Sand Scoop Metal Detecting Guide


Sand scoops are specifically designed for digging through the mud to recover items from the soil. Many people are confused if they need or do not need sand scoops. The answer to that is yes. Because if you are detecting near oceans or beaches, sand scoops will surely save your time. 

Here we will talk about the kinds of sand scoops, where and when they can be best used and how they are used. So, that you are left with zero queries in your head regarding the sand scoops. 

Role of Sand Scoops 

It is simple, the sand scoops will help you to sift through the sand and target your metal. Picking out the best sand scoop will help you a lot in metal detecting. However, it depends on the area you choose for metal detecting; different areas require different types of scoops. 

For example, if you are detecting metal in coastal regions, you need to make sure that your knowledge can handle the material into it. If you are detecting metals near oceans and beaches, a stainless steel scoop will do the job. 

What are the best parameters of sand scoops 

Sand scoops based on handle sizes 

Short handle scoop

Short handle sand scoops are used for bending, which means that if you do not require much bending while metal detecting, you can use a quick handle scoop. The handle of this scoop is short in size. The sharp sand scoops want you to put more effort and exercise while digging. 

These are applicable when you do a bit of digging nearby. However, a shorthand scoop can benefit you in many ways. If you are hunting in beaches and sandy areas, the short sand scoop is perfect to use; you will be bending down a lot with these scoops. 

Medium handle scoop 

The middle handle sand scoops are just the same as a small one, with a bit of difference in the size of the handle. A medium handle scoop will allow you to hunt across the coast, and you will need to bend while using medium handle scoops but not as much as with the short ones. As long as you are not in the water, the medium knowledge will work well for you. 

Many websites provide medium handle scoops that are designed explicitly for treasure hunting. Remember that you will need to use sand scoops for treasure hunting. All the other scoops are not meant to hunt treasures in that way. 

Long handle scoop 

Long handle sand scoops do not require much exercise, bending or effort. You can stand straight on your feet and continue your treasure hunt. It depends on what area you are going to hunt, and according to that, you will choose the scoop for you. 

For example, if you want to do your treasure hunts in rivers, and you are likely to be in shallow water that is running up to your waist, you will not pick a short or medium handle scoop for that purpose. So, if you do not want to drown, choose a long handle scoop for treasure hunting. 

Sand scoops based on types of Handles

Straight or standard handle

The straight handle sand scoop is best for beach hunting. It is more comfortable when a rubber grip is attached to it, and it means that the grip will take hold, and the scoop won’t slip from your hands. A straight handle scoop can work best in sandy areas to quickly catch your target in them. 

These straight handle scoops allow you to search at a straight angle in the ground. These scoops are used by professional detectorists and are the best seller among all. It will work great for your treasure hunting purpose. 

Curved handle

A curved handle is another type of sand scoop; the people who want more digging to the ground can use this sand scoop for their purpose, as it will quickly let you dig with its curved handle and won’t require much effort.

This curved handle scoop works smoothly in the ground and provides you with scooping motion as well. It depends on your preference, so if you want extra digging ins, do this scoop for a better experience with less exercise and effort. 

A ‘Kick’ handle 

The last is a kick handle scoop, which is specifically designed for people who are looking for handles that are almost knee high or up to the waist length. These scoops first stick out at a certain angle and then bend downwards. It is straightforward to use and is meant for deeper digging. 

Whilst it depends upon the area of your search, what handle type you want for treasure hunting, and a kick handle can be used in water scenarios as well. 

Sand scoops based on Material 

Stainless steel sand scoop

One of the important factors about sand scoop is their material, and it is made out of what material. The stainless steel sand scoop is made up of the best material ever and is also the best seller among any other. As many detectorists love to treasure hunt in saltwater oceans, which are corrosive to the environment,

The stainless steel sand scoops are made up of a material that can easily deal with any harsh environment and work heavy duty. This scoop will stay the same for years as the stainless steel is corrosion-proof. As soon as you take care of it, it will help you sift through any sand, mud and water. 

Aluminium sand scoop

Another material is aluminium; the aluminium sand scoops are very lightweight, making it easy for you to carry them anywhere. Remember that these scoops won’t work well in corrosive environments. These scoops can work best otherwise and would be a plus to your digging tool kit. Determine your place first, where you are going to hunt treasure.

After determining the place, choose your scoop that will work best in that environment. The purchase of the knowledge will acknowledgedly guide you if you are looking to continue your treasure hunt or not. 

