What Is A Search Coil? [Facts And Info]

A search coil is yet another essential tool in metal detecting; search coils are a vital part of your metal detector. Some metal detectors have an audible sound or a visual signal to alert you of nearby metal. With its presence, you are likely to target your material fast. As it will indicate metal through signs. 

The coil of wire at the end of your metal detector will help you find your target quickly. In this article, we will talk about various facts and information about a search coil in metal detecting, including its roles and everything. 

Part of a Search Coil 

A search coil plays a vital role in metal detecting because there is nothing more exciting than finding treasures underneath. The metal detectors work by transmitting an electromagnetic field from the search coil into the ground. With the help of the coil, the detectorists receive a signal as soon as the coil has reached its target. 

Also, the nearer the metal is, louder the sound is; the search coil not only finds the ring for you but also takes you to the particular spot where your target is. The fun fact is that archeologists also use metal detectors for numerous discoveries. 

Why is an extra search coil necessary?

An extra search coil is necessary to take with you when you go metal detecting because when you have an extra loop, you won’t receive any failures. If at some point your existing lock creates a problem in searching the metal. You can replace it with an extra one, simple!

Also, an extra search coil is the one vital thing to add to your tools because if you have a friend accompanying you, he can also help you find the metal. 

Can we interchange the metal detector coils? 

First of all, you can not use any coil in any metal detector because most of the search coils work with the same detector manufacturer. Every metal detector has unique frequencies. Nonetheless, you can switch out the locks in many cases. 

We have seen that the detectorists buy new coils to replace their damaged ones. But you can also upgrade your ring to detect from a different and better frequency level. Also, when you are buying a new lock for your metal detector, make sure that you check it properly beforehand to avoid any last-minute troubles.  

Search Coil Selection Guide 

Search Coil Size 

Search coils come in various sizes, such as small, medium and large. However, it depends on your location and environment as to where you are about to use it. Also, what is your target to accomplish for the day? The search coils that are less than 6 in diameter are considered as small search coils. The large search coils are above 11 diameter. 

Also, there is an inclined relationship between the size of the coil and the magnetic field. However, the large waves are better when you want to dig deeper because the ring’s more significant will be the magnetic field. 

Search Coil Shape 

The search coils are either circular, elliptical or 2-Box. The second one is better than the first in terms of detecting metal covering a large area. And in terms of depth, the circular coil is much better to dig deeper. And the circular coil is commonly used as default. You can choose your coil depending upon the area you are going to detect. The two-box coils are also used when your target is deeper underneath. 

So, if your area is large, you can use the circular coil. If your site needs digging, you can use an elliptical coil, and if you need to dig buried targets, then go for the two box configurations. 

Coil configuration

Along with different shapes and sizes of the search coils, there are several configurations available. And here also it depends where and what you have to dig. You can choose the configurations depending upon your ground condition—the design to the TX and RX coils arrangement. Different methods of metal detectings. Coil configurations are made explicitly coherent ground connections. 

Double-D Coil 

The double-D configuration is made for reducing the interference underground. And it helps in recovering performance that is lost by a concentric coil. Its TX and RX coils help to produce the cancellation effect of ground signals which allows it to maintain its account. 

 The double D coils are named after their D shape. The DD coil is less sensitive than the others, because it can outperform the concentric coil, it is highly recommended and used by metal detectors. 

Concentric Coil 

The concentric coil has both TX and RX coil arranged circularly. The plus point is that both RX and TX coils can wound as large as the given diameter, which helps in detecting larger areas and also detection in depth. However, the concentric coil is the most sensitive of all. 

With a concentric coil, you can detect symmetrically, which will allow you to pinpoint with ease and find consistency in your target. This is the reason why it is the most used coil of all time. Unluckily this configuration is susceptible to ground interference which can result in loss of performance as well. 

Monoloop Coil 

The mono coil is available only on pulse detection, and it is a variation of concentric configuration. When the mono coil is manufactured with RX and TX coils, it can be used as a single coil. Monoloop’s features and performance are more or less the same as concentric coils

It can provide sensitivity to the maximum point but will suffer in-ground mineral interference. 

Smart Coil 

The imaging search coil is an upgraded version of the concentric coil. This coil is extra and provides the detectors with additional targets along with the existing ones. It can be used for genuinely targeting the treasures in-depth. And these coils are aware of what is trash and what is a gem. Which means it understands the difference between both.

2 Box Coils

In the two-box configuration, both the TX and RX are a foot apart. This configuration is lightweight, manageable and can achieve at least a 3” or 4” diameter search coil. Because it has a large size, it is the best you can opt for metal detecting. The larger the coil, the better the detection.
The deeply buried treasures can be taken out with its help. Must note that any object below 3” diameter is ignored by the 2-box configuration. The trash littered areas can be easily detected with 2-box configuration. 

Price of the Metal Detector Coil 

The price of the search coil depends upon its shape and size. According to the variations, you can get your search coil. However, do not go to the highest range. An average range coil with good working quality will do the job for you. Depending upon what treasure you want to hunt, you can buy the ring. Here, I am mentioning the reviews of some best search coils, along with their prices; you may have a look at what you want. 

Review of the best metal detector search coils 

Garrett 5*8” DD Coil [AT Pro/Gold]

The Garrett 5*8” DD Coil is designed specifically for the separation of targets. And also for the sensitivity in mineralised soil. Mainly the gold occurs and is found in mineralised ground. There are tight spaces, and a small search coil can be best used for small targets or close areas. One thing to notice is that it is also helpful for places full of trash and rocks and stones. So, to make a difference among the debris and treasure, you must buy this search coil for your metal detector. 

