Where To Keep Washing Machine in India House?

A washing machine is a growing necessity in every Indian house. People choose different places to place this machine. Most people in India prefer to hide the device as it may contradict the house’s decor.

Some common areas that Indians prefer keeping their washing machines

A washing machine is an appliance that is designed to wash clothes. The two most important things to keep in mind while choosing a suitable place to keep your washing machine are- water connection and drainage system. 

Have you ever wondered why people choose to wash clothes in the bathroom?

The reason is quite simple. The bathroom is one place that has a drainage system and water connection in place. Alternatively, you can think of even placing your washing machine in the kitchen. However, some Indians who stay in an apartment have very congested bathrooms and kitchens, so they choose to keep their washing machine in the Varanda. 

If you are still in two minds about where to place your washing machine, here are a few options.

Place your washing machine under the washbasin counter

The most convenient place to keep your washing machine is under the washbasin counter. You can connect it directly to the water tap on the basin and use the same drainage to drain the excess water when your washing machine is in use. 

Keep the washing machine beside the shower stall in the bathroom.

If you have a friendly and cozy shower stall in your bathroom, we recommend keeping the washing machine beside the shower stall. Usually, washing machines are bulky in size. If you keep your device besides the shower stall, it will not be visible to the ordinary people visiting your house and will not eat up on the extra space in your room, making it congested. Most importantly, If t’s in the bathroom. It is easy to connect the machine to the water supply. 

Under the Kitchen counter or in the pantry

As stated earlier, washing machines can also be kept in kitchens because this is another place where there is the easy availability of water and electricity. You can also use the kitchen drainage system to flush out water. This will help you keep the kitchen clean and dry. 

In the landing

If you are staying in a building where you can get access to the terrace and have a landing dedicated to yourself and your family, you can also keep the washing machine on the landing. It saves the usable space that can be used to control other essential things. It also reduces the effort required to climb up the stairs every time you want to keep the washed clothes in broad daylight. Apart from these places, you can also choose to keep your washing machine in the closet, under the staircase, and in the hallway. The primary reason behind keeping the washing machine in these places is the easy availability of water, and electricity. These places help hide the washing machine from human eyes because the house’s decor is not obstructed. 

Final Takeaway

Thus we can say that you need to place the washing machine in a place with access to water and electricity, has a sound drainage system and most importantly helps hide the engine from the human eyes. It can be your wardrobe, under the kitchen shelf, beside the shower stall etc.