Best Food Processor For Home Kitchen

Many times you might feel the need for help to aid you in the cooking process. The best dicing food processor does the job of a helper chef exclusively. The good quality food processor will make your cooking much more manageable, and you will save a lot of time. The best-rated food processor will finish the task in a few seconds and with the optimum neatness. You have to no more worry about kneading, chopping, grating, slicing things with the most versatile food processor. So get one Cuisinart food processor and make your life simple and more comfortable.

If you love cooking and have to cook food, a good quality food processor will work as a second pair of hands for you. You will notice that a decent home food processor will make your work much easier. It will help you prepare food faster and will make the job much more efficient. The most versatile food processor will help you do multiple kinds of jobs such as chopping nuts, grating cheese, or kneading dough, etc. A stainless steel food processor will help in almost every kitchen task and produce excellent results in terms of speed and food quality.

As you know, the best dicing food processor is the need of every household, here are some benefits of owning one. 

  • Good food: Needless to say, the main reason why anyone in the world would buy the best-rated food processor is to get good food in less time. Everyone loves eating, but the time taken to prepare the dish can be too long at times. That is where the Cuisinart food processor comes to the rescue. The primary duty of the home food processor is to prepare quality food in less time. 
  • Time-saving product: For a home-made food lover investing in a Cuisinart food processor is one of the best investments. You do not only save time when processing food with the most versatile food processor but also save your money and health.
  • Healthy cooking: One of the main benefits of the best-rated food processor is that you can eat healthy home-made food. In the busy schedule, many people find it challenging to do all the cooking work manually. When you bring a most versatile food processor to your home, then cutting or chopping takes no time at all. You can add as much as green vegetables, nuts, fruits to your diet as you want with the help of the best dicing food processor.
  • Multi-purpose product: The most versatile food processor will play the role of a food processor and a blender very efficiently. The most versatile food processor helps you in grating things along with dicing, chopping, kneading, and much more. 
  • Saves money: You might have never noticed it, but you might be spending a lot of money on buying food from outside. When you start cooking at home, you can save so much of your money. The best food processor for the money will let you save the money you spend on packed food and restaurants. 

Many people confuse blenders with a food processor. They look quite similar because, on an outward glance, there is what you see as a motor with a few rotating blades. Though both blender and food processors have similar functions up to some extent, they are not the same in all aspects. You have to carefully see the functions and characteristics of both the blender and the food processor to know why you must get the best budget food processor. Both have their uses, but you will find that a food processor has a few features that surpass a blender.

The functions and features of a food processor that make it different from a blender:-

  • The food processor can accomplish various sets of tasks and hence is versatile. 
  • You can process your food in multiple ways using a food processor. In other words, you can prepare your food in multiple ways possible. 
  • A food processor can chop, mix the dough, shred food, grate, slice, mix, etc. 
  • It helps in accomplishing tasks that would take a lot of manually. 
  • Food processors have a large body to accommodate a large quantity of food to process for large food batches.
  • The feed chute of the food processor is relatively taller than the blender so that you can add all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, while other food ingredients are being processed. 
  • A food processor has more than a single attachment of blades or assortments to help you with different food processing tasks. 
  • Food processors also come with attachments to separate the mixing bowl, known as bowl inserts, which allows you to process different foods in the bowl at a single time. 
  • Food processors are excellent at processing dry foods or dry ingredients.
  • Food processors also work fine if the bowl is completely filled and work without spilling. 
  • Food processors, despite all their qualities, are not very well functioning when you want to blend wet food or liquid food. The food usually sticks to the sides of the bowl.

The functions and features of a blender that make it different from a food processor:-

  • A blender’s task is most inclined or adept at blending food. 
  • Blenders work better at blending wet food, mixing solid and liquid ingredients together, or blending ingredients. A food processor is not that adept at mixing wet foods or blending together solid and liquid ingredients. 
  • Blenders come in a jug-like shape or are conical in shape. This shape allows for convenience as the food blended in a blender is mostly liquid and hence can be easily poured when it is shaped like a jug. 
  • The blenders also come with a handle and spout to facilitate easy pouring. 
  • Unlike the tall feed chute of a food processor, blenders have a lid that completely fits on it. 
  • The blades of a blender are screwed to the jug from the bottom. These blades can, hence, be easily unscrewed and cleaned. 
  • Blenders, if not fitted rightly with the lid, will blurt the food in it out. Hence, closing the blender lid is highly essential. 
  • If you want to add ingredients into the blender, a removable plug is usually fitted in the lid. Remove the lid and add the ingredients while blending. 
  • Blenders are not very adept at shredding and slicing food.
  • You can mix smoothies and soups using the various blend or mix settings of the blender. 
  •  The conical shape of the blender makes sure that the blended food is continuously directed towards the bottom, hence the blades of the blender. 
  • The conical shape also ensures that all the food is first blended and then mixed well. 
  • Unlike a food processor that works perfectly well when filled to the brim, a blender is not that great when filled to the top. 
  • Food will rarely overflow from a food processor, but a blender when wholly filled leads to overflowing of the liquids.
  • A blender should always be filled up to three quarters only so that the food doesn’t get spilled.
  • While food processors can process dry ingredients with ease, a blender can not work well with dry ingredients. 
  • Also, unlike a food processor, blenders usually only come with a single blade for blending purposes. A few high-tech blenders have different assortments that allow it to have a varied range of food that can be blended in it. 
  • Blenders also come in different forms, like personal and immersion blenders. While immersion blenders can be put directly into ingredients and blend it, the personal blender is a small pitcher that allows you to mix smoothies and drink it directly from the blending pitcher.

