How Many Cabinets Should A Kitchen Have?

Are you interested in upgrading your kitchen? You might want to consider installing small kitchen storage cabinets that suit your family's home and storage space needs. When planning your kitchen remodeling, you need to find out just how many functional kitchen cabinets your kitchen requires. You can see the tips mentioned above and suggestions on the functional kitchen organization cabinet requirements and factors to be considered before installing. Not only does cabinet construction increase the home's value, but it also makes your life simpler daily.

Your kitchen is no longer an area that is used exclusively for preparing and storing food; as this is the area of the home that sees the most traffic, the kitchen is more than where you fuel your body – it’s the heart of the house. And that means that it’s accountable for more than just-food. Your kitchen is usually your home’s focal point. It’s where you and your family get together when they’re cooking family meals. If you’d like to make a long-lasting impact on your guests, it usually begins in the kitchen. Enhancing the layout and functionality of your kitchen will make it possible for the space to feel usable, to appear tidy, and to look fantastic when fulfilling your needs.

The most important aspect of kitchen remodeling is always the cabinetry. Many homeowners are planning to rebuild and renovate their kitchens, and why not? Remodeling the perfect way to add value to your house. It’s also one of the most costly, so be careful not to spend too much on it. When planning your kitchen remodeling, you need to find out just how many functional kitchen cabinets you require. There are a few easy questions to find out how many small kitchen storage cabinets you need. There is also a known mathematical equation based on the number of people living in your household, but let’s start with the questions first.

How are your existing kitchen cabinets working for you?

Does the stuff spill out on the countertops regularly? Or do you have too many cabinets? Just because all of your cabinets are filled to their full capacity doesn’t mean that they serve any kind of purpose. That’s why it’s crucial to know how much of the stuff you’re using in your cabinets, and how much you can give away that you don’t require. Try to clean your functional kitchen cabinets and get rid of something you don’t use or have ruined. Then arrange it into groups and get away from the cabinet room that you currently have. Can you conveniently access anything you need to do daily? If not, you need to consider installing an additional kitchen storage cabinet with a countertop.

Next, determine what's important to your family:

Before any customized kitchen design or storage calculation can begin, you’ll have to sit down and decide what’s best for your family and your space. How often do you use your kitchen storage area? It is a key factor in how you decide to use your kitchen and identify what you simply lack from the storage equation that will help you to figure out what you need from your kitchen design quickly. Perhaps more important in small kitchen spaces, this method depends not only on the inclusion of storage options but also on what you can afford. To be rid of in order to build a more open space to make the most of your choices. If more people live in your house, then you need more kitchen storage cabinets with countertops to have enough food and dishes on hand.

  • Are you a chef who loves rolling up his sleeves and making himself artistic in the kitchen?
  • Are you a family?
  • Are there unique ingredients, herbs, or foods that control your diet?

Ask yourself all the above questions so that you can begin to grasp how your storage solution plans can take shape.

Kitchen appliances

If you haven’t used a kitchen appliance in years, you may want to recommend giving it away or putting it in the garage. How many of the appliances you use on a widespread and very daily basis are there? Which one should go out on the countertops in the kitchen storage area, and which one needs to put away in the cabinets and drawers?


Some designs are beautiful, elegant, and appealing – but they may not be useful in your space or feasible for financial reasons. Using a necessary budget to extract ideas is an excellent way to stay calm and centered. Determining your perfect budget for functional kitchen cabinets and storage in advance will help you manage the design process of your kitchen remodeling.

Your physical attributes

How tall are you? Are you right or left-handed? These are all crucial considerations during the remodeling of the kitchen since they will affect the best choices for your dream kitchen. If you’re 5’2, it won’t be an excellent choice to have high wall cabinets, but if you’re 6’3 super high cabinets, they’re generous with daily ingredients.

Your shopping habits

How many grocery stores do you keep in your house on a regular basis? Do you prefer to do all of your shopping for a few weeks at a time, or do you shop every day and just pick up a couple of grocery items? The ways you shop will decide how much space you need in the cabinet.

