How To Choose Kitchen Chimney? | Buying Guide For Kitchen Chimney

Several people ask 'is kitchen chimney useful?'. It is the latest kitchen chimney models that can help keep your kitchen clean and odorless. How to decide chimney size and chimney cover in a modular kitchen is easy considering the buying guide. Hence, you can choose from a kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe or duct and a ducting chimney.

Kitchen appliances and advances have brought forward an abundance of progress in equipment like remarkable food processors and the latest kitchen chimney models. These latest kitchen tools, appliances, and equipment make cooking in the kitchen a bit easier and fun. The kitchen tools help to cut hassle-free with lesser finger cuts, process food with a few buttons and rid the kitchen of the greasy smoke using mere touches on the elegant kitchen chimneys. It is always a joy to cook, but only the aftermath of the cooking is what makes everyone feel a bit more inclined to order takeout. But as you bring home the most advanced cooking and kitchen aids of the present day, you can enjoy your kitchen time more than ever and will be worrying less about keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.And, the best kitchen device that will change your kitchen time is a kitchen chimney. Many people ask: is a kitchen chimney useful?     

The answer is, yes! This appliance helps you have a bright and clean kitchen without any grease stains after quite too many nights of frying burgers. Kitchens with chimneys are proven to be cleaner than the kitchens without chimneys! These are highly effective in sucking out all the kitchen odor and letting your kitchen stay fresh. But how does one find the best kitchen chimney, considering the plethora of options and alternatives present in the market? To help you out, here is a list of all the features that will help you decide which latest kitchen chimney models to consider and buy. So, read on!

How to choose the best kitchen chimney?

Ducting chimney

This type of kitchen chimney uses a duct to suck out or extract out all the grime, smoke, oil, and odor of the kitchen. The duct has filters and meshes to absorb the oil and grime off the smoke and then releases the filtered air. A pipe or PVC outlet is used to clear off the air and freshen it up. 

Why use a ducting chimney?

Ducting chimneys are remarkably effective in what they do, and your kitchen will never have the old stuffy smell and feel with these. These are so efficient that they are used in commercial kitchens, too. The strong suction mechanism helps absorb and suck out all the fumes, oil, grease, dirt, and smoke and helps kitchens stay gleaming!

Things to consider

If you get a ducting chimney, remember that you will have to put up with a lot of noise that these kinds of chimneys make. Also, you will require professional care and installation for these kinds of chimneys. 

Ductless chimneys

Ductless chimneys are known for their revolutionary design. These are some of the latest kitchen chimney models. A kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe or duct is much easier to install. Its working mechanism consists of a motor, fan, and charcoal filters. The blower and the motor helps in sucking out all the heat, grime, and oil out of the kitchen, and the charcoal filters help to absorb it. The chimney then releases the purified air into the kitchen. 

Why get a ductless chimney?

The ductless chimneys are quite versatile in their uses. The set up of these is easy and straightforward. It hence requires minimal professional aid. Being the latest kitchen chimney models, you get quite many features with a kitchen chimney without an exhaust pipe or duct. You can also get kitchen chimneys to turn on/off automatically. 

Things you will need to consider

The ductless kitchen chimney will recirculate the kitchen in the air. So, if your filters are stuffy, you will not have much use of the chimney. The filters are thus needed to be changed quite often. 

The filter types

The filter of your kitchen chimney is a considering factor because a high absorbing filter will ensure a cleaner and fresher kitchen. Here are the main kitchen chimney filter types.

Mesh filters

The mesh filters or cassette filters are made of overlapping layers of aluminum mesh. Small holes are present in these overlapping layers. As the kitchen chimney sucks out the oily air, the grime, dust, and grease gets stuck in these small holes. The holes usually get filled very soon, and it is essential to get them cleaned within two weeks and not more. If the filters are not cleaned regularly and adequately, the chimney emits a lot of noise due to the stuck up filters, while the suction power diminishes drastically. Hence, these filters require proper care and maintenance.

Baffle filters

Very innovative and original with its design, baffle filter chimneys are specially made for kitchens of India. It’s cut and slash’ mechanism helps in removing the oil from the odor in the smoke. The chimney releases the smoke and the odor, while the oil and grime get stuck on filters. The aluminum and steel layers of the filter help manage the flow of the air, and hence the multiple curve structures keep the chimney working even if it gets stuck.The chimneys made with these filters require cleaning about every 2 to 3 months. It retains its strong suctioning power despite being clogged. 

