How To Clean A Leather Strap Watch?

Maintaining a leather watch can be pretty challenging, and here we have explained the techniques to wash them efficiently with steps.

Despite the development of digital mobile phones that act as a watch for people, the usage of watches has never declined. Among the wide range of collections available in the market, one of the most common designs is the leather strap watch. They are gorgeous and can be used for a long time without any damage to the strap. But a watch is not just a designer product. They are also objects that are constantly exposed to our sweat and other dirt. 

One of the significant issues with leather straps is that they cannot be washed, and cleaning them will be a hectic job. However, if you are a person who wishes to keep your watch clean and hygienic, then we are here to help you. This article explains in detail how to clean a leather watch without affecting the quality. 

The techniques mentioned below are exclusively designed for leathers and do not use them for other materials.

Why should we care about leather?

Nowadays, using leather-based products has become common among people, and the watch is one of them. It is a unique material that is not similar to the other plastic or resin materials commonly used in most watches. Since it is made up of a natural product, they are not resistant to sweat and other dirt. 

Most of the sweat is observed, and when being exposed to extreme temperatures with the sunlight, the chances of breaking down leather are pretty natural. So cleaning them will prevent the breaking down of the leather, and the watch will last for a lifetime. In order to improve the long-overdue time of the watch, it is necessary to maintain them with regular washing. 

Cleaning technique

You cannot just remove the strap and place it under plain water. Cleaning the watch requires several steps to be followed, and here we have mentioned these techniques in detail. 

Strap removal

The first and foremost step is to remove the strap and separate the body of the watch. This will protect the mechanical part of the watch without being exposed to the water and other substances used for cleaning. 

Remove the leather before cleaning, and it does not matter whether your watch is waterproof or not. The external surface of the mechanical part of the watch is made up of stainless steel and other metals that can be affected by the washing products during the continuous wash. 


After separating the leather material, take a dry cloth and gently wipe the strap. This step is used to remove the first on the external surface. Remember, the cloth material you are using should be made up of soft fiber to prevent scratching. 

Wiping the strap with a dry cloth initially will contain the external dust from scratching the surface when you try to wash the strap. There are many soft clothes available in the market, mainly used for a jewelry cleaning and wiping. These microfiber-made clothes are more efficient and suitable for your requirements. 

Soap washing

This step allows you to clean the leather straps with good soaps. When using soap, make sure that it has a gentle cleaning combination rather than a harsh model. They can separate the dirt from the leather straps. Try to gently rub both sides of the leather since the dirt might be absorbed into the straps. 

All you need to do is dip the microfiber used to dry up into the soap solution and gently rub the straps. Instead of moving up and down, use a circular motion for removing the dirt. Do not expose it to sunlight, and wash your strap inside the home rather than in an external environment. Always use the soap that you commonly use for bathing so as not to be allergic to the product. 

Wiping it away

In this step, use a wet cloth to remove the unwanted soap material on the strap. Do not expose the strap directly to water. While choosing a wet cloth, ensure that the quality of the fabric is made up of microfibre. Microfibres are robust clothing materials that are also soft, and hence using them will ensure that your watch strap is safe and secure. Remove the complete residue of the soap using this damp cloth. Try to rinse the material now and then for a fresh cleaning. 

Drying and attaching

After performing all the above steps allowed the leather band to drive for a specific time. Do not expose it to sunlight and let it air dry within your home. Do not use any electrical equipment for drawing the scrap since it will affect the quality of the watch. After it is dried, use a perfect conditioner to polish the leather.

All you need to do is gently take the conditioner in a microfiber cloth and rub it on the surface of the leather. After performing this step, allow it to dry again. Most of these conditioners might cause allergic reactions on your arm, and hence use gloves for polishing. 

After performing all these steps, reattach the leather strap into your watch and start wearing them. Washing the leather strap is a technique that needs to be followed once in two weeks. Please do not wash them more often since it might affect the quality of the leather. Similarly, if you live in a humid environment, make sure to drive the watch now and then by using a microfiber cloth so that the leather won’t be affected. Finally, try to limit your watch exposure to water particles, especially while washing your hands or working. 

Washing a leather material-based watch is a technique that can be quickly mastered. All you need is a suitable set of products, and you are always good to go. Any strap you purchase aur get an acid gift will be an article to remember and maintain appropriately with the above steps. These straps can be of high budget, and hence good maintenance is a necessity.