How Long To Leave The Indigo On Hair After Henna?

Nowadays, grey hair has become a constant problem, that’s why more and more people are adopting new ways of colouring hair, but synthetic dyes can damage the hair as they contain lots and lots of harmful ingredients. 

Using natural dyes can be an effective solution for hiding grey hair and making your hair look more natural and beautiful. Henna and indigo are natural dyes that do not contain any chemicals as their ingredients or other harmful ingredients. 

Composition of Henna and Indigo

Henna is composed of dried henna leaves from a naturally found henna plant, and indigo is made up of dried leaves of Indigofera, another naturally found plant genre. 

Indigo can be used alone to give out a beautiful blue colour, but it is commonly used along with henna to give out a perfect and darker colour such as black or brown. Likewise, it is generally used along with henna for dyeing the hair black. 

How to apply henna+indigo

The first step is to prepare a henna mixture. For doing so, you need to submerge the henna powder overnight along with some yoghurt and then apply it on the very next day. You are supposed to apply henna by sectioning your hair and then applying it on the parts you want to have colour on and then leave the mixture for the required period, which might vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. 

After keeping it for a certain period, wash it with clean water without using shampoo. When you are done with the washing part, dry your hair with a towel. 

The second step is to prepare an indigo mixture. For the same, prepare a mixture of indigo powder and warm water, and then apply that mixture to your hair by dividing your hair into different sections. Let the indigo settle on your hair for the required amount of time; you need to keep it for longer if you want a darker shade. The time range for keeping the indigo mixture on your head might vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the colour you want. 

After you have left indigo for a certain period to settle and give out its beautiful colour, now it’s time to rinse it properly. First, you need to rinse off indigo completely with clear water, and then on the following day, you are supposed to use a cleansing shampoo to wash your hair. 

Now, you’re ready to flaunt your beautiful black hair colour. 

Benefits of Indigo

Indigo does not only provide you with beautiful hair colour, but it also benefits your hair and scalp in several ways. So let’s check out its benefits.

  • Indigo is effective in preventing baldness and stimulating hair growth.
  • It saves your scalp from being dry or infected and is also effective in treating dandruff.
  • It is efficient enough to save you from premature greying of hair, which is common nowadays.
  • As it promotes hair growth, it makes your hair thick and shiny, and also smoothes your hair and makes it frizz-free. It contains no harmful ingredients or chemicals, so it is less likely to cause any damage or infection to your hair or scalp. 

So, the clear answer to how long to keep indigo on hair after henna is 45 minutes to 2 hours, according to the colour you want. 

 I hope that this article has answered your queries regarding henna+indigo usage, and now you are clear about what you need to do while colouring your hair with these two.