Can I Carry A Mixer Grinder On A Flight?

Are you planning on traveling somewhere by flight? You have a mixer grinder unpacked but don't have any idea if you can carry it along with you in the luggage? We got you. This article will provide you all the answers related to your queries.

Travelling by flight can be really fun but no one enjoys the unexpected problems during the luggage checking time. Why carry something unnecessary when you will not be able to take it with you to your destination.

It’s better to always gain knowledge before packing about everything if you don’t want to carry the extra weight of a mixer grinder. Nobody wants to carry some extra weight for nothing.Want to know more? Having some more questions in mind regarding this issue?Let’s find all the answers to your query. 

Is it really okay to carry a mixer grinder in flight? 

Even If you are on your way with a mixer grinder packed in your luggage and reading this article, you will be happy to hear that the answer is yes. Yes, you can carry a mixer grinder in flight. As many items such as knives, dry cell batteries, scissors and many more things are not allowed, it is a surprise that home appliances like mixer grinder are allowed. 

The mixer grinder works only with an electrical connection so even if you will carry it along with you, it won’t really cause any harm. It doesn’t even fall in dangerous goods classification either. When there is no harm,carry your mixer grinder along with charm. 

What kind of mixer grinder can I carry? 

You can carry any type of mixer grinder along with you. It can be a domestic mixer grinder, a small mixer grinder or an electric mixer grinder. It can be of any type. 

It can fall under stand mixers types and traditional mixers types and it would still not make a difference. As long as you are not using it to harm anyone, every kind of mixer grinder is desirable. They just have to fit in the approved size cabin luggage. 

Even when it come to flights,Airlines like Indigo and many other airlines don’t have any problem or restrictions when it comes to carrying a mixer grinder along. 

Things to keep in mind while taking a mixer grinder on a flight. 

There are some rules and regulations you have to follow in order to carry a mixer grinder along with you. 

  • The mixer grinder is only allowed to be carried along if it’s tightly packed. You should even pack it in a big check in baggage. Mixers are usually allowed in the carry-on bags. 
  • It’s always better to pack it before one or two weeks of travel as it’s better to be ready in order to avoid last minute hassle. 
  • If you are planning to transport a mixer grinder in a flight it must be in the classification of safe goods. 
  • Do make a call to your airline asking them about their luggage capacity first. 
  • Ask them yourself one time rather than taking a decision based on someone’s opinion or suggestions. As it would be you struggling in the airport not them. 
  •  Do also check for the weight restrictions. 


I hope this article must have been helpful as this article covers all the answers about if you can or cannot carry a mixer grinder on the flight. Do keep in mind the points to remember while packing the luggage to avoid any problem in the airport afterwards. It’s always better to be sure than wondering what if I was right? 

Thank you