How Much Henna For Short Hair?

These days many people use henna, some older people use it to hide their excessive white hair, and young people use it if they want to change their hair color. So, it is used by old as well as by young people. 

Henna is an organic powdery substance that is responsible for coloring your hair. Henna is made up of natural ingredients. Henna powder is generally obtained from henna trees or from the plant called  Lawsonia inermis

If you want to try something new with your hair or if you want to hide your greys, you can give henna a try. Henna is natural, so it rarely has any side effects. This is why trying henna is not that dangerous. Henna powder is easily available at stores. You can buy it and apply it to your hair to see the result.

But when you are a first-timer, there are many questions in your mind like, is it safe to use it? How much time will it take?  How much henna for short hair? In what time intervals should you apply henna? But do not worry because here you will get all your answers. 

Amount Of Henna That Should  Be Used For Short Hairs

The henna powder comes in packets of certain grams like 100g, 250g, and 500g. These packets last for many applications. Normally, a person takes four or five tablespoons of henna powder, mixes it with water to make a paste, and then applies it to the hairs. This quantity is good for people who have hairs below their shoulders. 

But if your hairs are less, that is till the shoulders, or above the shoulders, then you may use less quantity of henna. For example, instead of taking four or five tablespoons, you may take two to three tablespoons of henna powder if you have short hair. If you take more quantity, then it will get wasted. 

You should also apply henna at long intervals if you have short hair because your henna will last more on your hair. In short hairs, there is no need to apply henna in large quantities.

Things That Can Happen When You Use Excessive Amount Of Henna

Something bad can happen when you apply too much henna to your hair. These things are as follows:

  1. First of all, you will be wasting your product because small hair needs less henna.
  2. Though henna is natural, if you apply too much on less hair, it will have some effects.
  3. If you apply too much henna on your hair, then instead of benefiting your hair, it will make your hair dry.
  4. You are applying too much henna on little hair can overcolor your hair. 
  5. It can also drip everywhere if you apply too much. It can also irritate your eyes.
  6. When it drips everywhere, it may spoil your clothes and other things by creating spots on them.
  7. And it is very difficult to remove henna stains because it creates a strong color. 

So, these were the things that can happen if you apply henna in a large quantity. 

By reading the above content, , you should use an appropriate amount of henna for their hair because excess can cause damage. As everything is written in detail, it will be no problem to understand it. 

You can apply henna after two to three months if you have short hair. You may also use less quantity if you do not want your hair to become dry and rough instead of becoming smooth, shiny, and silky.