Best Terrace Garden Lighting Ideas

Want to revamp your terrace with some good terrace garden lighting ideas? Easy terrace garden lighting ideas can help you create the perfect serene look for your rooftop garden. Read this guide for the best plant lighting idea in terrace gardens and get the best lights for your terrace garden.

Outdoor lighting sets an exquisite yet mystical vibe to your house. With beautiful fairy lights shining through backyard trees or canopy lights set up for a romantic place for a date night, there is just so much that you can accomplish with a pretty lighting scenario. A terrace garden area can have just the same amount of zeal as any other interior space for your home with good lighting. You can spend your most memorable moments under an open terrace garden with stars, lights, and good friends to give you company. You can easily set up the very best garden spaces places with these terrace garden lighting ideas:-

Mild sculpture terrace lighting

For the terrace settings that you want to keep alight, but you do not want very harsh light, use mild lighting fissures like bulbs, tube lights, or other small lights. It can be installed to alight sculptures or your walls and create a mystic look. Buy small electronic candlelight that has a very soft glow. Place it underneath any sculpture, or only on your walls that you would love to highlight. As you turn it on a night out at your terrace, your audience will be mystified by the soft glowing sculptures.

Wall light sconces for mystifying patterns

Installing candle lights on your walls to create a simple look can be time-consuming if your electronic candle does not have an excellent mounting surface to stick to the wall. In this case, you can buy unique wall light sconces that are mainly made to enhance the beauty of your walls. You can set them up to create beautiful light patterns that provide a sense of serenity after a long day of wear and tear.

Lantern string wall lights

While we are still on the topic of lighting walls, you could start with string lights in cool shapes like lanterns, bells, or any such pattern of your liking. Build a wall of lights with horizontally or vertically running string lights. This easy terrace garden lighting idea looks especially rustic if you pair the lights with a brick wall. Also, choose individual lights of the same shape as your string lights, and keep them regularly near your beloved garden plants. For example, you could choose big lantern lights or globe lights to complete the ambiance of the look.

Inbuilt wall lights

You will be amazed by the aura that beautiful in-built lights in your walls can create for your terrace area. If you have a space with fairly tall plants on your terrace, tastefully arrange them near to in-built soft lights in your walls. These are, no doubt, the best lights for your terrace garden. The light that filters through the leaves of your terrace plants will set up your very own ‘komorebi’ effect. By the way, komorebi is a Japanese word that refers to the sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees. 

Built-in furniture lights

To spend the loveliest time on your terrace, you will need to invest in a few right furniture pieces to enhance the leisure of your garden space. Hence, you can comfortably lounge and relish in the feel of your terrace garden space. So, when you buy some furniture pieces, why not buy the ones with built-in lights? These will add a very soft and warm glow to those chilly nights spent out and make your experience the most amazing!

Centre table lighting

There is no limit to the lighting furniture that you can get for your terrace garden. From lighted table legs to colorful streaming lights, choose a terrace table that you would love to consider as an asset. A table with inbuilt soft lights or white, blue lights of your choice can set an almost eerie glow to your alone nights spent under the stars. And, if you choose it for a casual dinner with best friends, everyone will cluster over to enjoy the ambient lighting, and the fun will surely last a bit longer!

Floorboard lights

Why not set up a terrace garden with stars above and stars below? While you can not bring the literal stars to the floor, you can go with some artificial floor lighting. You can opt for LED lights running along the edges of the floor or artificial lights set up in the floorboard itself. You sure must not have seen such an enigmatic setup with the world lighting up from below. Choose soft yellow lights, white LED lights, eerie blue lights, or get a splash of color with colorful floor lights turning up the oomph factor of your terrace garden. 

Flower bed lights

You can not truly set up a terrace garden area until you light up the garden itself, right? To enhance the beauty of your rooftop garden, start with lights set up in the flower beds itself as a plant lighting idea in terrace gardens. You can even use this idea if you have soil beds set just for green plants. Use string lights or get a light installed into the edge of your flower beds professionally. The resulting look will tempt you to spend a bit more time in the open air!

Island lights

If you have quite a spacious terrace and have an island built on your roof space for outdoor dining, use the island to build up an envy-inducing light space on your terrace garden. Set up your favorite pots along the length of your terrace island dining space. You can even put a few small potted plants on the island itself. Use string lights, lanterns, electronic candle lights, or get professional lights installed along the lengths and widths of the island. This will undoubtedly be the focal point the next time you host an evening rooftop party!