Age-Old Mathematical Formula for deciding how many Cabinets your Kitchen should have:

In 1934, researchers did a study to find an actual equation capable of deciding how many functional kitchen cabinets a specific house needs. As it turns out, the formula is still relevant. The equation is based on how many bedrooms are in your home, or even how many people live in your home. Count the number of rooms occupied. Then put two people to this to determine the area for the visitors as well as the average accumulation of grocery stores in most households.

You need 6-square-feet wall cabinet shelving for every person in your house plus 2. The number of base cabinets you need is as follows, assuming that they line the lower section of the wall underneath the wall cabinets, except for where significant appliances are available. So if this science is true, why did the kitchens continue to get so much more comprehensive since the 1930s? There are many of explanations available for this, such as:

  • Kitchens used to be used exclusively for preparation, storage, and cooking, while everyone met and celebrated in the separate dining room. There has been a cultural change with people now opting to eat and have dining spaces within the kitchen. A separate dining room for special events.
  • People used to have milk, eggs, and several other necessities delivered to their doors every couple of days. This focus on fresh produce meant that there were fewer items to store at any given time. Today, food items are designed to last longer, and people prefer to store food for at minimum a week or two.
  • The demand for kitchen appliances has expanded enormously, leading people to purchase a lot of items that need to be processed, from mixers to blenders to coffee and latte machines.
  • The rise in income allowed houses to grow bigger before the most recent recession. A larger home is converted into a larger kitchen.

Here are some types of cabinets that you can have in your kitchen:

Flat-Panel Cabinets:

Also recognized as “slab” cabinet doors, flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are basic but fashionable. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet model provides hard lines with a streamlined design. The presence of a basic flat-panel cabinet makes it suitable for new and modern kitchens. Flat-panel cabinets can be designed in several ways.

Roll-Out Base Cabinet Tray

Lynk Professional Organizer Pull Out Under Cabinet Sliding Shelf, 14" W x 21" D, Chrome

The roll-out base cabinets provide very attractive large drawers with greater and expandable height clearance for baking dishes, pans, and a mixing bowl with fewer headaches. Moreover, we are using these items on a frequent or daily basis, so it makes some kind of sense to have these items at arm’s length in your kitchen, i.e., a base cabinet covered with roll-out trays.

Distressed Cabinets:

Are you searching for an antique kitchen? If that’s the case, you’re likely going to want to go for distressed cabinets and drawers. Available from many of the manufacturers, troubled-looking cabinets can come in any door design with corners rubbed and other distressing techniques used to produce an authentic feel.

Beadboard Cabinets:

Made up of rows of vertical planks with ridges or indentations across each blank, beadboard cabinets provide a more dynamic look than some other types, such as flat kitchen cupboards. The look of the beads gives this style cabinet door texture and makes a great country cottage or farmhouse style kitchen.

Pullout Base Cabinet Storage

Rev-A-Shelf 8" Pullout SC Base Cabinet Organizer, Natural

If you have a small and sleek kitchen but still have space in your cabinet row, the addition of a pull-out base cabinet storage will provide the versatility of a micro pantry within close proximity to your cooking areas. It is a small kitchen storage cabinet crafted for 8 full-height base cabinets and adjustable wood shelves with a durable clear finish & chrome rails for easy organizing and came pre-assembled and prepared for installation. It comes with Rev-A-Shelf’s limited lifetime warranty. It is a unique wood construction with a robust, clear finish.

Spice Storage Drawer Cabinet

Relative to the base cabinet storage, but more lightweight, compact (or simply re-used), necessary spice storage in an easy sliding drawer is everything for most cooks. Quick storage of your spicy bottles and cans, vinegar and oils, and other bottled flavorings in a narrow drawer close to your stove, or on an island, let you remain in action while adding flavor to the mixture. Most of the beautiful cabinets that are widely available online in both traditional and Euro styles come with readily accessible spice rack options. Spice Rack is the perfect place to keep your spices off the table and out of sight. It contains a simple profile for fitting inside three-tier kitchen drawers that extend to fit the size of your drawer.

How many cabinets do you really need?

Nowadays, the kitchens are larger and broader than ever before, so do we need all the additional space for keeping our stuff? This mainly depends upon personal preference, lifestyle. The perfect and ideal kitchen is unique to you as well your needs; consider this while deciding the right number of cabinets for your kitchen.