How to Make Besan Face Wash?

You wonder how to make Besan face wash for your facial skin to glow and remove excess oil. Then, you are in the right place to see how to make it. It helps the face to glow, makes the skin tighter, and removes unwanted facial hairs.

How To Make Besan Face Wash?

We will cover the making of the Besan face wash procedure according to the skin type.

  •         Oily skin
  •         Dry skin
  •         Acne-prone skin

So, let’s start with an oily skin one.

Method 1 for Oily Skin: Besan, Tomato, and Rosewater mixture

Every day our skin is exposed to contaminated air and damaging sunlight. This dust and grime begin to build upon the skin, making your skin lousy. The situation gets worse for ladies with an oily complexion, all of which contribute to the overproduction of oil.

With this homemade Besan face cleanser, you can clear all of your face’s grime and grit.

Take a bowl, add one tablespoon of Besan, add one tablespoon of rose water, and one tablespoon of tomato juice. Make a mixture of all the ingredients. Now, apply to your face. Keep mature on your face for few minutes and wash them off.

Method 2 for Dry Skin: Besan, Curd, and Honey

The skin needs a great deal of moisture, and the ideal components for this type of skin are curd and honey.

Now, you have to mix Besan flour, curd, and honey all in the same quantity. You can mix it in a bowl to make it more convenient. Now, apply on your face and keep it for about min 15 minutes. Now, wash it off with cold water.

You can wash it with any water but not overly warm water. It can cause harm to dry skin.

Method 3 for Acne-prone skin: Sandalwood, Turmeric and Besan

Your skin, susceptible to acne, needs a wash of your face with antibacterial substances. Besan, Turmeric, and Sandalwood are very good for treating acne.

Take a bowl, add one tablespoon Besan, ½ tablespoon turmeric, and one tablespoon of sandalwood powder. Mix them all well and apply them to the face. Keep them on the face until it dries and washes it with normal water.

These are all the procedures about How to Make Besan Face Wash.

Advantages to using Besan on skin

Reduces tan

Stepping out in the sun may cause much tanning and sometimes get rid of browned skin. The use of Besan allows you to remove the tan and helps you to restore your natural color.

Improves Skin Tone

If you want a better tent for your skin, Besan is one of your skin’s greatest natural components. It provides a natural glow to your skin.

Reduces Facial Growth

Many ladies confront the facial hair problem. Fleece is one of the finest components for skin, removing the undesirable development of facial hair. In addition, it helps to inhibit hair growth regularly.

Makes Pores Smaller

Besan flour works as an agent to make smaller pores of the skin. So, it clears all the pores smaller to make all the dust out of it. In addition, it tightens the pores so there will be less oil.

Absorbs Excess Oil

Fresh skin causes acne rupture and other skin problems. Gram meal helps to reduce the development of excess oil on your skin.

Cleans the Skin

With time, the skin starts to collect dead cells, excess oils, and debris. Therefore, it’s necessary to exfoliate your skin sometimes to get rid of these dead skin layers. Besan functions as an excellent exfoliant. It clears all of your skin’s dirt, grime, and dead layers.