Can We Beat Eggs In A Mixer Grinder?

Are you having doubts about beating eggs in a mixer grinder? Do you want to find out if it is the right way to beat eggs? Do you want to know if a mixer grinder is the right tool for beating eggs? Then this article is all you need to read.

Whoever said an egg a day keeps the doctor away was surely right. But, when we talk about eggs, we are surrounded by many questions. 

Surely, people like making eggs in their way, but it’s important to double-check about the method as you wouldn’t want to ruin a perfect mixer grinder, or more importantly, you wouldn’t want to waste some nutritious eggs, right? So this article will provide you every answer to your eggs and mixer grinder-related questions. So let’s find it out. 

Can we beat eggs in a mixer grinder? 

As easy as it would have been to just beat eggs in a mixer grinder in a few seconds, I am afraid to say that the answer is an absolute no. No, you can’t beat eggs in a mixer grinder. 

Why? Because a mixer grinder rotates at such a speed which results in making the eggs completely milk whitish. If you are looking for such a texture, you might go ahead, but usually, an egg should be beaten slower. 

If you still want to try beating eggs in a mixer grinder for making meringue, cake, or for a whitish-like texture, here are some tips for doing it. 

  • For making a meringue, you should first separate the egg yolk from egg white. Put all the egg whites you have collected in a mixer and switch on the mixer at slower mode. After that, you can increase the speed accordingly. 

  • To beat eggs for a cake, you can put the whole eggs in the mixer without separating the egg yolks. After, you can add sugar and beat it all together for a thick and creamy texture. 
  • You can also beat the eggs in the mixer; although it would not help to get the right texture, it will make the work easier. 
  • Do clean up properly after beating the eggs in a mixer grinder as it will become really hard to use it for further usage with the smell. 

If not a mixer grinder, then what should be used? 

A mixer grinder is a machine that works on high power which is designed for many tasks. If we talk about Indian families, it is used to crush pulses and make chatni. It is basically designed to serve the tasks mostly consisting of dry ingredients. 

But when it comes to eggs, even if you beat them using a slower pace in a mixer grinder, it will still be much for delicate eggs. If not looked at properly or taken care of, beating eggs can also become a cause of jam mixer grinder. 

Better than using a mixer grinder that is highly not recommended, you can simply use a fork and a bowl, which will take time to beat eggs and which is the traditional way that our parents have been using for ages. 


In the end, the use of a mixer grinder is not recommended for beating eggs as there are much easier and better ways to do it. But if you still want to use a mixer grinder, you should keep in mind the tips given above for a better experience. I hope that this article must have answered all your questions. 

Thank you