Best Dosa Tawa For Home Use

If you're someone with a passion for cooking and want to make your kitchen life a little simpler-then buying the non-stick tawa for dosa is undoubtedly the best way to do it. Dosa tawa is one of the essential accessories you'll find in every kitchen. If you don't like the idea of buying dosa from the market or you like home-made dosa more, then you can get the Indian dosa pan. These biggest dosa tawa reviews will help you to choose the flat tawa for dosa or non-stick tawa for dosa, which best fits your needs. Follow our easy buying guides and get yourself an Indian dosa pan using all the appropriate tools.

Dosa is among the most famous morning breakfast crepes in South India, typically made from fermented rice and lentil batter; it’s one of the tastiest and healthiest breakfasts.  Rich in protein and calcium, it has very vital nutrients our body requires. Dosa Tawa is one of the essential accessories you’ll find in every Indian kitchen. Making dosa takes a lot of preparation and hard work, as you cannot simply boil or fry it. It is not that easy to combine and soak in the appropriate time the fermented rice and lentils dals in the right proportion. You can take it on your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and whenever you want to eat it. But getting dosa is not possible every time, or some people love eating home-made dosa, and in such situations, a perfect high-quality non-stick Tawa for dosa is the right solution for you. Dosa Tawa is thicker to transmit less heat than usual Tawa and helps dosa to cook at an acceptable temperature. A Non-stick Tawa for dosa is strongly recommended because it protects food from sticking, which is sometimes very irritating.

Benefits of using Dosa Tawa

Uniform heating

Iron is an excellent conductor of electricity. Some consumers are worried that the iron pan will absorb additional heat compared to the lighter non-stick pans, which is certainly not true. Iron very easily, uniformly becomes hot and holds the heat for a longer time. It means you can save on the monthly gas bills, and still stay healthy.


Every single pan needs seasoning before cooking to ensure the food does not stick to it. We have also included tips for maintenance and cleaning, which will help to use the Tawa for an extended period. Non-stick Dosa Tawa in India is available in the market, which is not contaminated with any kind of harsh chemicals. The more you’d cook on an iron Dosa Tawa, the more non-stick it’ll become — and the smaller amount of oil will be required to cook the meal.

Adding the Iron

Anemia is a relatively common disease among Indians, especially in Indian women. This disease causes various problems, such as menstrual disorders, immune issues, and many others. Cooking food daily using a flat Tawa for dosa made of iron is an innovative method suggested by many natural practitioners to promote the addition of iron. Many studies are showing that food items prepared using iron cookware show a 16 percent increase in iron content above those prepared using any other Tawa.

Delicious food

Delicious and healthy food is a bit of a challenge, especially for people who cook very often. Usually, people buy quality ingredients, go through the recipe and instructions of the connoisseur, get the whole thing done. But, then there is always room for improvement, which the iron dosa pans or Tawa can deliver. Most restaurants in India use iron Dosa Tawa, which is why they have the crunchy butter Masala Dosa with that mouth-watering crust. When you want to eat it, you can make dosa on Indian dosa pans to keep those things in mind today we have the best Tawa for dosing at home. Because there are plenty of existing and new biggest Dosa Tawas available online and it could be challenging to find the right one, so you don’t worry that this list will undoubtedly be beneficial to all Dosa lovers.

Product's Buying Guide:

Product Image

Product Name

Link To Check Price


Hawkins IQFT30 Tava, Dosa, Griddle, 12 Inch, Black

1 Litre
4.00 lbs
1 Year
Hawkins/Futura Nonstick Tava/Griddle, 0, Gray
1 Litre
3.04 lbs
5 Year

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle, 10.5 Inch (Pack of 1), Black

0.5 Litre

4.41 lbs

1 Year

Futura DT-30 Dosa Tava Nonstick indian, 12-inch, Black

0.25 Litre

2.65 lbs
1 Year

Hawkins Futura Q28 Non-stick Flat Dosa Tava Griddle, 11-inch,Black

0.25 Litre
2 Year

Buyers guide for Dosa Tawa:

We’ll come across some important tips in the next few lines that can help you find the non-stick tawa for dosa for your home. There are many such goods dosa tawa with gas available in the market, but choosing the right Indian dosa pan that can be the best in all aspects is often easier.

Check the material

There are many options available in the market when you plan to buy the biggest dosa tawa for your kitchen. But you must choose the one that will be best for preparing dosa, and the essential thing is to be always cautious about the material used to produce the Tawa. It is said that aluminum is great for these pans. They are medium-weighted and also aid in heat conduction. A good tawa made of aluminum will very easily absorb the heat, too. So, you also should concentrate on the item’s material because this is the most crucial factor.

Test the volume of anodized aluminum

The buyer should also check in the amount of anodized aluminum in your tawa. It is a very crucial factor that the consumer should always test before he buys a perfect tawa. Anodization is nothing less than a process. You can find and analyze the grey surface after the process is over, which is much harder.

Check for the non-stick ending

It is also recommended that the user should check the non-stick finish found on the tawa, too. The non-stick finish will help to form your dosa smoothly. You really should try this out. If the tawa is not found with a decent non-stick finish, then such a product should be avoided. Since this will generate several long-term issues.

Check warranty Period

You must check the product’s warranty period too. There are several products on the market which have no warranties at all. They should be avoided to the maximum. If you don’t get the warranty period, it’s better to ask the seller about the same. This would be much easier and more efficient. Some offer lifetime warranty while a few offer limited warranties.

Handling mode

On the other hand, you can test the tawa handling mode, too. There must be a space on the tawa’s outer cover that will explicitly state the exact phase for handling the tawa. It will consider the perfect steps to wash the tawa, too. That should be kept as much as possible. If you keep it, then the product can run in a trouble-free manner for a long time

Winding up

People have come to know the modern tools and appliances well in the present time. Non-stick tawa for dosa is the essential kitchen tool. They are not only used to make dosa’s, but a good tawa can also prepare other types of dishes such as rotis or other similar items. Choosing the right dosa tawa with gas for your kitchen should always be given proper consideration. When you buy the right Indian dosa pan, then it will run without any problems for a long time. Only a few come with a strong warranty duration. So, you can easily pick the biggest dosa tawa for your kitchen now