Can You Put Pots And Pans In The Dishwasher?

Pots and pans are one of the most commonly used utensils in the kitchen. Washing them in a dishwasher can be effective, but there are some restrictions that you can learn below.

In reality, there is no specific answer to this question. This is because some materials or metals are suitable for dishwashers while others are not. 

So the answer is yes, they can be washed if you do not care for the life of the pots and pans. However, if you want them to last for a lifetime, then choose hand washing techniques. 

From simple dishes to challenging advanced recipes, everything can be made easily in pots and pans. Women worldwide have their own set of pots and pans that they love to use for a long time full stop, but the central question arises when you purchase a new dishwasher and have questions on whether they can be washed or not. 

For example, the cast irons cannot be washed in a dishwasher, while some non-stick pans can be washed. So, in reality, the pots and pans are acceptable in a dishwasher based upon their metals. Let us now take a look at the metals that are acceptable and not suitable for the dishwasher. 

Cast iron

Cast iron is a metal that is not suitable for being exposed to extreme heat and wetness. But it is practically the actual condition that exists within the dishwasher while washing them. 

So when you try to wash away the dirt, the dishwasher will expose the cast iron to this condition resulting in rusting. The external protective layer will not last for a long while using this machine. So try to avoid pans and pots made up of cast iron in the dishwasher.

Non-stick pan

Most of the non-stick pans are designed to be placed within the dishwasher, while some are not. So when you try to clean the pans and pots made with non-stick material, the option is to check the box for assurance. Just make sure if the products are dishwasher friendly before placing them. 


Aluminum is a metal that is generally not advisable to be placed within the dishwasher. However, suppose you are purchasing an aluminum pot and make sure that the instructions support dishwasher placements. Similarly, aluminum pots and pans should always be placed separately since they are susceptible to all types of scratches. 

If you have pots and pans made up of aluminum at home, try to wash them at hand since they should be polished now and maintain the quality, which is not possible. In addition, dishwashers might reduce the polish at a faster rate when compared to hand wash. 

Stainless steel

Steel is also a metal that can be placed within the dishwasher on rare occasions but not regularly. For example, when you place stainless steel-made pots and pans regularly within a dishwasher, it might result in corrosion. 

This condition is because of the extreme temperatures that lie within the washer during the process. Of course, they cannot be avoided, but while washing with hands, you will have better control over the temperature, and hence more quality can be maintained. 


Similarly, copper is also a metal that can be tarnished when placed within a dishwasher. Similarly, the most copper pan will have increased burns at the bottom, which is best when washed using hands. 

If you have any issues washing your hands, try to place salt and baking soda together in the burnt regions before placing them in the dishwasher for an easy clean. 

Most metals, especially when it comes to pans and pots, are not suitable to be placed within the dishwasher. But if you are a person willing to sacrifice the long life of your pots and pans, then using a dishwasher can be effective. 

For example, I will prefer using pots and pans within the dishwasher for people going to jobs despite having the situation to replace them every year. But if you are free, then the better option is to wash them using your own hands.