Key Feature 

  • The item is small in size and lightweight.   
  • You can be ideally used for sensitivity in mineralised soil.   
  • Target separation is easy with the DD coil. 
  • It usually works well in tight areas. 
  • It can ideally be used in an area littered with trash and rocks. 



  • It is a Lightweight item 
  • The coil is waterproof. 
  • It has genuine Garrett parts.   
  • Compatible with pro and max versions.  


  • It does not come with an outer coil cover. 
  • It is only compatible with the AT line. 

CORS Fortune 9.5”*5.5” DD Search Coil for Garrett at MAX Metal Detector with cover

The CORS Fortune 9.5”*The 5.5” DD search coil is compatible with Garrett AT MAX metal detectors and is entirely waterproof, which gives you a definite reason to buy it. The ring is designed explicitly for trash and rock littered lands. It is highly recommended and used by professionals. 

The shape of the coil helps you to separate non-ferrous metal from iron. So, you can use this coil on the beach, on building foundations, well and in tunnels. It will give you outstanding results once you use it. 

Key features 

  • It is filled with epoxy resin and a robust coil mounting bracket.     
  • Coil comes with a cover. However, you can use it without a mask too.   
  • It comes with a full warranty of 2 years. 
  • Nut, bolt, two rubber rings, strap coil skid plate, are all included with the item. 
  • The outer shell is covered with cable strain relief waterproofing.


  • The coil is submersible.  
  • It is UV protected.   
  • The search coil is entirely waterproof. 
  • The item is lightweight. 


  • The price is a bit too expensive.  

Bounty Hunter 10 inch Magnum Search Coil

The bounty hunter 10-inch magnum search coil is yet another tool that you will want to add to your ‘add to bag list’. It has multiple plausible features, and also, it can detect metal because of its wide range of detection. It can save your time by pin painting more objects in a better and precise way. The coil is super sensitive for maximum coverage. 

However, it does not come with a double D form like a stock coil. While you make the purchase, you can search out your needs in the review box and get this best coil for yourself. 

Key features

  • It can measure at least 1 inch in-depth.   
  • It can measure 10 inches in diameter, which is a wide range.   
  • The large coil is specifically designed to cover more ground.    
  • The coil is super sensitive and will not leave anything behind.  
  • It saves your time by pinpointing objects.


  • The item is lightweight. 
  • It can cover a wide range of area.
  • Easy to use the item.
  • Value for money.


  • The coil is not compatible with discovery 1100. 
  • It will not fit on Bounty hunter Tracker pro.

Bounty Hunter 4 inch Nugget Search Coil

The bounty hunter 4-inch nugget search coil is an applaudable product by Bounty hunter. It is battery powered, and no batteries are required afterwards. At the same time, all other standard rings are used for finding objects that are buried deeply. The search coil is especially designed for metal detection in the narrow fields, which will enable you to separate things effectively and efficiently. 

The coil makes it easier for you to prospect your target in narrow areas with ease. Also, with its help, you can target more valuable objects. You must check out this one for the purpose mentioned. 

Key features 

  • It is a 4-inch metal detector coil for narrower detections. 
  • The small coil helps you differentiate between trash and treasures.
  • It is capable of fitting in tight quarters and also handles terrains. 
  • The coil is fully waterproof.
  • It is designed to fit in bounty hunter 505.


  • No batteries are required. 
  • The item is lightweight. 
  • Value for money.
  • I can dig about 6 to 8 inches deep. 


  • Different pins and frequencies are required to fit in other objects like Garrett ace 250. 
  • It will work best only in narrow areas.

CORS Strike 12”*13” DD Search Coil for Fisher F5 and Gold Bug Metal Detector

The CORS strike search coil for Fisher F5 and gold bug metal detector is used and recommended by professional detectorists. It is specifically designed for areas that are filled with iron, like at beaches and parks. Fisher 5 works with a slow swing that enhances the ability to find large and medium targets and tiny marks.

If we see it, it will look heavy, but it is entirely lightweight. So, here you can go detecting all day. The coil is almost 18% better than other coils and also gives you better ground coverage. So, if you want to go hunting with the best, choose this. 

Key features         

  • It is made up of high-quality epoxy resin.    
  • It is compatible with fisher five and gold bug. 
  • The outer shell cover is highly UV protected. 
  • Tit is made up of double D configuration. 
  • The connector cap prevents dirt and dust from getting in. 


  • The connector type is screw on.   
  • It has balanced parameters.  
  • The search coil is entirely waterproof. 
  • It covers larger ground areas.


  • A little expensive.  


Search coil should be in the best shape, without any damages 

The search waves should be kept in the best condition without any damages. Because if the search coil is damaged, it will not direct you appropriately to your targets, and you will be left on detecting. However, if you keep an extra search coil it will always work in your favour.

Damaged coils can give unwelcomed troubles and will interfere with your detection. You can keep the waves in a place they don’t damage. 

Use Search coil Covers 

The search coil covers are used to keep the search coil away from unwanted dirt. Once you are done working with your search coil, you can wash it and keep it covered until you detect it. It will help you keep the search coil clean and also will prevent damage. However, you can use the search coil with or without the cover as well. But keeping it covered will help more towards your favour. 

The search coils are low budget but help save dollars by protecting your metal detector because when you are searching an area, you are likely to scrape hard surfaces. So that is why coil cover can be helpful in many ways. 


In the end, I hope this article will help you clear all your dilemmas regarding the search coil. All the information mentioned above is based on genuine facts and information. By reading the article, you can choose what you want.

It will create a clear picture in your mind about the coils. So, happy to detect people, go with what suits your purpose best.