Can Instant Pot Go In The Dishwasher?

Instant pots have become a common vessel in the kitchen nowadays. Whether they can be placed in a dishwasher for regular cleaning is a question from many people. Read this blog and understand more about it.

Yes, the instant pot can go within the dishwasher except for the cooker base.  

The instant pot has become one of the required utensils in the current kitchens. The instant pot comprises a wide range of objects, and not everything can be cleaned in a dishwasher. But most of the parts can be washed. So before putting your instant pot, you must learn how to clean them effectively in a dishwasher. 

An instant pot comprises multiple parts like the lid, base pot, stainless steel utensil, steam rack, anti-block shield, rubber ring, and condensation collector. All these parts should be cleaned effectively for smart cooking techniques. 

Base pot 

The base pot is the basic item for instant pot designs that contain the major microprocessor and details necessary for eating up the stainless steel base that will be placed inside the cooker. So the base pot should not be washed since it contains electrical circuits and the items required for the regular functioning of the cooker. After removing all the parts, you can divide the base coat with a plain microfiber or semi-dry cloth. If they are unknowingly exposed to water, it is necessary to remove them immediately and submit them to customer care services for further damage analysis. 

Stainless steel pot and Stand

The stainless steel pot is where you perform all the cooking. The Stand is used for placing the pot. They both are constantly exposed to water and other cooking materials in case of overflow. So if you are looking forward to cleaning them, you can simply remove them from the pot and place them in the dishwasher. They can be cleaned directly using the detergent solution for tablets. If you are looking for a Spotless utensil without any watermark, use a suitable rinsing aid for extra cleaning.

Along with the pot, the Stand is also constantly exposed to steam, and hence they are often in a dull state. So they can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner to make them appear shiny and spotless. 


The lid commonly used in the instant pot comprises a high-quality glass material that can withstand intense pressure and heat. So if you are looking for proper cleaning, this led can be placed within the dishwasher with both detergent and rinsing aid. Condensation and water droplets can affect the quality of the lid. If you are looking for a polished lid surface, then use the special liquids present for glasses.

Condensation collector

The condensation collector is a plastic container that can be removed anytime you want and washed thoroughly. They are not safe for dishwashers, and a simple rinse in hand is enough for them. You can use detergents if it is necessary. 


These rubbers are used to hold the pressure, and hence they can withstand both heat and pressure. They can be placed within the dishwasher for cleaning since they are also exposed to oil and other cooking items. They are made up of high-quality silicone materials and can be cleaned using simple detergent in a dishwasher. You should not do that. The rings should be checked for cracks after cleaning every day. The cracks might cause an imbalance of pressure and serious problems while cooking. These crafts do not appear because of the placement in the dishwasher. They occur due to constant usage. 

Anti block shield

This shield is present under the lid, and they have a food platter on them. The best option is to clean them using a brush and warm soapy water. Even though they can be placed in the dishwasher, hand washing is a good option. After washing them, pop in place.  

Even though it is impossible to wash certain parts of the pot in a dishwasher, you can still place the highly stained stainless steel pots with them. Most items can be washed in a dishwasher and cleaned properly for further use, while the rest can be simply wiped away using a microfiber cloth.