How Many Clothes Can Be Washed In a 6 kg Washing Machine?

Meta Description: What can I wash in a 6kg washing machine? You can wash like 30-35 t-shirts in a go in a 6kg washing machine. Read More to know what else you can wash in a 6kg washing machine?

In a 6 kg washing machine, you can wash around 30 shirts or a dozen towels. You can wash small clothes in big numbers in a 6 kg washing machine but not one big piece like a blanket because for that you will have to get a 7 kg washing machine.

Now, 6 kg washing machines does not mean that the whole washing machine is 6 kg. It means that the washing machine can withstand 6 kg of clothes in it at a wash.

What Type Of Clothes?

Some clothes like jeans or woolen clothes weigh double when they are wet, don’t get confused by this because dry clothes matter here. The 6 kg washing machine can handle 6 kg of dry clothes to wash.

It is important to weigh your clothes or count your clothes before putting them in the washing machine because if you put more clothes than the capacity of the washing machine, then there is a high chance that your washing machine will get destroyed.

Normally 1 kg of clothes includes a shirt and a pair of jeans or two bath towels or only five shirts so by this we can get an idea that in 6 kg there are approximately 12 bath towels or 30 shirts.

But for large laundry like more than one blanket, you need a washing machine of 7 kg because a 6 kg washing machine won’t wash the blankets. You can wash one blanket in a washing machine with 6 kg capacity but not more than that.

You can also wash two to three bedsheets in a 6 kg washing machine. In short, if you have a small family, then a 6 kg washing machine can do good for your family as it will fulfill all the requirements of your family.

So by reading this, you can now load your 6 kg washing machine appropriately.