Plastic sand scoop 

Another sand scoop material is plastic; these sand scoops are made up of plastic, which means that they will be lightweight and won’t require much attention like a stainless steel or aluminium one. You can use these plastic sand scoops in mud and beaches as well. These scoops will give you high working experience. 

Plastic sand scoops can be used first hand; just out your knowledge, start digging, get your treasure and wash it afterwards. No matter how long you keep it until next time, it won’t rust. 

Overview of Basket Sifter 


The basket and sifter will save your time for digging. A basket can be used when you want to dump the sand. All you have to do is leave the sand into the basket, and the sifter will do all the remaining work. Baskets make it easy for you to achieve your targets. Basket sifters should be in a good size. 

An aluminium backing basket sifter is preferable to keep the sand away from your back. The baskets automatically sift sands for treasure while you only focus on metal detecting. 

About the price of the sand scoop 

The price is the primary and most significant concern for many. So let me clear your mind here. The averagely priced scoops do not contain material quality, and professional detectorists can use the spoons that are luxuries. If you want a sand scoop for everyday use, do not go with the expensive ones. 

But if you are a professional and treasure hunting is your passion, the luxury sand scoops will work best for you. The people who do not want to spend much on spoons can get a quality tool at a low price. Regardless of what you are paying, even the average cost scoops do the job for you. Once you have considered it as an essential tool in metal detecting, you can move forward to buying the expensive ones. 

How does a sand scoop head look? 

The sand scoop head comes in various shapes and sizes. It has tiny holes in it. The edge is sharp because it scoops for your treasure in mud and water as well. The sand scoop head is specifically designed for digging in the ground and getting the material out of place.

So that you can clear up and search for your treasure underneath, when you dig up with the sand scoop, you can store the material in a sifter bucket and clear it afterwards. The sand scoop head is made up in a way that it carries out the dirt for you. 

Is a sand scoop sharp? 

Yes, the sand scoop head is sharp because it is made for digging in the dirt. If the head isn’t short, the digging in heavy areas filled with rocks can not be explored. The quicksand scoops help in searching between the stones as well. A high-quality sand scoop works well for rock and stones littered lands. However, littered or not, sand scoops are necessary for all types of digging. The insides are sharp from downwards, but the handle is made up of a rubber grip, so there’s no chance of hurting yourself or sleeping.

Review of the best five sand scoops for metal detecting 

Short Handle Sand Scoop 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Sand Scoop and Shovel Accessories for Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

These accessories are something that every metal detector wants. Because if you feel a sudden beep of digging through dirt, you will end up using your hands, which you surely won’t like. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC sand scoop and accessories will do that job for you. 

You can use the accessories for different purposes. We are sure that this kit will not disappoint you. Once you have bought this kit, it will surely be your most favourite. Also, it comes with a hundred per cent guarantee by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 

Key features 

  • It can discover buried treasure for you with ease.  
  • It is made of heavy-duty plastic, which is reliable and durable.  
  • It is incredibly lightweight, so the kids can also use it.    
  • All the accessories are of the required size; the trowel is 11.5in/ long, sifter is 7.75/19.7cm tall with ½ gallon capacity.  
  • Guaranteed product by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.


  • Value for money.
  • Good quality accessories.   
  • Manufactured by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   
  • It is made up of heavy-duty plastic. 


  • Does not include a bag.
  • The shovel is likely to float.

Sand Scoops Heavy Duty Galvanized Metal

The sand scoop is sturdy and could be held by hand easily. It is made up of good quality steel, that is galvanised steel as the name suggests. The body of the scoop is enclosed fully, easy for you to work heavily. The scooper is well made; it’s durable and reliable. A plus point is that this scoop can also be best used in detecting coins and jewellery. 

If you buy this scoop, it will surely make your work a lot easier than before. It has filtering holes in it and also the handle won’t slip from your hand, thanks to it’s manufactured quality. You must buy it once for a better experience. 

Key features 

  • It contains filtering holes.    
  • It is easy to do the sifting.   
  • The scoop is sturdy, specifically designed for heavy-duty.
  • A good quality, non-slippery handle.    
  • Rubber handgrip  


  • It is incredibly lightweight. 
  • Value for money and time.   
  • No batteries required.   
  • No assembly required. 


  • A dime won’t pass through.
  • Small mole crabs will slip through.  

Medium Handle Sand Scoop

Pro Knee High Sand Scoop For Use With Metal Detector 

The knee-high sand scoop is an excellent going item. It is durable, reliable and also lets you find your target with ease. If you have this added to your kit, it surely will be of great help with your metal detecting process. Also, it is more helpful while you are hunting the beach areas and oceans. 