Finding if you need a food processor or a blender based on your needs:- As both the food processor and blender have a variety of tasks that they can fulfill, choosing one from them can be a bit tricky. As you think about choosing, narrow your options to what you need from your good quality food processor and most versatile food processor. You must consider a few things before you go for purchase and while choosing in between a food processor and blender:-

First, you will have to consider the recipes that you are most likely to prepare with your food processor. So here are few products that are the most versatile food processor and will give you the maximum value as the best food processor for the money you will pay for them.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel - Silver

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel - Silver sample

It is one of the best stainless steel food processors available in the market at present. It is made of stainless steel Standard slicing disc and has the finest quality material. The 720-Watt large-capacity food processor comes with a built-in on and off button to make the functionality easy. While you buy this product, you will receive a 14-Cup Work Bowl along with an extra-large feed tube. You can operate with a single touch, and its blades are also made of stainless steel. When talking about quality and durability, it is one of the best food processors in America’s test kitchen. It is prepared to keep the needs of a big family in mind at the time of gatherings and small parties. Due to its heavy-duty feature, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor works efficiently and does not get heated easily. 

The advantages of buying the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor are as follows:

  • Durable: This product is durable, and you can rely on it in times of emergency. It can process food smoothly and without any interruptions required. 
  • High-power: The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor is a heavy-duty product. The high power enables the machine to process a large number of food items in less time.
  • Large Feed Tube- It has an extra-large feed tube to contain whole fruits and vegetables to fit inside the tube. It helps save time 
  • Deliver accurate results: This product can produce excellent results that match with the levels of a professional level chef.
  • Serves multiple purposes: This food processor can be used for multiple tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, etc.
  • Value for money:  As it is a heavy-duty and fast speed food processor, it delivers exceptional results, and it pays back its buyer every bit of money spent on it.

Cons of the product:

The product does not have any particular disadvantage in its functionality or working. The only drawback is that shredding and slicing blades are not adjustable. Overall the product is the best food processor for the money. It is amongst the most versatile food processors, and you can use it without worrying about its performance and quality.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor sample

Another good quality food processor is the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor. It is the latest food processor in the market and comes with a new chopping blade, three slicing/shredding discs, etc. This food processor is idle for making dough, slicing vegetables, shredding cheese, mincing garlic, and so much more. It has a full five years warranty on the motor, and its slicings are made up of stainless steel. You will also get five years warranty on the motor and three-year limited entire unit warranty. 

Peculiarities of the product:

  • The main items of this product are made out of good quality plastic.
  • It is durable, serves multiple purposes, and is easy to use. 
  • Even the person who is not very familiar with kitchen appliances can handle and use this product easily.
  • It has the size of 11 cups, and that is large enough for a small gathering and family meals. 
  • It is strong enough to knead bread with ease and does other heavy-duty functions very easily.
  • It has a heavy-duty induction motor of 1200 W to handle the toughest grinding material easily. 
  • Precious slicing: It saves the flavor with the precise slicing and dicing process.
  • The dimensions are 12.2 x 12.9 x 6.5 inches. 

Added benefit:

Work bowl: The food processor comes with a mini bowl with no feed chute and can handle 3 cups of dry ingredients. There are two drizzle holes in the lid. Breville builds food processors that work only when the container is securely fitted with the lid. When the lid fits the security lock, only then the food processors work. 

Cons of the product: The product has no reported drawbacks or negative remarks.

NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup Multifunction Food Processor - Ultra Quiet Powerful Motor, Includes 6 Attachment Blades, Up to 2L Capacity

nutrichef sample

NutriChef has entirely perfected the art of building food processors. While it’s NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup Multifunction Food Processor is perfect for a larger portion of recipes; the 12-cup food processor is what you should have for smaller medium portions. The high-tech brand build of this mini food processor is quite efficient to aid you in your daily cooking tasks. This mini food processor comes in a compact build. If you are looking for a food processor that is adept at what it does but does not have much space to accommodate a more extensive food processor with a big bowl, NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup is your best pick. The design is sturdy, and the food processor is good for all home kitchens. 

Here are all the features to look into when buying the NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup:-

Control – The NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup has a touchpad control that helps you in changing the food processing settings with only minimal pressure. The touchpad can be easily cleaned if you were likely to touch it with oily fingers or other food sticking to them. The control of the touchpad takes you to two different settings. The first is the chopping mode. Use this mode for chopping or processing softer foods like vegetables. Example: tomatoes, ginger, etc. The other mode on the touchpad is the grinding mode. You can use this mode to process dry foods like nuts and other hard foods and dry fruits. 

Blades: This mini food processor’s blades have two edges on the same blade. When pressed on chop, the blades move in one direction for chopping the food, and when pressed on the grind, the blades move in the other direction to grind the food.   

Cleaning: Cleaning the food processor is quite easy. The processor can be disassembled into a lid, blades, container, motor, and one S blade. The parts can be washed in a dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe. Cleaning the blades with hands requires a lot of caution. 

Motor: The 600 watts motor is fairly decent than many other mini food processors. The food processor can be checked for its strength by processing different foods and never using the processor for over one minute, or it might automatically shut down. 




A good quality food processor is a one-time investment, and then it serves you for a long time. You should choose the food processor size according to your family size and meal requirements. Buying a stainless steel food processor is a perfect idea as it is durable and gives the most exquisite quality output. You can use one single food processor for multiple uses, and it saves your time and space as well. The most versatile food processor will cater to all your food processing needs and pre-cooking requirements. Therefore, do not waste time thinking about whether to get one or not and bring the best dicing food processor to your home as soon as possible.