How to get dark brown hair with Henna?

How to prepare fresh henna from leaves

We have to get fresh leaves from the henna tree, wash them properly, and dry them under the sunshade. After that, we have to make its powder form. Important Note: We have to get fresh leaves without damage from insects, and while preserving the drying process, we have to take care of the leaves.

Ingredients for the preparation and utensils

  • Henna powder 100gm
  • Lemon 1
  • Coffee powder (we have to grind coffee seeds for a powder 25 gms or coffee powder) and with coffee powder, we have to prepare extraction of the coffee decoction by boiling with water. 
  • Olive oil 20ml
  • Curd 15ml(curd we can prepare at home.  For the curd, we have to boil some milk, and  otherwise we can buy it from the dairy sellers)
  • Water for mixing.


Measuring jar, Spatula, iron bowl, measuring cup or spoon, bowl for boiling water, juice squeezer, and hand gloves.

Method of preparation

It is simple and easy to make a paste. While mixing, we have to be careful because lumps will give you the problem. So we have to use a suitable spatula, and a mixing grinder is good for the best solution. Now we have to place all the ingredients first. We have to take  Henna powder, lemon juice, olive oil, curd, and coffee decoction into the mixing bowl ( add them one by one). 

We have to mix the above ingredients in the iron bowl with enough water, make it

a paste, and cover it with a suitable lid and leave it for 12hrs. Lemon juice will help us to get better results.

How to apply and instruction for the best results

When the paste is ready, we can apply it with the help of a brush or hand gloves in the hair. We have to apply it layer by layer and allow it to dry for more than an hour. Then we can wash with lukewarm water. We will get brown hair without fail.

Another option is to get the henna powder. But, first, we can get a Henna powder pack from the market. Then we have to follow the preparation mentioned above method. 

Simple instructions to get the best results

Before applying, we have to wash the hair properly with shampoo, avoid applying conditioner and comb it neatly. Applying a conditioner will block the hair from absorbing the color, and we will not get a good result. So we have to avoid the conditioner.

Precautions and Uses

One important thing to note before applying is that we have to check the allergic conditions of the person.

Sometimes while applying the paste, there is a chance to spill into the forehead, ears, and neck so that the color will spoil the skin color. So by using or applying vaseline on the forehead and neck, we can avoid skin color changes. 

For hands, we have to use disposable hand gloves.

Now I would like to share some uses for applying henna. First, it is good for the scalp and hair. It controls dandruff and gives a shining and silky texture to the hair. It helps to improve follicle strength, and it helps to strengthen the hair layers. 

Olive oil is good for hair. Lemon is a good Antioxidant, and curd is good because of its protein-rich content.

The coffee powder has caffeine, so it stimulates the follicles and helps blood circulation throughout the scalp. 

Entire ingredients are good for hair growth and controlling the splitting of hair. 

All the best for having a good brown hair color with henna.