How To Decorate Your Home With Plants?

When looking for how to decorate your home with plants, all you need to see is where you can place the plant with good light and less congestion. All kinds of plants make up useful plants for home decor. Working on DIY plant decor can help set a vibe for the beautiful green decor.

Home decor is an idea that excites everyone. Adding a new splash of color to your walls, to getting some new ornate pieces to adorn the surfaces of your showcase furnishings, can bring out a very happy and zesty vibe in your home.

In fact, who does not love a newly decorated room?! And especially, you can use your time spent decorating as a way to connect with your family as you work along them to bring out the best features of your home. While you sure will agree that doing some refreshing home decor is an excellent idea to spice up your living space, but what ornaments or furnishings should you actually get for your home?

How to decorate your home?

As much as you enjoy bringing new accessories for your home, it is essential to know if those embellishments go with the vibe of your house. Setting ornaments to beautify your home can only help if the style seamlessly molds into the look you wish for. 

 Unfortunately, not every ornate showcase piece you see in the market will look as beautiful in your home as it looks in the ad catalogs. Hence, this certainly can lead to a lot of trial and failure efforts where you buy house accessories and later realize that they are not what you wanted in the first place. 

So, what can you do to make sure that you beautify and vamp up the look of your house with absolutely perfect decor?

Plants for home decor are no-error go zones. You could set them up in vases, place them on elegant shelves, locate them with other stylish, home decor statement pieces, or have them look beautiful in a light, sunny corner but, you can never go wrong with plants. 

The absolute beauty of plants and flowers in your house can be enhanced using a few beautiful yet easy ideas. Here are 14 ways of how to decorate your home with plants:-

1. Knotted hanging plants

Having plants in a home with pets and kids can result in disasters of varying kinds. You could come home to find your favorite vase or plant pot shattered with the additional chore of getting all the pot mud cleaned. So, to keep your plant babies away from the prying hands of your kids and paws of your pets, set up a knotted hanging garden.

All you will need to do is get pots that have thick sturdy ropes going through them, which can then be tied to solid support from your ceiling. Hang them like a chandelier, but the only greener. You can also make hanging knots from a thick rope yourself, place your plant pot in it, and then hang it.

2. Hanging garden

If knotting is not your skill, you can set another kind of hanging garden. You will need a plant pot stand for this. You can use hanging plant holder. Take the stands and install them onto the walls of a bright white wall, or anywhere else in your home securely. 

Now, easily place your plant pots in the pot stand, and you are done. You can look for various ornate or otherwise simple hanging plant stands on amazon! 

    • You can create easy patterns by installing your hanging pot stands in geometric shapes like circles and squares to get a unique look. 
    • Hanging potted plants is an easy way to add some color to otherwise white walls. The green and other bright colors of the plants beautifully contrast with bright white walls. 

3. Hook garden

If getting the best hanging garden is your sort of ‘plants for home decor,’ you can also work with getting a hook garden for your home. It is an easy fix to the otherwise costly alternative of plant stands, etc. You can also save a lot of space by hanging your potted plants rather than placing them on the ground. Also, your plants will fare well than being congested on the ground. 

Safely and securely install a thick wooden beam on a wall of your choice, dangle hooks from the sturdy nails hammered into this beam. Now, attach plant pots to the hooks, and you are done.

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4. Mini garden

Setting up mini gardens is one of the easiest ways to get plant decor for your home. One reason for this to be a perfect idea is that mini potted plants require extremely less space, and you can place them anywhere you wish to. 

All you will need is mini plant pots. Fill them with plant soil and plant your seedling or seeds. You can place these on a shelf as a mini garden or among books in a bookshelf, etc. 

5. Kitchen shelves garden

Setting up a kitchen garden can be both pretty and useful. You can get small pots for plants or a big planter bed where you could plant seeds of all the herbs you would commonly use in your kitchen. 

Hence, this adds a very warm, earthy, and appetizing feel to your kitchen. 

6. Lone window plants

If you do not have much space in your house for collective plant gardens, you could just get some lone plants placed in front of a few windows that get sufficient light throughout the day.

7. Entryway plants

You can create a statement look for your house by installing a few plants in your entryway can be a beautiful idea. 

You could get an artificial plant stand for a sophisticated look, giant vases, or giant pots to draw immediate attention to your green entryway. 

8. DIY leather planters

You could use faux printed leather or real leather for this. Merely wrap a plant pot with a leather piece of your choice. You could first take the dimensions of the pot, create the wrap, and then place the pot in it. Hence, you have a designer cover for your plant pot.

9. DIY cement planters

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You can use clay or fast-drying POP cement to create the mold, then pour the cement. Remove the dried plaster, paint it, and use it for your plant decors. 

10. DIY succulent planters

Small succulent plants can be an excellent addition to your home decor. Merely place them on any artificial surface, and you have eye-catching green decor.

You can create succulent planters by using glasses and using them as pots for your small succulent plants. 

11. DIY plant aquarium

You need not use this DIY plant decor as an aquarium in strict terms. All you need to do is plant a beautiful green or colorful plant in a big glass vase. You can add beautiful rocks on the top layer of the plant soil.

Now place this glass vase in the middle of a similar, larger round vase, for instance, Incrizma vases. Fill the sides with small colorful pebbles and then add water. If there is enough space in between the walls of the glass vases, you could add fish, too. 

12. Dining Room Vases

Ornate vases, embellished vases, and even simple vases can add a beautiful touch to your home. Plant your most favorite plants in these vases, place them as centerpieces for both casual and formal gatherings and see the people adore your plant decors!

13. Hallway vases

If you come across a few suitable vases, you can use the matching sets of those in your hallways, too. Giant plants in big vases look magnificent in large spaces and hallways. Neumark plant vases can add a regal touch to your house. 

14. Front door pots

If you are the ‘most welcoming neighbor’ kind of person, adding a few plants to your front door can add to the warmth you radiate. The beauty of your house can be increased with this plant decor. 

If you do not have much space in your house for plants, this plant decor idea will work the best for you. 


Plants can increase the liveliness and the spirit of the house in mere seconds. More importantly, all kinds of plants look good in all kinds of houses. You could go with flowers, succulents, herbs, or other ornamental flowers and pull off the look with sheer elegance. 

The healthy vibes of plant decor also help to have a fresher, and healthier home.