How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

We want our hair to be smooth, silky, and clean, but we are concerned about how often we should shampoo our hair? We don’t know how frequently we should subject our hair to chemicals(shampoo) and not end up damaging our roots and scalp. As they say, there’s no one size fits all; it holds true with shampooing your hair too! 

Today, we will break down the different criteria and different hair types to suggest how often you should shampoo your hair according to them. 

Flaky and dandruff prone scalp

There’s always a battle about choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Besides, there’s also a concern about how often you should shampoo your hair?  

If you have got a flaky or dandruff-prone scalp, then it is recommended to wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo at least three times a week. This will help reduce the flaky scalp, yellow dandruff, and itchiness in your scalp. 

Try washing your hair in lukewarm water; if the water is too hot, then it washes away some of the protective sebum layers on your scalp, which might lead to a dry scalp and lead up to dandruff formation. 

Regular, Oily or Dry scalp

Washing your hair often doesn’t mean you are taking care of your hair. You might be overdoing it under the pretenses of keeping it clean and clear. You need to shampoo your hair regularly according to the type of scalp you have. 

If you have a normal scalp, you can shampoo your hair twice a week. Excluding the external factors like humidity or if you work out every day and sweat a lot. 

If you have an oily scalp, it’s recommended to shampoo your hair thrice a week to keep the oil secretion under control. 

If you have a dry scalp, then it leads to dandruff or flakiness in your scalp. You would be able to get over the dryness with the help of an anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week or three times according to your need and convenience.

Humidity & greasy hair 

Weather plays an important role in our daily life; if you are someone who’s living in LA or any other humid place, then the chances are you might end up sweating a lot. In that case, you can take a shower on alternate days but avoid shampooing every day. 

When you sweat a lot, the sweat and the sebum produced on the scalp combine, giving a greasy texture to your scalp. Also, the lustrous shine might fade away if your hair is greasy. 

Shampoo your hair once in two days; make sure you use a gentle and mild shampoo that doesn’t damage your hair. Another factor to keep in mind is the temperature of the water. Don’t wash your hair in cold water or hot water. Keep it neutral to lukewarm, which will help in breaking down the oil formed and washing them away but doesn’t damage your scalp.

Final Takeaway

We have come to the end game on how often you should shampoo your hair? Washing your hair on a regular basis depends on several factors, humidity, sweat, oil, winters, personal comfort, and many more. 

Try to avoid styling your hair too often, which damages your hair and makes your hair brittle and dull. Try to keep it modest or use heat-free styling options. Try not to overdo it by washing your hair every day. 

As we discussed in the above passages, ideally, you can wash your hair three times a week. Perfect for most scalp types and also if you sweat a lot, and if it’s really necessary, then you can wet your hair, apply leave-in conditioner instead of shampooing your hair every single day.