Charcoal filters

Charcoal or carbon filters are usually used as a combination with mesh or baffle filters. The charcoal has a strong ability to absorb odor and grime or dust particles. These are also efficient in absorbing excessive kitchen heat. Charcoal or carbon filters need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months and can not be washed. 

How to decide chimney size?

You could get confused when considering the chimney size, especially as there are so many options to choose from. But, remember that both a too large and too small chimney is just a waste of money. The easiest way to decide the size of the chimney is to select the one chimney that is precisely the size of your kitchen stove or a bit larger. You should not buy a chimney smaller than your stove as it will not effectively suck out the odor and smoke. Most 2 or 4 burner stoves require a kitchen chimney that has a width of 60 cm. Stoves with 3 or 5 burners work well with chimneys having a width of 90 cm. Along with focusing on how to decide the chimney size, it is also essential to ensure that the difference between your chimney and stove is no larger than 65 to 75 cms. Chimneys situated at a more considerable distance are not very efficient in their work. 

Chimney cover in modular kitchen

The blended chimney cover in modular kitchen design means the chimney covered by the kitchen cupboards and cabinets. It looks like the chimney is an integrated part of the kitchen decor itself. These are also known as the built-in chimneys. 

Some of the best chimney you can find online

IKTCH Range Hood Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Kitchen Vent Hood

This modern and sleek kitchen chimney hood is an under-cabinet chimney that seamlessly blends with your cabinet decor. The baffle filters of the chimney are easy to clean, are dishwasher safe, and can be reinstalled after cleaning in a few minutes. The chimney has 300 CFM aluminum fans that blow air leaving your kitchen feeling smoke-free and refreshed. Its impressive size is well-working for a stove with 2 burner stoves. The two LED lights provide adequate light for cooking. 

Tieasy island range hood CFM Ceiling Mount Kitchen Stove Hood

This tempered glass chimney comes with a ducted pipe and permanent filters. It has a powerful 700 CFM to keep your kitchen odor and smoke-free. It comes with LED lights that supplement the cooking light. The control panel of the chimney has swift touch control for easy command relaying. You also get a 5 years limited part warranty with this chimney!

Cosmo 668ICS900 36 in. Ducted Island Range Hood

This elegant kitchen equipment will be the center point of your fabulous kitchen! It has a stainless steel finish that is easy to clean and provides a sharp, elegant feel to your kitchen. The filters are dishwasher safe, and the stuck grease and oil can be washed off easily. A medium-sized kitchen can make fair use of the 1200m3/hr suction power of the chimney. The product comes with a marvelous 5-year warranty on limited parts!

Elica Auto Clean Chimney

The most recommended chimney for kitchens, the Elica auto clean chimney, has an impressive 1200m^3/hr suction power. The auto-clean function if the chimney helps you clean the chimney filter with one button push. The heating element liquefies the stuck-on grime, and the oil and dust get collected in an oil collector, which you can clean easily. The 3 watts power led bulbs ( two ) provide you sufficient cooking light without wasting energy. The baffle filter is easy to clean and maintain, which helps with strong suction even if the chimney is filled with grease. 

Sunflame Kitchen Chimney

This famed Sunflame kitchen chimney is one of the most known kitchen chimney brands. The performance and capability of the chimney are notably marvelous and astounding. The product is remarkably long-lasting and durable due to its toughened curved glass and metallic finished hood. The sleek design of the chimney complements all kitchen types and decors. It comes with baffle filters that are well-performing and has 1100m3/hr suctioning power. It also comes with a ductless function and charcoal filters

Faber Hood Crest 60 cm Kitchen Hood

The Faber Hood chimneys are highly durable and will provide you extreme performance. The sleek and clear-cut look of the model will also enhance the look of your kitchen.The 1200m3/hr suction power and low noise emission will help you work in your kitchen smoothly without any worries of grease stains. The product comes with smart gesture control that works on the motion of your fingertips! The chimney comes with no filters, hence no stress over cleaning the filters and chimney maintenance. It has a motor warranty of 5 years!