How You Should Wash Your Hair After Applying Henna?

Henna is simple to use hair dye, mostly used for coloring hair and hiding grey hair. It is prepared from natural ingredients, hence has no harmful ingredients. 

The application of henna is simple to understand and follow. Make the mixture by dissolving henna powder and putting it to settle overnight, and then use it on your hair on the following day.

However, the sections of your hair on which you are using henna, and the time for which you are leaving it on your head, may differ and depend upon what kind of coloring you want, and how deep the colour of henna should be. 

But in any case, leaving henna on your head for more than 5 hours is not at all advisable. 

The most confusing question is whether to use shampoo after you have applied henna or not? 

Whether to apply shampoo after henna or not

So without any further delay. Let’s jump to the point and discuss that whether you are supposed to shampoo after henna or not.

The first point that is crucial to know and comprehend is you should not use shampoo while rinsing henna. You aren’t supposed to shampoo for almost three days. But why am I saying this? Any guesses? If you are using shampoo to wash after you have applied henna or within three days of it, you are not giving enough time to the henna to be absorbed and generate a beautiful hair color. Shampoo can cause henna to be ineffective and can be a reason for your disappointment about henna dyeing.

Then, what’s the right way to wash hair after henna? What is the correct procedure for rinsing off henna?

The right way to wash henna from hair

You are supposed to utilize water to rinse henna from your hair. Yes, you have heard it right; only clear water will do the work.

What you need to do is fill a tub or a large bucket or a clean sink and fill it with water, and then immerse your hair into that water, and try to take off the henna by softly moving your hand.

If you like, use some amount of moisturizing conditioner, and then wash it with clear water. Moisturizing conditioners help in making the removal of henna easier and more convenient. 

Kindly be certain that you have removed henna totally and there is no chance of any leftover as if there’s some leftover henna on your head it can irritate your scalp. 

After giving your hair a decent wash and after being confident that you’ve rinsed off all the henna, use a soft towel to dry your hair, and you’re done. 

Points to consider before you apply henna

For better results or better colouring effect by henna, make yourself and your hair ready for dyeing with henna, before actually using it. For doing so, shampoo your hair, before using henna. Shampooing will eliminate all the dirt, dust, and applied hair care products that are already there and offer a clean scalp and head to henna to generate its beautiful colour very conveniently. 

In addition, you can also apply some amount of oil on your hair before using henna on it so that it would be easier to take off henna entirely while rinsing off. 

I hope that this article would have answered all your questions and given you a clear idea about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do while washing. I expect you to keep all the points in your mind while applying and rinsing off henna.