How To Arrange A Kitchen Without Cabinets?

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Whether you wish to create a unique design for your kitchen or running on low kitchen space, organizing your kitchen without cabinets is a good idea. To do this, you need to do proper planning before implementing it in your kitchen. But before you start with any of the planning or arranging, make sure that you have an accurate idea of your kitchen space. Having an organized and clutter-free kitchen will save your time preparing meals for the whole family. However, you might be wondering how you can do the same without having cabinets in the kitchen? Where will you be placing your mug, pots, pans, and dishes? You will find the answer to this question here in this article.

If you are also looking for ideas to organize the kitchen without cabinets, this article is for you. Therefore go on reading and explore the new tricks and tips to organize your kitchen uniquely.

Perks of organizing your kitchen with no cabinets:

  • Aesthetic look- Many homeowners consider a kitchen with no cabinets as an innovative style and a unique approach. You will not find many kitchens without cupboards. Therefore, this idea has its uniqueness and integrity. Also, you can arrange your kitchen in your design if you are organizing it without the use of cupboards or cabinets. 
  • Accurate for small kitchens- Most of the time, half of the kitchen space is occupied mainly by the cabinets and cupboards. For small kitchens, arranging dishes and other things without the cabinets saves a lot of space. A kitchen that has no cabinets has extra shelf space and more room to store things. 
  • Budget-friendly arrangement- Cupboards and cabinets are quite expensive. Organizing your kitchen with no cabinets is a much cheaper alternative than its contrary. You do not need to spend much money when arranging a kitchen without cabinets. Planning and organization are much more important in this case. 
  • Saves time- You know how much time it takes to find the right-sized pot through all the cabinets. When you arrange dishes and utensils right in front of you on the shelves, your task becomes a hundred times easier. You can simply locate the item you want and use it right away. 
  • Neat and clean- Many cabinets, cupboards, and other items can make the kitchen look messy and disorganized. But when you arrange the kitchen without such items, it looks neat and clean. Also, every item is visible, and you do not have to search through everything in the cabinet. 

Now, as you know, why opting for a cabinet less kitchen is a good idea, here is how you can actually do it. The below-listed points and tips will help you know how to set a kitchen without a cabinet. 

Step 1: Maximize your kitchen space

To maximize your kitchen space, only keep the items in the kitchen that you use regularly. Take a rough measurement of all large dimensional items such as an oven, coffee blender, etc. It will give you an idea of how much space you need to arrange things. You can do it with the help of the following tips: 

  • Clear the ground and the walls- Look through the kitchen and find where you can create extra space. Move anything you do not need temporarily out of the kitchen. Now make a rough sketch of your kitchen arrangement. You can use the vertical space to the maximum for storing several items. 
  • Store daily use items near to you- The items you commonly use, such as frying pan, cooker, etc. should be easy to access. You can hang such items near the stove on the wall or the back near it. Apply the same criteria for eatables too. Anything you eat daily must be easy to locate and near you. 
  • Throw the items you do not use- Only keep the kitchen appliances in the kitchen useful to you. Any item that you find of no use must cover no space in the kitchen. It will help you figure out what things you need and whatnot. 

Turn the closet into a pantry- For arranging a small kitchen without cabinets, you can keep some items in the adjoining room. If you have a vacant closet, you can use it as a pantry and store items in it that you use occasionally.

Step 2: Prepare your walls to store items

To use the vertical space in the kitchen to the fullest, take the maximum benefits of the walls. Kitchen walls have a lot of vacant space and hold the capacity to store a variety of items. You can use the wall space optimally with the following procedure: 

  • Add open shelves to the walls- To arrange a small kitchen without cabinets, you need to have some storage solution. Open shelves on the walls are among the best tricks to maximize storage area in a small kitchen. Install the shelf at the location that you can access most of the time. Remember to measure the wall space before you buy or store a shelf. 
  • Use tight corners to store plates- Install plate racks on the corners of your kitchen. Arrange them neatly as they will be visible and will make a part of your kitchen decoration. 
  • Install a pegboard- A pegboard will help you to organize your cooking tools functionally and aesthetically. It will save the time you spend on searching for items throughout the kitchen. You can mount it yourself on the wall by drilling it. 

Step 3: Find space for some items on the floor

When you are done storing items on the racks, shelves, and kitchen walls, it is time to use the vacant floor space or lower kitchen corners. You follow these different ways: 

  • Arrange a rolling cart- Rolling carts are cheap to buy and easy to use. They are mobile and have multiple shelves. You can keep one in the corner of your kitchen, and drag it near you when you need it. 
  • Set up a ground bin-You can place a bin under the sink or a storage cart to maximize the space. 

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