How to clean a Bosch washing machine?

Cleaning the washing machine has become a necessity these days with the exceptional amount of dust particles that get collected. So the best option available for cleaning a Bosch Washing machine has been described below so that you can benefit from the details.

Ordinary people understand that cleaning the filter within the washing machine is essential. But along with the machine, there are also other things that you need to regularly clean to ensure its quality and also to maintain the hygiene of the clothes. 

For example, a drum is the primary source through which the dust particles are passed onto the filter. So even though the filter collects the majority of the dust, some other retaining dust might be present within the drum. So cleaning the drum is essential. So if you have a Bosch washing machine at home, you have to follow specific procedures to ensure regular cleaning. 

These washing machines come along with their own branded cleaning products.  They can be used to maintain the washing machine’s efficiency. So if you are trying to clean a Bosch washing machine, then this article will be helpful. 

Washing machine function

A washing machine is a device used for washing a variety of clothes, carpets and towels. The water is sent through the water inlet and the liquid that is poured into the liquid inlet. Both of them combined to wash the cloth materials presented within the machine drum. The drum is entirely responsible for rotating the clothes in a to and fro motion to remove the dust particles. The unwanted dirty water is sent out through the outlet. 

The filter present near the outlet is used for collecting the solid dust particles. If you are using a front loading washing machine, you will have the additional option of rubber tubes placed around the door to prevent water leakage. All these are the necessary parts of a washing machine, and you should understand them before cleaning. 

Cleaning a washing machine

Usually, when people try to clean a washing machine, they wipe the external surface and then go for the filter cleaning. Once this is over, they relax. But in reality, they have cleaned only 25% of the machine. This is because there are multiple other areas of the machine that need to be cleaned. Some of them include the drums and detergent loader. Let us now take a look at the procedure to clean the washing machine in detail. 

Drum cleaning: When you try to clean a washing machine, the first step should be the drum. When you have the latest model washing machine, this cleaning process is much easier as they are simple with an automated cleaning function embedded within them. All you have to do is empty a packet of Bosch’s cleaning powder into your machine or any other regular detergent and then select the drum cleaning option. This will remove the unwanted dust particles present within the drum and make your machine striking clean.

Gasket and powder slot cleaning: Gasket cleaning is a necessity for people using a front loading machine. To prevent the external flow of water through the front door, the gaskets are placed. This casket can prevent soap water from reaching outside, but nothing will stop the soap water from creating a layer of unwanted debris on the gasket. So to maintain the hygiene of your washing machine, clean the gasket with the same powder or use the wet cloth for removing the unwanted dust particles.

Similarly, wipe off the stains in the slot where you place the detergent powder or the liquid since they will not be thoroughly washed. After cleaning all your products, ensure that the outer surface is also cleaned with a wet and dry cloth. This will make your washing machine clean and hygienic. 

Cleaning should be performed at least once a month so that you can maintain a healthy and hygienic washing machine for the next decade. 

So if you are interested in keeping your washing machine clean, the above said procedure would be a suitable choice. Using the solution provided by the brand will be more efficient when compared to the other standard cleaning solutions. Even though the price is higher, these solutions can provide a much better cleaning since they are designed specifically for the drum.