How To Clean a Whirlpool Washing Machine?

Sometimes with the excessive amount of clothes you put on a washing machine, the machine itself needs a cleanup from time to time. To clean your machine, there are specific procedures available. It is not just verbal, but each washing machine has a unique method of cleaning. They are usually called drum cleaning, which is necessary to avoid the clogging of unwanted dust particles within the device. People should regularly follow it at least once a month for a standard household machine. But when used on an excess level, the best technique is to clean it at least twice or thrice a month. The process of cleaning a washing machine is simple and does not require any manual activities. 

Let us now look at the procedure involved in cleaning a Whirlpool washing machine with proper steps.

Steps for cleaning a Whirlpool washing machine

To clean a Whirlpool washing machine, follow the following steps that have been explained in detail.

Cleaning the washer

  • The first and foremost procedure is to remove all the excess clothes and items available within the tub. The drum should be empty, and do not add any detergent liquid in the slot. If there is any liquid present, remove them also.
  • The drum can be cleaned only using special tablets and powders available in the market for drum cleaning. You can use the fresh tablet that the Whirlpool company personally suggests. If you are not interested, you can purchase any other drum cleaning powder or tablet that you prefer. Liquid chlorine bleach is also acceptable but always check with your representative or customer care guide before using them. 
  • The tablet and powder should be placed at the bottom of the tab to have an adequate reaction to breaking the dirt and residue. 
  • If you have a front door washing machine, select the cleaning cycle for a normal process that comes with a hot water setting. Some of the latest models have a separate setup aur an option called drum cleaning, which you can select and press the play button. 
  • When you have a top load washing machine, you can select a normal run and spin mod for cleansing the product. 
  • After completing this procedure, run a plain cycle and all of the machines to drive by, keeping the door completely open for a few hours. Do not keep it open for more than 1 hour as it might lead to excessive dryness and infestation of pests.

Cleaning the dispensers

The next step is to clean the dispensers present within the washing machine. Every washing machine has a dispenser drawer that should be adequately cleaned to prevent stains from salts and detergents. Even though the drum is the main priority, it is also necessary to clean the other parts of the machine to ensure proper cleanliness. 

  • This dispenser should also be cleaned along with the drum regularly.
  • Pull out the drawer and use the available cleaning wipes, especially for washing machines. If you do not have any cleaning B, you can use a standard all-out cleaning solution and a soft cloth. 
  • After cleaning it, use a wet cloth for removing the chemical and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. 

Door cleaning technique

In this step, you must clean the door along with the rubber bushes available behind the door. Cleaning it is also essential since detergents and dust will be accumulated in this area. 

  • Use a washing machine cleaning wipes to remove the excess dirt and remove the unwanted particles stuck between the door and its edges. 
  • Having a machine cleaning wipe might be a suitable option, but if you do not have them, use the cleaning solution along with a standard wipe. 

Along with this technique, also use the cleaning wipes to clean the external surface of the washer. Sometimes, you can also offer basic drum cleaning that does not involve any solution in between such extensive cleaning. This will also allow you to keep the machine fresh in between cleaning. These techniques can be extremely useful, and follow them precisely for making your machine work for a long time.