The sand scoop is 24 inches long, with a 4 inches scoop and 20 inches long handle, which means that you can enjoy metal detecting with ease. 

Key features  

  • Hobby metal detectors can use it
  • Metal construction can also be done.   
  • Coins and rings will not slip through.   
  • You can bend the scoop as well.   
  • It is made up of aluminium.   


  • They are made for heavy-duty.   
  • Reliable, durable and sustainable.   
  • The diameter is 15/16” 
  • It won’t require much effort.


  • It cannot be used in small hunting.   
  • A bit expensive.  

Long handle scoop 

CKG Metal Detecting Sand Scoop 11”8” Stainless Steel Shovel for Beach Treasure Hunting Designed with 7mm Hexagon Shaped Holes


The CKG metal detecting scoop is the essential item you can have in your kit. Because once you are done locating your target, you will need to dig it up and get it. And to dig the sand, a scoop is necessary. This is why a beach sand scoop is needed. 

The scoop is for universal use; you can use it in water and surf lines. It is specifically designed for searching on the beach.

Key features 

  • It is made up of good material, that is, stainless steel.   
  • It has perfect washing capability.    
  • A compact and lightweight model.    
  • It has hexahedron Holes.   
  • The handle design is more labour-saving. 

Pros and Cons of Hidesign Wallets


  • The item is lightweight.
  • The stainless steel is durable.   
  • The hole is about 1.14/29 mm.   
  • Best for small coins and jewellery.


  • It can rust if placed under extreme conditions.   
  • The price is a bit expensive.   

CKG Lightweight Beach Diving Sand Scoop Metal Detecting Stainless Steel 1.5mm

The beach sand scoop is essential to locate your target in beaches and seashores. The beach sand scoop is simple to use and also shifts quickly through the beach sand. It is made up of stainless steel, which is very durable. It is designed specifically for the underwater search. 

Its finest quality will allow you to detect metal ideally in the sand. It is a must buy a product to keep with your other metal detectors. 

Key features

  • All the holes are countersunk on each side. 
  • Lightweight stainless steel for working in the surf.   
  • The holes are 0,4 inches to improve sand seeping.   
  • The internal pipe size of the handle is 1.22 inches.
  • The material is sturdy. 


  • Value for money.   
  • Durable and lightweight.   
  • It is very well constructed.
  • The decent detector.  


  • The opening is slightly smaller. 
  • A bit expensive.

Relatable Sand Scoop Accessories 

Beach Metal Detecting Scoop Grip Attachment 

The first thing you will want to keep in with your tool kit is a scoop grip attachment, so in case your scoop handle is without a grip, you can attach it by yourself. The grip will help you get hold of the handle, and your hands won’t slip while digging with the sand scoops.

Grips are necessary because it allows the detectorists to get hold of the tool and dig in without strenuous efforts. When the grip is on, dig in properly with techniques and get your treasure hunting towards success. 

Metal Detector Finds Pouch 

A metal detector pouch is another accessory you need to keep with you because when you are done searching and treasure hunting, you will need a pocket to keep your treasure in. After you have cleared up the soil and attached dirt from your prize, you need to keep it in a safe place.

A pouch or a pocket will help you keep your treasure safe and secure with you. So, do not forget to keep a bag while you go metal detecting, or you’ll lose what you got from the grounds. 

Metal Detecting Boots 

Metal detecting boots are also an essential accessory to keep with you; wear them when you start hunting; firstly, they won’t let your legs and clothes get dirty, and secondly, they will help you get hurt while you are digging with a shovel.

So when you go hunting, keep a pair of boots with you to keep your legs safe. Boots will not let the dirt get in, and also your feet will not get in touch with unwanted sharp objects. 

Metal Detecting Tips with a Sand Scoop

There are some things that you need to keep in mind if you are going treasure hunting or metal hunting; make sure you recheck all your accessories required one more time before heading to the place to avoid any last-minute troubles. Also, determine the site before that you are going to hunt and keep the tools that are demanded by that place. 

Ensure that you have tested all electrical devices and others too if they are working well or not, and only then head towards your destination. These things are always necessary to keep in mind. 


Now that you are aware of everything about the sand scoops, their handle design, size, length and everything, you should start your treasure hunting by now. The article has given you all the needed information about the sand scoops, so what are you waiting for? Buy one and start hunting. 

Because in the end, all that matters is a good, affordable and right sand scoop for treasure hunting. And when you are metal detecting, you can not continue without one. Sand scoops are a priority. If you are still confused or in a dilemma about any information, you can start reading from the top again.

Happy hunting, people!