Buying Guide For Best Egg Boilers

If you are looking up for the best egg boilers then worry not, there are a variety of options available for you. You can choose the best egg boilers for home and go for one of the electric egg boilers. It depends on which egg boiler you are looking for and go for egg boiler best brand.

Boiling an egg does not involve any rocket science, but it’s one of the essential tasks to be performed in the kitchen. Boiling an egg can be time-consuming and difficult. Particularly when looking for a completely soft boiled or hard-boiled egg. Sometimes it gets overcooked, and many of the times, it gets undercooked. It’s just about maintaining the right balance. It’s one skill that could take years for all of us to master. Eggs are the best source of protein nutrients, and many other minerals and vitamins.

The problem is solved by getting the best egg boilers in India. Many egg boilers come with one-touch, easy to handle options. They also offer control choices, which means how hard or soft you want your egg. Egg boilers are ideal for a beginner because they do all the work right from temperature control and cooking time—many electric egg boilers come with a one-touch option that simplifies the job. Only play with the water level, temperature, and cook time for a while if you’re a beginner, and in no time can you pin down how to make the perfect eggs.

Here is some valuable knowledge regarding best egg boilers for home: 

  • Mode: Best egg boilers for home come in three modes – strong, mild, and medium. There are egg boilers like Kent Instant, which also allow you to adjust the mode by the water level. 
  • Capacity: The best egg boilers for home can comfortably hold five to seven eggs at a time when purchasing an egg boiler capacity is an important factor to be kept in mind.
  • Egg Boiler Types:

Typically there are two types of electric egg boilers-countertop and microwave. Countertop boilers are cooker type. Microwave boilers are non-electric, and Microwave Oven is required.

  • Cooking time: Cooking time in microwave boilers is different. Cook in a 1000W microwave for five minutes for the soft eggs. Cook for the duration of six minutes in an 800W microwave, and for seven minutes in 600W microwave.

Also, egg boilers come with unique recipe books that offer various easy and fast egg dishes. There are various not widely known facts we came across about egg boilers while reading on them. To know more about the egg boilers, read this “Buying Guide.”

Top 5 Best Egg Boilers:

Best routers have been listed to help you choose the best:

Product Image

Product Name

Link To Check Price


Dash DEC012RD


360 watts
Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine EGC-007


360 watts

Chefman Electric Cooker Boiler


360 watts

VOBAGA Electric Egg Cooker


360 watts

Elite Cuisine EGC-508


360 watts

Egg Boiler Buyers Guide:

An egg boiler is a primary electrical appliance which perfectly cooks the eggs to your liking. It may be tempting, as it is easy, to pick up the first one that comes into your view, or the one that is the cheapest. But considering the number of family members and your lifestyle based on your requirements is a wise thing to do before you are planning to buy egg boiler best brand in India.

Egg Boiler Types:

There are two specific types of egg boilers if we have to categorize cookers for eggs. 

Counter top Boiler for Eggs: The countertop cookers are easy to use, self-sufficient, and require a limited amount of space on the countertop of the kitchen. These may be used to boil or poach eggs. You will have the option of cooking eggs at various textures with an egg boiler. You may want a countertop egg steamer with a timer if you’re a busy person, so you need to find separate time to track the progress of cooking. Even though the additional delay-timer features and ‘keep warm’ functions can be useful for you.

Microwave Egg Boiler: A microwave egg boiler isn’t an appliance that can operate on its own. You can only put it to use if you already own a microwave. They are more like vessels where you can set the eggs for frying, pour water, and put it in the microwave.


The boiler should have the capacity to boil more eggs, which increases efficiency simultaneously. It can be two-layered to give you more boiled eggs than the standard one-layer boiler. Especially when you’re in a rush to go and don’t have time for breakfast in the morning, it gets easy. The more the eggs that were cooked in the container, the less time it takes to make breakfast.

Non-stick finish

The boiler needs the non-stick coating, which gives you the entire boiled egg. The non-adhesive layer does not make the eggs to stick to the base of the pan. No one has time to test every second, whether the eggs stick to the pan, which makes it more time-consuming and workable. It’s better to have a non-stick panel instead of the usual one.


It shouldn’t consume a lot of space, because it might take up more space in your kitchen. It should be comfortable. It should be such that a beginner can use it, and it should be easy to carry around, particularly for those staying in hostels and far away from home.

Automatic cut-off

Most cookers have a warning at the end of their cooking period to warn you. The consumer would also have to turn off the device themselves. But if you have hearing issues, you might need to get an automatic shut-off cooker. That ensures that the boiler is automatically turned off at the end of the cooking cycle.


Many cookers require you to poach the eggs and steam other foods such as fish as well as vegetables. It is a crucial aspect to remember that it should be of multi-purpose nature when buying your egg boiler, as it saves time and money. 

Energy consumption

The egg boiler should have low power consumption to conserve energy. This will ultimately save your energy bill expenses. Everybody needs an electrical gadget which is operating super-fast. But a huge energy bill comes with high-efficiency. If the machine is running at a regular speed, however, you may be able to save some electricity while eating perfectly boiled eggs. Machines that consume less power are also more durable. The idea here is to find an egg boiler which quickly gets the job done and doesn’t consume much electricity. Therefore it is essential to test the watt consumption of an egg cooker before you’re planning to buy it.


If your kitchen space is limited, you’ll need to get a unit that takes up a minimum amount of space in your kitchen. The compact size also lets you easily store it when not in use. 


Whenever you invest or purchase an egg boiler, the duration and scope of the warranty must be reviewed for peace of mind. Not only when you purchase an egg boiler but also when you invest in or purchase some other machinery or appliances.

Winding up

The electric egg boiler has modified the way your breakfast looks. In a few minutes, it will cook the eggs giving you well-boiled eggs and poached eggs too. The benefit of using an electric egg boiler eliminates the need to boil the eggs in a water-filled pot, cleaning time and energy effectively. The boiler can comfortably handle up to five to seven eggs, and more at one go. They are small in size, simple to use, and also stylish in appearance. Some versions, however, have add-on features, including an omelette maker and an egg poacher. Since we’ve now reviewed the top 5 best egg boilers for home, it might be pretty easy to pick one from the egg poachers list offered.