Best Cold Press Juicers For Your Kitchen

Buying a cold press juice machine is your one-time investment, and you can get the best cold press masticating juicers if you buy the cold press juicer at home. The cold press masticating juicers are the best asset. Juice extraction has become very easy with the cold press juicer machine nowadays. There are so many incredible best cold press juice machines that you can think of purchasing. It comes with various functionalities, and features there is no doubt that this kind of juicer solution is a perfect solution to all your needs. Do use this best budget cold press juicer guide to find the best soundless juicer for compressing fruits, vegetables, and much more.

A cold press juicer is a kitchen gadget that is well worth the time and money if you’re passionate about juicing or just tired of wasting tons of money on the bottled stuff. Cold press juicers are the easiest way to produce as much juice as possible without losing any nutrients or minerals. These juicers break up the fiber at very slow speed – so during the process, heat will not be produced. Therefore the juice has more nutrients and better taste. It is an incredible idea to invest in a decent cold press juicer for the people living in hot and humid areas. Cold press masticating juicers aren’t inexpensive. A cold press juice machine can be a considerable investment compared to the commercial cold press juicer available in India, such as centrifugal juicers. Let’s start by making clear what a cold press juicer really is.

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

A cold press juicer is also known as a slow or masticating juicer. Like other types of juicers, the masticating juicer has no metal blades. Cold press juicers usually grind fruit and veggies using a slow method of masticating without using any added heat, which results in better retention of the natural vitamins and nutrients in fresh produce. Buying a cold press slow juicer machine is also recommended to retain the optimum nutrients and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are compressed at a very low speed in these juicers. Therefore heat is not produced, which results in better taste, yield, and nutrition.

Types of Cold Press Juicer:

Cold press masticating juicers are classified into two different forms based on their juicing mechanism-vertical and horizontal masticating juicers

Vertical masticating juicers: Vertical masticating juicers come with a very convenient and durable style. The vertical cold press juicers are lightweight and versatile for all sizes of kitchens. One of the most important and impressive features of a cold press juice machine is that it arrives with a self-cleaning mechanism and thus has low maintenance. This juicer offers juicing in less time, compared to the horizontal one. It can be used to juice vegetables as well as fruits.

The Horizontal Juicer: If you are searching for a slow juicer that can savor herbs or leafy green vegetables, a horizontal cold press juicer is then the perfect choice. You can provide various attachments to make it a multipurpose product. Some of them require you to prepare nut butter, make noodles and pasta, and even do the chopping.

Benefits of buying Cold Press Juicer:

Yield maximum quality

A cold press masticating juicers provides you more juice as compared to commercial juicers. With minimal wastage, you can have more juice. It will give you great value for your money as well. Without any blockage, you can use it easily and drink directly without any processing. When you produce juice at home, it is ensured that you have the finest quality of juice that is fresh and healthy.

Boosts metabolism and immunity system

Cold press juicer is known for boosting metabolism boosts Immunity System. Cold press juicer is capable of improving the immune system. Tons of minerals and vitamins directly boost immune system function. This, therefore, avoids sickness and allows you to stay healthy without taking any drug. It is just like taking natural supplements for good wellbeing.

Feeds good bacteria in your body

Cold-pressed juices feed the body’s healthy bacteria and kill pathogenic bacteria. Stainless steel cold press juicer in India provides the raw goodness of minerals and vitamins. Drinking cold-pressed juice regularly will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Helps in Digestion

Liquid food aids the digestive cycle. Human beings need tremendous energy to split the down food into small particles. The nutrients in cold compressed juice help in fast digestion. It also helps save money and safely cleans the body. The nutrients move into the repair cells, which make you live safely and healthy.

Here's the list of the some of the Best cold Press Juicer for the money:

Product Image

Product Name

Link To Check Price

Power Consumption
Rotation Per Minute

Secura Masticating Juicer

200 Watts

80 RPM

8.03 pounds

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

240 watts

43 RPM

20.4 pounds

Caynel Slow Masticating Juicer

250 watts

75 RPM

3.3 pounds

KOIOS Juicer, Masticating Juicer

240 Watts

65 RPM
9.92 pounds


240 Watts

60 -70 RPM

7.2 Kg

You can expect high yield, price, taste, and nutrient content of juices with cold press juicers. They come with a wide variety of different prices and styles and are soundless juicer. When you first buy it, then you could be confused with the options. You choose the correct one according to your criteria with the help of the below mentioned buyer’s guide.


Juicer speeds are usually measured in rotations per minute (RPM). Make sure it is spinning at a low pace so you can get a higher quality drink. The lower the speed, the less the produced heat. Less heat preserves vital nutrients, which make the juice healthy. With a cold press juice machine, you can expect high yield, size, taste, and nutrient content from the juices. They come with a large variety of different prices and types.

Adjustable Speed

You can get the advantage of processing various types of ingredients with adjustable speed. It will let you have your desired consistency and get the correct juice density. Many slow juicer machines come at adjustable speeds of between three and five levels. You must be aware that the higher the setting, the easier the extraction of juice will be.

Multiple Power

Checking if the power is sufficient to the capability is very important. Before buying a cold press juicer, we suggest that you determine how many servings you need in one juice extraction. This will help you to decide the appropriate wattage to match your needs. If the wattage is less, there would also be less juice extraction.

Pulp ejection technique

Both cold-press juicer models come with different pulp collection containers externally as well as internally. Make sure the pulp-collecting container is wider enough and is well-positioned. It should be large enough that after every glass of water, you don’t need to drain it.


Capacity defined as the maximum volume of juice at one time extracted from the juicer. Until purchasing, make sure that the total requirement is reviewed for the juicer’s appropriate size and capacity. Based on your family size and daily juice intake, decide on the juicer capacity.

Quick to clean

The juicer usually takes a long time to clean. These day juicers come up with auto cleaning facilities, in which you can clean between two juicing processes by processing cold water and running for several minutes. You can remove all the parts in ordinary juicers and clean them out. Juicer pieces are, for the most part, suitable for the dishwasher. Or a cleaning brush that makes it simpler. The safest choice is to get the accessories cleaned separately.

Winding up

Investing in an excellent cold press juice machine is not only a cost-effective method for drinking juice every day, but also provides several health benefits. The best cold juicer will serve all your juicing needs and give high-quality juice. You can boost your health by drinking healthy and fresh fruits and vegetable juice every day. You will not have to leave your house, and you will not have to spend money every day to drink high-quality fresh juice. Cold press juicer is capable of improving the immune system. Tons of minerals and vitamins directly boost immune system function. This, therefore, avoids sickness and allows you to stay healthy without taking any drug. It is just like taking natural supplements for good wellbeing.