Can You Put Vinegar In The Washing Machine?

Are you curious to know whether Vinegar is a Saviour or a Destroyer? What does vinegar do to your washing machine? Then click and check the blog to get the answer that you require.

Vinegar is capable of wearing out the dust particles present in the cloth with its low PH Value. This capacity has made it do wonders in laundry evolution. By using vinegar, we can come up with a non-chemical wash for our clothes. And one important thing to know is that all vinegar cannot be used for washing clothes. Do you think using a chilli vinegar is suitable for a washing machine? We leave the answer upto your imagination. 

Moving to our question, Can You Put Vinegar In The Washing Machine?

The answer is maybe, maybe not.

Now it’s quite general to have an exclamatory expression on your face, but the answer is Yes and No. Washing machines can be used with vinegar. As everything comes with a cost, likely using vinegar in the washing machine also implicates the same.

First of all, let’s know the positive end of vinegar with washing machine

The Advantages of Using Vinegar:

  • It is used to clean our washing machine. 
  • It retains the dark color in clothes.  
  • It removes the hemlines present in the clothes.
  • It exits all the lint and other strains from the clothes.
  • Improves the softness, increases the brightness, and whitens the clothes.

Though the advantage of using vinegar is very high, the consequences of using the vinegar in washing machines are more expensive.

Now coming up with the disadvantages and the consequences of using vinegar in the washing machine. This is a crucial phase that everyone should know before using the vinegar in the washing machine.

The Consequences of using the vinegar in the washing machine :

  • Vinegar slowly eats down the parts which are present inside the machine.
  • Especially the Front-load washing machines are prone to more damage when compared to others.

The common mistake that people regularly make while Using Vinegar is Being unaware on know what to do at when.

It is very necessary to know when to use vinegar in the washing machine. If they are unaware of the scenario, they must try to get detailed information from the known or trusted resources. 

The person has to make sure that whether they are placing the vinegar in the right dispenser or not. Suppose the dispenses are placed out in the wrong dispenser. In that case, the ultimate consequences are faced within the system as Vinegar can eat the hoses and also shows its effects on other rubber parts placed inside the machine. The most preferred and suggested vinegar to use in washing machines is white vinegar.


Using Hot water with white vinegar will be the best solution if you are willing to use vinegar in the washing machine. There are different ways to clean front load washing machines and top load washing machines. The procedures and durations also differ when it comes to top load and front load. It is most important is to understand which one is suitable.