A Short Review On The Maxima Max Pro X2 Watch

Despite the development in mobile phones and various models of watches, people still have a breast watch that performs various other activities. Among the watches recently, the smartwatch has gained a massive audience due to its quality features. It ranges from simple phone calls to advanced Internet surfing when it comes to features in a smartwatch. Depending upon the price variations, the features might vary for different smartwatches. These features combine mobile phone features, sports watch features, and a normal watch. The smartwatch offers you a better 3 in 1 technology that makes it suitable for various activities. 

About the brand

When it comes to Smartwatches, there are a variety of brands available in the market. Starting from Apple two Redmi, each company that offers mobile phones has immersed itself as a manufacturer of smartphones since it is the future form of mobile technology. Among the multiple brands, Maxima has created itself a good name in the market. Located in India, this company has been existing in the market for more than a decade. They have grown to become one of the leading brands that offer high-quality watches in India. 

The organization’s main aim is to build a huge customer range by offering them products that satisfy their latest trends. Therefore, they have always managed to create items that are a fusion of the latest technology. This brand has various models, and among them, Maxima Max Pro X4 Smartwatch is the latest model. This model comes with various features, and here in this article, we will take a look at the Maxima Max Pro X2 SmartWatch review.

Spo2 Technology 

Among the various teachers supported by this particular watch, the spo2 technology is one of the most advanced techniques that makes it special. Measuring spo2 and Pulse rate has become a significant requirement nowadays with the increase in multiple diseases. Spo2 is responsible for integrating the amount of oxygen present in your body. Even when there is a sudden decrease in spo2, the watch will have the ability to indicate that which will allow you to contact the hospital immediately. It is not just the spo2. The watch also offers a pulse rate that allows you to understand high and low pulse. People with all types of diseases can wear this watch, especially the ones with cardiac issues. All the values mentioned have been tested and approved to be accurate. These two features can be useful for people who constantly exercise and try to maintain a proper physical structure. 


This watch comes along with a 1.3 inches display that has an ultra-bright screen. The bright screen lit up to at least 380 Nits. Each of the features is displayed within this beautiful screen with utmost clarity e, and it has multiple facets that can be customized. Some common customization options include date and time display, display of other features, and particular formats. 

The dial is attached to a beautiful black strap with a good style. The high-quality silicone material makes it last forever without breaking up. So regardless of the temperature change and sweat, this strap can last forever without affecting the quality. The case is also made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material. The screen size is suitable for taking a look at multiple features simultaneously with water-resistant technology. The customization option also includes adding your pictures. 


This watch comes along with a powerful battery with fast charging technology with the ability to last for 15 days through normal usage. This will allow you to enjoy a long life without having the necessity to recharge the watch now and then. Use a Special Protection board to take a proper optimization on the Lithium voltage. Hence, the battery can be protected from overcharging and losing charge at an early rate. 

The battery life is one of the strongest features of this watch, and despite using multiple sports and entertainment techniques, you can still enjoy a long battery life of 15 days. All these features are available in this watch even though the Maxima Max Pro X2 price in India is less when compared to others. It offers a runtime of 15 days for normal usage, ten days for moderate, and six days for heavy usage. All you need to do is set up your requirements and check the battery length for regular charging. These beautiful watches are available in an attractive black color that perfectly suits all types of costumes.

Sports mode 

This top-quality watch comes with the ten different sports modes and other extra applications that make it easier for people who care about their health. From walking to cycling, you can set your watch in any mode depending upon your exercise and calculate the calories lost. They also can count the number of steps you have traveled each day. This watch can also calculate the km traveled per day by foot along with the bPM rate. Some standard sports modes include football, basketball, cycling, walking, skipping, swimming, shuttle, rowing, hiking, and jogging. Along with the spo2 and Pulse rate Technology, this sports mode will ensure that you remain in proper health. 

Water-resistant Technology 

This particular watch comes with advanced water-resistant technology that protects the watch from external dust particles and other issues like sweat. So even after working for several hours a day, you can still go for a swim without removing your watch. So enjoy every moment of your life with this unique watch that offers features with advanced techniques and applications. Along with the sports features and his watch also has various other advantages that you need to understand. 

Breathing exercise 

It also comes along with the modern breathing exercise technique that allows you to access and decide your breathing with the help of this particular model. So it’s not just the physical exercise, but you can also perform yoga with the help of this watch that protects you from unwanted stress in the external environment. So to manage your stress and maintain your health with the help of this beautiful watch. 

Sensor Technology 

This advanced modern watch comes with LC11 HR sensor Technology ee that offers accurate readings on all the values, including heart rate, pulse oximeter, and other sports modes. So the calories calculated and other features are accurate. So people who are concentrated on maintaining good health can purchase this watch. 

Social media Technology 

It’s not just the physical activities and time that also allows you to connect with social media as you receive messages through Wi-Fi. So now you can view all your messages and have a chat with your friends without operating your mobile phone. This latest feature allows you to be connected with friends and family all the time. From WhatsApp to Telegram, all the applications can be installed on this smartwatch. It has advanced technology that allows it to operate entirely without any restrictions. It is a full-on touch technique.


Along with these features, this maxima max pro x2 watch price in India is also quite reasonable with a warranty. The warranty is good, and hence anyone can use this product for a long time without worrying about the degradation in quality. Maxima is a brand that has always produced the best designs with quality. Hence this watch design can also be purchased with confidence. Moreover, with accessories like Bluetooth earbuds and microphones, this product can be quite powerful.

Along with all the advantages of this watch, certain disadvantages need to be considered. This watch is suitable only for men, and hence it cannot be operated by any woman. The design restriction of this watch is one of the major disadvantages. The lithium-Ion battery can protect overcharging but considerably when compared with other watches. Despite having multiple watches faces, it is quite difficult for you to improve more customization options due to the lack of Advanced Ram Technology. 

This watch does not have any special application that connects with the mobile phone, and hence the only choice for you is to connect with common google applications that support fitness. All these disadvantages are mild formats that can be adjusted to a certain extent. Before purchasing this watch, there are multiple color options available in Grey, blue, and maroon for men alone.