What Are The Plants Suitable For Terrace Garden?

Are you planning to grow a Terrace Garden? If yes, this informational guide on 'Terrace Garden Plants' will undoubtedly enable you to choose the best plants for terrace gardens. You now have all the information regarding the evergreen plants for the terrace that you need to start for your magnificent terrace garden, and it will surely be an inspiration for your neighbors as well! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to start planting!

Would you like to have a terrace garden at your home?  Maybe yes, as it’s the perfect way to make your terrace the most beautiful and relaxing place to stay. Terrace Garden is an elegant and relaxing place to spend your time. Conifers, herbs, fruits, creepers, shrubs, and even dwarf trees can be grown. Flowering plants and unusual foliage plants contribute to the charm and are evergreen plants for the terrace garden. Don’t you love it when you’ve got a flourishing, new garden on your terrace? The significant advantage is that it provides you greenery without being cluttered or messy. It adds the extra layer of natural beauty to your house, offering freshness and color to the terrace. But what are the correct plants to choose from for this terrace garden? Plants for terrace need to be reasonably easy to manage and take the appearance of your home to another level. Below-mentioned plants are some best plants for terrace garden:

Aloe vera

This traditional plant is famous for its medicinal value, which cures, rejuvenates, and nourishes the skin and the body. This plant, with fleshy, dense, and compact edges, is better suited for indoor growth as it is resistant to pests. So, you don’t have to waste your time getting rid of the leaves of the insects. The plant is a perfect treatment for any skin conditions, cuts, and burns. It can usually survive in less water; thus, well-drained sandy conditions are favorable for the growth of this plant. It is best to position this plant facing south or west as it requires sunny conditions. It is one of the low maintenance terrace plants, and this plant grows well enough in the dry climate. So don’t water this plant until the mud is completely dry.


This sturdy, easy to grow, and overly showy plant is disease-free and pest-free. It is, therefore, desirable to be a terrace plant. This plant typically comes in purple or red color and is commonly considered one of the top quality plants in aesthetics and elegance due to its rich color and fragrance. This requires direct sunlight of at least 5 hours a day to blossom. The water supply for this plant must be provided carefully.

Money Plant

This is an attractive evergreen plant for the terrace with thin, round, flat leaves that requires very little maintenance. There are many myths attached to this plant. The most popular thing is that if this plant grows well, there will never be a money problem in the home. It eliminates all the gaseous contaminants and is thus favored in the terrace. Low light is desired, as in direct sunlight, the leaves can be burned. Moss-based, sandy soil is favored, which helps water to drain quickly, avoiding fungal diseases. Once a week, irrigation is necessary for this plant, regardless of weather conditions.

Indian Basil (Tulsi)

The Indian Basil has been cultivated in India since ancient years. Indians have a social and spiritual attachment to this herb. It is an effective mosquito repellent and has medicinal properties. Southeast Asian and Italian dishes use basil as a culinary herb. Tulsi assists with headaches, colds and cough, malaria, and heart disease. It is one of the essential ingredients of Ayurvedic medicines due to its metaphysical properties. This is the most commonly used terrace garden plant in Indian culture. Fertile soil with a pH of 6 to 7.5 is essential for its growth. Watering is necessary when the topsoil is dry, with a minimum amount of watering mostly during monsoon and carefully during the winters. It needs sunlight, so it takes at least 4 hours of sunlight to grow.


A favorite of balcony gardens, mint is a must-have if you want a lovely and fragrant garden. Add it to your tea, spice your soups, and garnish your desserts– all without leaving your home for ingredients.


Bright red and delicious, the tomatoes are ideal for a balcony because they need plenty of sunlight to grow. From your home garden, you can start eating fresh and healthy tomatoes.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plant is a beautiful plant of great aesthetic value and one of the best plants for the terrace. They grow like trees, but they also adapt well indoors. It is recommended to get them when they are young to adapt well to the home environment. You can keep it in pots as it limits growth and makes it ideal for keeping it in the terrace garden. The criteria for water are rather specific. It needs moist soil in summer and less water in winters to keep it from rotting. Too high or too low temperatures affect plant growth. Moderate temperatures are ideally suited to the growth of the rubber plant.


Intensely aromatic and heat resistant, the rosemary thrives in terrace gardens. It can add spice oodles to your home-cooked food, while also positively impacting your home’s atmosphere. Holding the rosemary plant in your terrace garden prevents the bugs and insects from the surrounding plants and is one of the low maintenance Terrace plants.


