How To Use Satinique Hair Fall Shampoo?

 Did you know, severe stress can make a person look haggard? Not only does it meddle with the aging factor, but severe stress can also lead to hair fall and gray hair. Numerous factors profoundly contribute to hair fall, including the change in water, lifestyle, styling products, pH balance, harsh chemicals on your hair and scalp, reduced blood circulation to your scalp, and much more. Nobody wants to see a coil of hair going into the drain or getting stuck to our hairbrush. It is really devastating! 

Amway’s satinique hair fall shampoo comes as the knight in the shining armor to help hair loss and hair thinning. But how does an anti-hair fall shampoo work? What are the benefits of shampoo? How to use satinique hair fall shampoo? Let’s find out! 

What contributes to hair fall? 

Several factors contribute to hair loss besides the stress factor. They’re as follows : 

UV rays & pollution 

The more pollution our hair is exposed to, the more likely it affects the protein in our hair follicles which in turn leads to thinning of hair. Added to this, the more pollution our hair gets exposed to, the more sebum is produced by our scalp making it more oily, brittle, dull, and eventually leading to hair loss. 

UV rays are another factor that has a major influence in causing hair fall and other kinds of hair and skin damage. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can make your hair brittle and may lead to hair loss. 

Hot styling tools 

Constant use of blow dryers or straighteners or bleaching your hair weakens your hair, stripping away the shine of your hair, making it lose its proteins like beta-catenin and cyclin. When you use hot styling tools, it makes your hair manageable, intact, and smooth. Once you wash your hair, it becomes frizzy, untamed, and unruly. In order to combat that, you opt for styling tools to make them likable. This is a never-ending vicious cycle unless you break this cycle and choose natural ways to curl your hair and air dry your hair to prevent further hair loss.    

Scalp dryness & high tension hairstyles

Well, yes, you know it by now, lack of scalp nourishment can result in dull and lifeless hair. When you have any scalp irritation like dryness, itchiness, flaky scalp, and too much oil or scalp buildup, they might result in potential hair loss. Your scalp has a barrier, and when it is being compromised or goes beyond the threshold level, it causes brittleness and breakage. 

There’s a thing about high ponytails, pulled-back tight buns, braids which basically induce too much tension to the root of your hair, so gradually you start facing hair loss, and if you don’t switch to a better alternative, then you’ll face severe permanent hair loss. 

How to use Satinique hair fall shampoo? 

Satinique hair fall shampoo contains strengthening lipids and Enerjuve powers, which will fight against damaged hair, leaving your hair supple, healthy, and bouncy. How to use satinique hair fall shampoo? Wet your hair, followed by gently massaging the shampoo on your scalp, lather, and rinse it off, followed by conditioner. You will be amazed to see the end result after washing your hair. Your tresses will be smooth and lustrous. 

Why choose Satinique hair fall shampoo? 

A hair fall shampoo is formulated specifically to overcome all the challenges faced that contribute to hair loss. An ideal hair fall shampoo will target soothing your scalp, split ends, nourishes your hair, contains proteins to give extra nutrition to your scalp and hair to improve hair growth, exfoliate your scalp, and get rid of any residue build-up. With satinique, you can regain your healthy hair back with a bounce and be an epitome of #hair goals.