Henna And Amla: Ultimate Hair Care Solution

Are you thinking of how to use Henna and Amla for hair? Well, we are the solution you have been searching for. Please read the blog below to get our answer in detail.

You are wondering why you should mix Henna and Amla to apply to your hair? The answer is pretty long, giving the benefits to your hair, starting from the firm root, hair growth, and pigmentation. Using natural products in hair has been advised from ancient times in recent years. Based on any research in ayurvedic products, the use of raw seeds and plant fibers in hair has acted as America for men and women. If you are thinking of how to use Henna and Amla for hair, we are here to give your answer. Read the blog below to get your answer in detail.

What happens when you mix Amla with Henna?

Let’s first see why you should mix Henna and Amla. Henna acts as a natural pigmentation to make your white hairs dark and neutralizes orange ends. Amla helps the hair to hold its color and grow strong roots for longer hair life. So now we know that to change your hair color using Henna with Amla is the right and most natural process.

Easy steps to follow while applying Henna and Amla

Using Henna and Amla for hair is the best and ultimate natural solution for a lot of problems. We will also discuss the benefits it provides; before that, look into the steps mentioned below to grow your hair and natural color your hair.

  • The Colour of Henna is very dark; wear your gloves before mixing the henna powder with amla powder. You can mix it with other natural products like reetha, aloe vera.
  • Take three rice spoons of henna powder and one spoon of amla powder. Mix it well with water; using any oil can also be beneficial.
  • Take a glass bowl and mix the ingredients; you can use other pastes like methi, tea water to make it thick.
  • Apply the mask in your whole hair with gloves, section your hair in at least four parts to apply the product thoroughly. Keep petroleum jelly to remove the product from the face if applied by mistake. You can also use steam to speed up the process.
  • Rinse your hair with water. Please avoid using any shampoo or conditioner for two to three days; it will help retain Henna and Amla’s properties for best results.

Benefits of applying Henna and Amla

Using Henna with Amla has many benefits like Henna reduces hair loss and prevents hair from wings lit at the ends, which naturally results in reduced hair damage. In addition, henna with Amla balances the pH level and helps retain the color of the hair or bring back the color of the hair.

For hair loss, Henna and Amla, who have a dermatological problem in hair-like acne, work like magic for them.

Henna has a considerable amount of medicinal qualities like antioxidant antiparasitic and viral and wound healing.

If we go back to using Amla with Henna, we have discussed using Amla powder with Henna powder. But using Amla juice with Henna powder and mixing it can give a very thick paste and can be a great alternative without using water to add more patients to the hair.

The above-provided benefits and steps should solve a query of how to use Henna and Amla for hair. We hope this broke helped you answer all your questions, and you can apply this natural product to your hair. It will help you step out of your house with healthy hair and turn many heads towards you.