Marigold is the best plant for the terrace to grow in warm climates because it needs low maintenance. It is a popular flowering plant, and the flowers are used for decorative purposes. Marigold requires a moderate climate for abundant flowering. The optimal temperature for growth is 18 -20֯C. Beyond 35֯ C, the development and flowering of this plant are reduced.


This plant has beautiful flowers, and it can grow in small pots. Good soil and proper care are required. With the beautiful flowers, the terrace garden will become lively and vibrant. This plant is a significant investment in your terrace garden. This plant is unable to withstand direct sunlight. Partial sunlight is the best thing, and water is harmful to the plant. Therefore, well-drained soil is favored. Begonias are growing well in partially lit areas.

Tips for a Terrace Garden

  1. Water the plants significantly regular, it can be twice in summers. Put a 3-4 inch layer of organic mulch on the soil, such as sugar cane mulch. This will hold the moisture within the soil and reduce weeds.
  2. Put pots in suitable areas, light-loving plants in the light, and shade plants in the shade. Most of the vegetables thrive in the sun, but there are a few that grow shades.
  3. You can plant a few seasonal plants and a few perennial plants.
  4. Check plants for pests regularly. Use neem spray or garlic spray every week to keep pests and diseases free.
  5. Prune plants to maintain them in good shape and for healthy growth. Remove the rotting, infected leaves. Keep the soil clear from dropping leaves, etc.
  6. Vegetables need daily feeding. Try to feed with a liquid fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in potassium every 10 days.
  7. Do not cultivate plants with aggressive and deep root systems.
  8. Add any crystals of water to the soil when planting or spread to the surface.
  9. Grow drought-tolerant plants to minimize the watering frequency.
  10. Trays or pots should be selected following each plant for terrace: the combination of beauty and requirements.
  11. Don’t forget to partially refill the potting soil annually or regularly by adding manure and compost.

Here are some of the top picks for terrace garden plant pots

Best International Products

La jolie hanging pot

Enable you to enjoy this hanging outdoor planter in all kinds of weather. They are free from fade or crack damage, that’s why they are supportive and useful in bad weather conditions as well. This hanging flower pot comes with four holes drilled to create a safe living atmosphere for your outdoor plants. The water tank at the base guarantees that your plants and flowers are in place. Still obtain the right volume of water without having to think about watering. 

Cilindro plant pot

These multifunctional, modern style floorings are the ideal compliments to your interior or exterior décor. Choose between different colors and sizes to match your favorite plants in your living room. Everyone is fitted with built-in trays to protect decks, patios, and indoor surfaces from water damage. These light-weight, durable plastic pots have been made to last for years and years. 

NJ flower pot

Crafted of imported resin material, the material is eco-friendly and safe, has a high carrying power, is not easy to crack and break, is not accessible to age, and can be used for many years. The flower plate has a wide diameter shape that is convenient for planting, the mouth of the bowl is smooth and round and can be used safely.

Best Indian Products

SAJAAO Ceramic 3D Tulsi Pot

This decorative Tulsi pot is perfect for your home. Tulsi Pot is a symbol of beauty, durability, creative perspective, and distinctive design. These plastic pots are used in gardens. It’s very enticing to grow plants. It has large drain holes for the water to be soaked. This planter is ideal for indoor use as a living room, desk, dining table, and outdoor use as a kitchen and terrace garden. These are built to be robust, simple to store, with wide drain holes. This will be a lovely decorative item for your kitchen, office table, study room, living area. Compact, light-weight, and also easy to manage.

Sharpex Plant Stand

This plant stand comes with a very compact and space-saving design, which is an excellent product for your terrace garden and will surely help to organize your gardening life. Great for keeping several items such as potted plants and other decorative objects in small appliances. This two-tier shelf plant stand is useful to handle your garden stuff. Hold your plants or some other decorative object in the Sharpex stand, which is a perfect way to use it. Your open space indoors or outdoors. The plant stands are supported with superior quality wires that can even hold heavier plant pots. A strong steel construction will last for many years, and the black color will improve your plants. Keep your favorite flowers or herbs off the ground with an old-world designed pot trivet.

Go Hooked Multicolor Hanging Pot

The hanging pot made with elegant woven look and texture is strikingly similar to the traditional classic style round planter easily hanged around. It can make a significant enhancement to any part of your home, make a fantastic addition to any part of your home —outdoors or indoors — and decorate your window or yard. It’s recyclable, light-weight, with a trendy look. It can also be mounted on the ground with a flat base. The attractive woven look and texture are strikingly similar to real rattan, and rounded shape makes it an attractive addition to every part of the home-indoors or outdoors.