remember, before you look for any creative ideas for your terrace garden which require a lot of water or direct contact of soil with the roof, you will need to waterproof your roof area. Waterproofing your roof space will make the place leakage free and also water-resistant. It will prevent any water seeping into the roof and damaging your house.

Creating your terrace garden layout

You could imagine your terrace space into more than a few ways with tips to try for your terrace garden. You can pair potted plants of various sizes and shapes, and make it look like a creative effort at best. As you think of the layout of your terrace garden, keep in mind the specific plants that you will want in your garden. Smaller, weaker, and tender plants will be requiring the shade of walls or other surfaces to save them against excessive winds while larger plants can do very well on their own. Also, if your building is built entirely by the book, you can manage to get a few large plants or even trees on to your terrace. Make sure this is entirely following the law of place and is supported by the building’s architectural frame.

Getting your potting soil ready

Begin by researching the plants you are looking to have on your terrace. See what soil the plants will flourish in and the amount of water they will require daily, along with the weather elements and conditions that are required. Most plants do good in organically fertilized soils. You can make use of your kitchen compost, organic manure that you can buy at a local nursery, and other such manures and fertilizers that are healthy and nourishing for the soil that you are going to use. You can even get regular soil, compost, and sandy soils in an equal amount to give your plants the best soil they will be needing. Add compost and other manures to the potted plants and flower beds frequently to maintain the nutrient levels of the soil. Keep in mind that your plants will require additional compost after heavy rains as nutrients tend to wash away with water drainage after heavy rains. Other all-natural methods and techniques can help you grow your terrace garden that is easy to maintain and is also financially not draining. With time you will see that you are saving a lot of money you would otherwise have had to spend on costlier use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Keeping your tools handy

There is no gardening without the use of proper gardening tools. You will require shovels, compost sieves, spray bottles, seed dispensers, plant scissors, trimmers, watering can, sapling tool for transplanting, seed dibber, etc. Tools help maintain an especially well-manicured garden. More importantly, as you are looking specifically for how to build the best terrace garden, you should necessarily look for tools that help you manage plants on your rooftop. Overgrown plants hanging from the railings of your roof will give your rooftop a very shabby and unkempt look. On the other hand, if you properly look after your garden, trim all overgrown branches, dig out dried plants and plant your seedlings in neat rows, you get a very aesthetically pleasing space where you will love to spend some quality time. Now, you are all ready to plant and see it bloom!

Garden space to please

Terrace gardens can be a piece of work, but need not be particularly exhausting. Here are a few aesthetic tips to try for your terrace garden!-

Elongated container pots: If stuck thinking about what kind of pot to get for your terrace garden, get elongated container pots that resemble long vases. Fill them up with a few rocks at the bottom to prevent soil flow out, and then add gardening soil. Plant your seeds or transplant a seedling. Linearly arrange the pots to ensure the best look is one of the best terrace gardening ideas!

Recycled pots: Use empty bottles, boxes, tin cans, and fruit crates to make your very own pots. Recycle all your primary bottles, cans, etc. as pots and help the planet go green!
Color these pots in vibrant shades for a lively terrace garden look.

Vertical garden: Making a vertical garden is the best terrace gardening idea if you do not have many balconies or terrace space. Hang your plants from wall potting shelves, or get climbers to creep on a surface and make most of your little space.
Raised hanging gardens can also be implemented as they need much less water and nutrients.

Raised flower beds: If you have waterproofed your roof, build raised flower beds. Plant colorful plants and shrubs in these beds, pair them with enhancing terrace lighting, and see the magic!

Landscaping: Use water reservoirs, levels in terrace gardening, and built-in beds for the best landscape gardening experience. Use your gardening space to grow plants and veggies, too!

Here are a few essentials you should have in your terrace garden

Best International Products

Palram KIMY Outdoor Square Garden Bed Planter

If you have been gardening since long, plain flower bed gardening and pot planters can seem drab to you. But why stick to these methods alone? You can experiment with pots and planters of different shapes and sizes to increase the aesthetic value of your terrace garden. The Palram KIMY outdoor square garden bed planter by Palram comes with four raised terrace plant holders that are ornately shaped. You can use it to grow flowers, herbs, shrubs, and other ornamental plants of your choice. The holder is built mostly, keeping in mind the water drainage needs of the soil and does not wither due to weather conditions.

Arcadia Contempo Tall Square Planter

There are no limitations to what you can accomplish with your terrace garden. You can pull all the stops and create a look that you will be proud of for years. The Arcadia Contempo tall square planter is a beautiful addition to your terrace garden. The dark charcoal provides a beautiful contrast to the vibrant greens and colors of your plants. The product is unique and resistant to weather conditions, hence a good option for your terrace. You can also drain holes in the planter if you wish to get drainage holes. The product is recycled and helps you move one step closer to a green planet!

Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Box

Some rooftops are not cut for flower beds or cannot endure direct soil contact despite how much you waterproof it. But if you still want to grow plants in a bed style, you can make use of a wood planter tray. This Handy Pantry rustic wood tray is a weathered planter that will play up your terrace garden game in no time! You could plant herbs, flowers, shrubs, or mix your favorite plants for the best look. You could also use this to grow your kitchen garden!

Best Indian Products

Purna Organics Terrace Garden Plant Starter Kit

There is no gardening without proper gardening tools. You cannot accomplish the best, healthiest, greenest, and blooming garden only with a watering can and a shovel. You will need scissors to trim the branches when they overgrow and check the optimal depth for planting seeds, tools to transplant, etc. This terrace gardening starter kit by Purna Organics comes with four essential tools that all gardeners should have. The kit has a compost sieve to make the best compost for your garden plant, a transplanter for saplings, a seed dispenser to plant your seeds in a row neatly, and a seed dibber to make holes in the soil for seed planting. The products are reusable and made with high-quality plastic to ensure the longevity of the products. 

Lazy Gardener Magnetic Hydroponic Planter

Not all buildings come with an envy-inducing terrace that can house a big garden, and individual buildings do not even allow planting on the terrace! But that should not take away your enthusiasm to create something worthwhile, neither should small spaces. These small planters by the Lazy Gardener are your solution to small balcony spaces and strict building policies. The planters are handcrafted and hand-painted to ensure the most love for your beloved plants. With about 18 cms long and about 190 grams weight, you can easily store these magnetic planters anywhere and build a beautiful green space.

Divine Tree Vermiculite for Gardening Plants Potting Media

Your plants reflect what you feed them. They need proper watering and nutrients to make them feel nourished and greener. While chemical fertilizers try fertilizing the soil, they are not much good for your soil and plants, either. The Divine Tree vermiculture gardening plant potting media is a planting mix that will ensure that your beloved terrace garden plants are never lacking any essential materials. The vermiculture is odorless and non-toxic for the best garden experience. It helps increase soil fertility and make air spaces for your plant roots to breathe!