How To Make Henna For Hair At home?

How to get ingredients for henna preparation

Henna powder can be prepared by drying fresh leaves very carefully because they may

spoil while drying. First, we have to pluck the leaves and wash them thoroughly with cold water. Then we have to keep them dry for a while. Otherwise, we can get them from medical stores or grocery shops. 


  • Henna powder 100gm
  • Beetroot 100gm (It gives us a good natural color and good antioxidant strength for the root of the hair and follicle growth). We have to extract the juice by boiling the beetroot, and we have to filter it.
  • Fresh amla powder 30gms ( it is also good for the hair and gives good antioxidants and blood circulation for the root.)
  • Teabag 2 nos (we have to prepare tea decoction by boiling water with the tea bags)
  • Olive oil 20ml 


Measuring cup, glass bowl 500ml, spoon or spatula, cup for boiling, filter (strainer), iron Kadai for soaking all the mixed ingredients.

Personal care products: Hand gloves, vaseline, and brush 

Method of preparation

  • We have to prepare Beetroot extraction and amla juice for the Henna for hair at home.

And first, we have to put the henna powder in the glass bowl, followed by amla powder, olive oil, and tea extract from tea bags.

  • We have to mix the ingredients without lumps and make it a fine paste. Then we have to transfer the paste into the iron Kadai and close it with a suitable lid and let it be allowed for 12hours to get settled. (overnight).
  • The next day morning, we can see the mixer with good dark color. So now we can apply with guidance and proper way.

How to apply instruction for the best results

When the paste is ready, we can apply it with the help of a brush. We have to apply it layer by layer and allow it to dry, and cover the head with a good safety cover. Then we have to wash it with lukewarm water.

Wearing gloves is good; otherwise, while applying, it may stick on the hand. To avoid getting the color on the forehead, we can apply vaseline on the forehead and ear.

Simple instructions to get best results

Before applying henna, we have to wash the hair thoroughly, and please avoid applying the conditioner because the conditioner will not allow the mixture into the deep hair follicles. 

So we have to mind it. We have to dry the hair completely, and combing hair is also compulsory. 

Otherwise, we cannot correctly apply the henna. So we have to put good effort into preparing as well as while applying too. We have to do everything with good care. Then we will get good results.

Uses about the ingredients

  • All the ingredients are good for healthy hair.
  • Henna is the main ingredient of this preparation. So it has a high-level color agent we are using for dye, and it controls scalp infections and decreases inflammation on the skin.
  • Beetroot extract is rich in iron, coloring agent, and antioxidants. So it helps to nurture a scalp, and it controls the falling of the hair. It protects the hair from weakness. It helps to get color.
  • Amla has rich Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with blood circulation, and it nourishes the hair.
  • Teabags have antioxidant properties.