How to Drain Water from an Automatic Washing Machine?

Automatic washing machines are very useful appliances as they help the user to make the laundry more convenient. However, one of the annoying parts of these machines is that the maintenance of these machines is very tricky and very difficult as automatic washing machines are designed to do the cycle with a minimum of water that cannot be used for other purposes such as watering plants or taking a bath. 

To drain the water from an automatic washing machine, one needs to press a button on the machine, but it is simple to automatically drain the water from a washing machine with just a few simple steps. Many manufacturers have started to include a drainboard located near the wash drum, and when it is full, the drainboard will automatically start opening and make a sound.

The automatic washing machine has three hose connections; if the hose is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, all the hose connections are connected to the drainboard. The machine will start draining the water when the board is full, which generally takes between two and three hours. The pressure is controlled by using the mobile switches, which are attached to the drainboard. If the pressure is less than 30 pounds per square inch, the machine will be forced to close the drainboard to prevent flooding in the house.

Steps to drain water from an Automatic Washing Machine:

Step 1: Open the wash drum

To drain the water from the wash drum, first, you need to open the wash drum, which will mean removing the removable plate that stops the water from draining out. When you open the wash drum, the airflow will naturally remove the water from the machine.

Step 2: Press the draining button

When you press the draining button, you will get the indicator light on the wash drum that will show you the wash drum is full. Now you need to press the draining button again to drain the water.

Step 3: Place the drainboard near the drum

Just make sure the drainboard is placed close to the washing machine. Now you need to place the drainboard near the drum so that it can drain the water efficiently.

Step 4: Remove the water from the drainboard

Now you will need to remove the water from the drainboard with some clean cloths. Then you can pour the water into your garden or shower. A drainboard is placed near the wash drum of the automatic washing machine. You need to press the draining button to drain the water. When you drain the water from the automatic washing machine, you can simply pour it into the garden or sink to use it for other purposes.

There are so many features of automatic washing machines that one can benefit from these machines. For example, if you are living in an apartment, these machines are very useful as they will help you save a lot of water and energy. Additionally, the quality of the washing machine also depends on the number of wash cycles you have selected for your washing machine. Now, you should be well aware of the simple way to drain water from an automatic washing machine.