Fireplace lighting

 Nothing can beat the natural glow of a real fire. To truly feel the vibe of the outdoor dining space on your terrace garden, free some space as for a typical flower bed and set it up for a fireplace! You can get it professionally made with necessary precautions for building a fire. You will not want to have any plants too near to the fireplace, but you can set them around the edges of your terrace garden. Put coal into the flowerbed and light it. Enjoy your terrace garden while you roast some marshmallows on your fireplace! 

Remember to be on your high alert all the time when you light up your rooftop fireplace, especially if there are plants nearby.

Balloon lantern lights

For the more fun stuff with plant lighting ideas in terrace gardens, you can use balloon lantern lights for your branched plants. Choose colorful lanterns of your wish or stick with a particular color of your choice. Hang them from high branches or even a tree if there is any near your terrace space. This will add some much-needed fun to your outdoor chill space and is one of the budget-friendly terrace garden lighting ideas.

String lights canopy

No terrace garden lighting list could ever be complete without a light canopy. And luckily, this is an easy terrace garden lighting idea. Get four sturdy and reliable wooden poles. Fix them securely into the earth of your garden space. Now take a strong metal wire that can withstand the weight of the string lights. From a considerable height from the floor where you would like to set your canopy, run the metal wire once or twice along both the length and width of the wooden pools. Arrange your string lights lengthwise and breadthwise on these wires and build a light string canopy for your most romantic terrace garden dinner date. 

Here are a few very best lights for your terrace garden

Best International Products

Rustic Vintage Bronze Wall Sconce Light Fixtures

Wall sconce light fixtures will seriously boost your terrace garden lighting. They look extraordinarily cool, and the light element feels rustic to behold. These beautiful, ornate wall sconce light fixtures come in a set of two and are supplied by Eurus Home. They come with a mounting surface for easy installation.

SUNNEST Window Curtain String Light

A wall of string lights is a classic lighting look that you certainly cannot miss. You can install a light string wall horizontally or vertically. Add pictures or other ornaments to make the look seem more effortlessly sophisticated yet straightforward. You can also use string lights to make an overhead light canopy. The SUNNEST Window Curtain String Lights come in 8 light settings and remote to shuffle between settings. You can charge the lights with any USB charger. The product is waterproof and hence the right choice for outdoor spaces like terrace gardens.

Modern Wall Sconce Wall Lamp

There is no other light decor quite, as impressive, as a warm white wall sconce. You can mount it on any of your terrace walls and bathe in the glow of the most ambient light. These modern wall sconce wall lamps, from ChangeM, are a set of two and have a light life of whopping 3000 hours. The LED lights provide a much-needed light on a night out at your terrace and will save you from costly electronic bills.

Best Indian Products

Phenomenal Collection Paper Lamp Lantern shades

Paper lamp lanterns are inexpensive and do not need any particular professional installation to beautify your terrace garden. Just hang them from your plants, put in the paper lamp lantern lights, and you are ready to party. These beautiful paper lamp lantern shades from the Phenomenal Collection are ideal for any outdoor terrace meetings, either formal or casual. The look is easy to pull off and sets a zesty ambiance for your garden.

Note: These are only paper lamp shades. You will have to buy paper lamp lights differently. Luckily, the shades alone make the good garden decor. 

The Bliss (Imaashi™) Flameless Votive Candles

Electric flameless candles can act as elegant yet cheap settings for your terrace garden. You can use them anywhere from floors to table settings, or tie it with strings and hang them from plants or tree branches. These Bliss flameless votive candles are LED tea lights made with durable plastic that will last for a long time. They are lighted using batteries, which you can easily replace once they run out.

Hindustani Saudagar Electric Oil Burner/Aroma Diffuser

Do not restrict your outdoor relaxation time to just pretty lights. An electric aroma diffuser will take your terrace garden experience one step further with the diffusion of the best aromatic scents. This Hindustani Saudagar Electric oil burner is a beautiful combination of lights and an aroma diffuser. The shape of the diffuser through which light filters out sets a beautiful serene feeling, instantly calming along with the four scents available.