Can You Make Smoothie In A Mixer Grinder?

Are you thinking about making a smoothie but you don't have a blender? Can you make smoothies easily in a mixer grinder? Want to know all about it, then read the whole article given below.

Who in this world doesn’t want a healthy drink to start their morning with? And when I say healthy, it means the mouth-watering, god-gifted smoothie. 

A smoothie is a thick mixture of food products that contain vegetables, fruits, chocolate, ice cream, etc. A smoothie is the best way to start your every day with refreshment and full power.

Now, aren’t you curious to find out if you can make smoothies using a mixer grinder? It’s always better to be sure as nobody wants to waste some good fruits and vegetables using the wrong machine. So, let’s find the answers. 

Is it really possible to make smoothies in a mixer grinder? 

As for watering and heavenly as the word smoothie sounds, it makes you wonder if a mixer grinder is appropriate for making a juicy smoothie easily. The answer is yes, without any doubt. Not everyone can afford daily visits to a cafe as busy our life’s have become or buy a smoothie blender with everyday expenses.

So now the question arises how can you really make it by using a grinder. Mixer grinder provides you the perfect blades that rotate at different speeds making it the perfect tool for making a smoothie. 

In order to make it you have to follow just two rules -1.Adding the ingredients,2. Blending them until everything becomes liquid. 

Choose a food item of your choice( ex- Chocolates, bananas, oats, etc). Add milk and sugar to add some smoothness and sweetness to it.

Blend it together by using the mixer grinder and boom the tasty, healthy, thick juice is ready in seconds. Isn’t it just wondering what a few seconds and a mixer grinder can do together? 

Types of moody Smoothies you can make in a mixer grinder

Isn’t it just amazing that there are more than fifty smoothies that you can make easily on your own at home? 

Oats and a banana smoothies can be made for a healthy diet, chocolate and oreo smoothie can be made for a perfect end to a night, mango season isn’t really complete without a big glass of mango smoothie.

You can even experiment with various ingredients and flavors and make your own cup of delicious smoothie. So, it will be fair to say that there is a perfect smoothie for every mood. You can enjoy a life with many nature-approved smoothies made in a mixer grinder. Isn’t it just a cherry on the top? 

Things you must consider before using a mixer grinder for smoothies

Even though you have found the answers to your question, it is always a good thing to assure the points that you should follow while preparing a smoothie. They are given below

  •  You should be careful not to add warm milk and frozen fruits in the grinder as it might cause lumps. 
  •  Adding potatoes and ginger should also be avoided while making a smoothie. 
  • Do avoid adding hot liquid in a mixer grinder. Wait for the liquid to cool down and then add other substances to make a smoothie. 


I hope this article has been useful to you by answering every question you had regarding the use of a mixer grinder for making smoothies. Also, I hope you keep in mind the points to consider in order to restrict causing any damage to the grinder. 

So, make a smoothie for a healthy body and beauty. Choose health and smoothies.