The Ultimate Guide About Pinpointing In Metal Detecting

Introduction of a pinpointer

Pinpointer is a metal date, ctor an important accessory one can have because it can find the targets faster and easier. A pinpointer in a metal detector helps you find the targets even in narrow holes, which allows you to find hidden treasures with a bit of effort. 

Pinpointers allow you to locate the whole area and search down the narrows. Many other detectors help you find treasures, but rather than any other traditional metal detector, a pinpointer in a metal detector is way better. So, if you want to hunt the hidden gems, you must go with a pinpointer.

Let us talk about why you should buy a pinpointer? 

Role and work of a pinpointer 

One of the best reasons you should have a pinpointer is that it allows you to get hidden treasures. However, you can find treasures with traditional detectors too, but then you have to be ready to waste a lot of time in a vague area. On the other hand, the pinpointers not only saves your lost time but also pin down the exact object’s location for you. 

In addition to that, you can save your energy by detecting larger areas because it will find you items that are buried underground, which isn’t that exciting. Also, the high-end pinpointers can get you advanced features like audio responses with vibrations. 

Use of a pinpointer 

A pinpointer can be used in many ways because there is nothing worse than digging all day and finding nothing or a little. A pinpointer will get you treasures even quicker. Those people who want to speed up their detection journey can go for a pinpointer by their side. 

It is a fantastic item to use rather than just using a metal detector alone; the pinpointer will provide you with absolute targets with their strong signal capability. So, a pinpointer enables you to pin down the location of an object, making a small hole in the area and then extracting the item. 

Why do we need a pinpointer to detect metal? 

There is an end number of reasons why you need a pinpointer to detect metal. Having a pinpointer at your hand while seeing metal will prevent you from damaging your treasure by pinpointing and alerting you about it. You know that targets can be located anywhere, and we as humans can’t see the hidden marks by ourselves.

So, why not use a pinpointer and save yourself from various things? Like stabbing your treasure blindly to the ground without pinpointing it can be costly and harmful for you. So, do not scratch your prize with a shovel and start using pinpointers.  

What necessary things should we look for in a pinpointer? 


A waterproof pinpointer will ease your work and experience of metal detecting a lot. So, when you are conducting wet searches, your pinpointer does not trouble and co-operate with you. Also, it depends on what type of water you are detecting, is it with mud or clear water. 

Because many pinpointers work well in clean water and many pinpointers will affect or interfere with the minerals. So, it is essential to know what type of water you are going to detect. Also, saltwater is likely to affect the pinpointers. So, depending upon your needs, you can buy the accurate one. 


A pinpointer is smaller in size, and when it comes to colour, to colour an issue; any pinpointer with any colour will work, but when you are digging in the dirt, a black pinpointer won’t help you, so choose the colour that suits your ground. You can quickly get it out after detecting metals.

An orange colour pinpointer will help you in any of the grounded locations because of its colourful nature. So, while you are buying the pinpointed, along with its other additional features, you must check out the colouring for what location and place you want it to be used. 

Signal alert

The signal alert is an essential feature of a pinpointer because if it does not alert you, what the point of having a pinpointer at all is. While you are buying a pinpointer, you must check its reviews and ratings to avoid troubles, check if it has audio with a vibration mode for a better experience. 

Suppose a pinpointer has the best audio and vibration mode. It will beep loudly, and you won’t miss your target. And you can dig and get your buried treasure from the location. So, make sure to check this feature.


A pinpointer will hardly cost you $125, and also it can pay for itself over time. Also, the cost is justified for the benefits and advantages it provides you. However, some models will cost you twice the average price, so be sure that you check the performance of that pinpointer beforehand. 

Pinpointers that children can use for under $100 are not as good as the costlier ones; they lack certain features like alarms. Nonetheless, they are affordable and can provide the most minor 3” depth. 

Size and weight 

The size and weight of the pinpointer is not an issue at all because the pinpointer needs to be durable, portable and compact. However, the pinpointers are usually lightweight. The pinpointers are looked upon because of the service they provide. The sizes may vary from 10” long and under 10 oz in terms of weight.

While you buy a pinpointer, you will see that all of them are lightweight and are of the same size, so rather than wasting your time looking for the perfect size, look for how it works and if it does suit your purpose or not. 

Balance and returning feature

The cheap pinpointers that are under $100 don’t have the retuning feature. They can work quite well on a low mineralised ground but will create a blunder when used in large bases if the pinpointer has the balancing or returning feature in it. It will be of best use.

So if you want to check it beforehand, press the retune button while you match the pinpointer to the ground and see if it works on that particular phase or not. This will not only improve your performance but will also shrink the detection field. 

Single-button operation

Single-button operation is another feature you must look for; however, usually, all the pinpointers come with a one-button operation that allows on and off both single-handedly. You must know how to use the single button operation while you go metal detecting. This will help you learn about the sensitivity, balancing and also other characteristics of the pinpointer. 

Once you are familiar with the curves, it will be easy for you to have them down. All the pinpointer come along with a manual in it. So before trying by yourself, just read the manual and follow the procedures. 

Additional features

Along with some of the standard features, you must look for additional features in your pinpointer. For example, if it contains ruler measurements and flashlights to work in the dark, it has built-in scraping blades and vibration mode to alert you. If there are these additional features present, you don’t have to carry extra gear with you.

