Can Camelbaks Go In The Dishwasher?

When it comes to plastic bottles and hands-free hydration packs, camelbacks reign right at the top and with good reason. These bottles have been around since they first made their appearance in a sleepy transparent town in 1989. Since then, these bottles have been the rage; here’s to find out more about them and as to whether Camelbaks can go in the dishwasher. 

The overall design is simplistic and yet appealing, and in fact, they are today’s quintessential hiking companion. So if you are planning to hike one of the several trails up to Mt. Rainer, these hydration hands-free packs are a must. Granted, the bottle design may seem a tad intimidating, but the good news is that you should be able to load them into the dishwasher with ease. Just load them on the top tray, and that should do the trick. Make a note to review the various guidelines on using these Camelbaks safely, without damaging them permanently.

Can camelbaks go in the dishwasher?

These bottles are just as popular as Gatorade bottles, if not more. The bottle is sleek, comes in various shades, and has a nifty silicone mouthpiece that’s spill-proof and bite-proof. It certainly makes sipping liquids fun, again. And the best part is that it’s a reusable bottle and one, which you can clean up easily. 

You can go ahead and choose your camelback, as you would be making a long-term investment. And as long as you take care of the bottle, it should last for the long haul. What makes these bottles stand out is their long-lasting durability of these bottles. Just read on to know more about whether “can camelbaks go in the dishwasher?” and that should do the trick.

The advantage of using a Camelbak bottle:

One of the things that you may want to think about is that Camelbak bottles are user-friendly. More to the point, by utilizing such bottles regularly, you have essentially kept ‘use and throw’ bottles out of the landfill. You would be doing your bit for the environment, and you can eliminate the ‘use and throw’ bottles altogether. The bottles by themselves are not expensive and are completely reusable. And as to the query, ‘can camelbacks go in the dishwasher?’, the answer is a resounding yes.

How to clean the Camelbak by using the dishwasher?

If you are wondering how to clean your bottle using the dishwasher, then this is the process, which you would need to follow. The first thing that you need to check out is what type of camelback you are using at the moment. 

  • Chute mag
  • Chute mag with Tritan Renew
  • Eddy
  • Eddy with Tritan Renew
  • Carry cap
  • Eddy
  • Pivot

You can clean these bottles quite easily. Just load the bite valve onto the top tray and the remaining plastic parts in the other trays. However, do note that you may need to pay close attention to the bite valve as it can trap stagnant water, and this, in turn, can cause both Bacteria and Mold to form. 

Secure the valve:

You may want to secure the bite valve with a semi-porous container so that you can wash it safely. Do note that you can make your plastic bottles last longer by not exposing them to either boiling water or high water pressure for long. Hot water will affect plastic, and plastic containers may not be able to stand extreme temperature variations for long. So, it might be good to opt for a short wash rather than a long one.

Just remember that if your camelback happens to be an insulated stainless steel bottle, then it is not dishwasher safe. That’s how you go about when it comes to “can camelbaks go in the dishwasher?”.