Suppose the pinpointer is costly but has additional features. It would help if you did not hesitate to buy it because it will be worth your money and time. 


Many pinpointers come with accessories, and many do not. It depends upon the manufacturer of the pinpointer. If your pinpointer comes with accessories like batteries, holsters, lanyards and an attachment loop, it can be a win-win for you. However, the quality of those accessories depends upon the manufacturer. 

The accessories of an averaged priced pinpointer will work well for you, but if not, then you can easily replace it with another addition of yours for better detection. However, it would help if you are looking for extra gears in a pinpointer. 

Advantages of having a pinpointer 

It targets the exact treasure location.

The pinpointer helps you target the exact location of an object or hidden and buried treasure. Once the pinpointer is inserted into the dug hole, the metal detector will do the remaining job searching and getting out the prize.

The pinpointers will not only save your time digging in deep but will also get you what you want. This is the primary reason why you should have a pinpointer in your tool kit. It is invaluable and will surely help you save time, unlike any traditional detectors. So, if you also want to work precisely, choose the best pinpointer for you. 

Some metal detectors are already built-in with pinpointers.

The traditional metal detectors don’t usually have this built-in function with pinpointers. However, the latest metal detectors have this function of already built-in pinpointers in them. And that is why you need to push the button, and the metal detector will switch to the pinpointer, making it ready to use handily.

Working with built-in pinpointers will make it easy for you to detect metal in sensitive locations and dig in constant tone and rhythm. The pinpointer will alert you by giving signals through their audio and vibration features to make your search easier. 

It enables you to find coins easily.

Finding buried ancient coins is the hobby and passion of many of the metal detectorists, but finding it without the pinpointer could be a difficult task to accomplish. So, why waste your time when you can have a pinpointer that will do the job for you. 

With a pinpointer, you can do your digging in the right way, and the best pinpointer that can do so comes at a price of $100. The price is entirely justifiable for what it will get you. And a plus point is that it will keep your kids engaged if you are detecting. 

Pinpointer is more accurate in providing targets efficiently.

Unlike any other metal detectors, a pinpointer metal detector is more accurate in providing you with the targets efficiently. When you detect an area littered with rocks, using a pinpointer can be the best choice. Because at certain times, you will dig deep and will find nothing. Pinpointers do not do this thing and avoid detecting rocks in place of metals. 

If you want to avoid getting into trouble, put a pinpointer metal detector into work and see the results. Save your time searching and digging. 

The average cost of a pinpointer 

A pinpointer that costs you under $100 will not have additional features and benefits along with it. But the pinpointers over $100 will have different features and services to give you. For a pinpointer that is accurate in finding treasures, it will be worth spending your money on it. 

The pinpointers that are affordable will give you a detection depth of 0-3”.

If you want more depth to be detected, you must go for a costlier one with additional features and extra gears. 

Do cheap pinpointers work well?

Cheap pinpointers can do the job of homing in an object. There are many versions of small metal detectors. The primary and mandatory work they need to do is shrink in the detection field and locate what’s hidden in there. As far as accuracy is considered, pinpointers work well in the budget. The only difference you will see in the cheap and costly pinpointers is that of features. 

Additional features are added on costly pinpointers, which helps in extra gears, and they are significantly more minor features added in cheap pinpointers. You will need to carry different backpacks along.  

Are pinpointers made for finding gold?

Some pinpointers like Falcon MD-20 are the best pinpointer through which you can detect gold as we all know that gold is buried in flames, and we need a more accurate tool to find gold and then separate it from the soil and other minerals. As gold is an important treasure, it will need to be found out with accuracy. 

Some pinpointers are capable of being used in goldfields. With a good pinpointer, you can find gold and avoid troubling your treasure by shovelling it. In recent years many detectorists have come to use the pinpointers in goldfields as well. 

In how much depth a pinpointer can detect?

The pinpointers can dig in deep up to 10” in terms of depth. Nothing beats the satisfaction of finding hidden treasures. Which is why there are pinpointer metal detectors. A pinpointer that can dig up to 10” in depth is worth buying and spending your money on.

Sometimes, it is hard to dig all the way long and find a little. With a pinpointer, you will not only target the accurate location of the treasure, but you will also be able to dig in that particular spot. So, depth plays a vital role in searching; if the pinpointer has located the object, you need to explore, no matter how deep the target is.  


There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while metal detecting with a pinpointer. First, you must test it at your home. Afterwards, when you know how to use it, you can locate your target with the detector and pinpoint your target with the help of your search coil, if needed. 

When you start searching, the pinpointer will alert you about the target and dig in to get that. After you have found the treasure, clean it and separate the dirt, remember. Do not damage your detector in the process. Keep your pinpointer in a packet or a cover to keep it safe. 


A pinpointer has multiple benefits and advantages, and this article has mentioned them all. Once you start using the pinpointers, you will see its capability, and you will easily be able to perform and get your targeted treasures.

So, use a pinpointer for better metal detecting, cover more ground, and find more treasures. This article will solve all your queries, but if you are still wondering about how it is helpful and why you need it, you can start reading again from the top, you will surely get your answers.

Happy digging and detecting people!