How Many Clothes in 8kg Washing Machine?

India is a country where people believe in staying together. If you have been born and brought up in a joint family, you might know how a joint family stays in India. When you stay in a joint family of 8 to 10 people, you tend to share most electrical appliances. Because no one gets two separate machines for a family of 8, be it a television or washing machine. 

Therefore if you are thinking of purchasing a washing machine for your family in the next monsoon and staying in a joint family with your brothers and sisters, it is essential to understand which device would be most suitable for your family.

Easy ways to figure out the weight of a washing machine

Very few people know which washing machine is going to be suitable for our family. Because most of the time, people who purchase a washing machine are first-timers and have a scarcity of knowledge. However, here are some easy ways to find a suitable washing machine for your family.

  • You can consult with the seller and tell them the number of family members you have in your family before buying a washing machine for your house. If you belong to a family of 8, do not opt for a small engine.
  • You can also refer to the internet to know the exact size of a washing machine that will suit a family of 8. 
  • You can get in touch with the company that sells washing machine and seek advice on which machine would suit your house. 

Reasons to choose a washing machine that is suitable for a family of 8

The wrong size can increase wash time

If you have a family of 8 people and you are trying to wash clothes in a machine that is meant for people, it will increase your wash time. 

Because you will not be able to wash everyone’s clothes in one go, you will have to split them into two halves and wash them twice. This almost doubles the total wash time. 

Small washing machines have a risk of collapsing if they are overloaded.

If you have eight people in your family, it is evident that the total number of clothes washed is double the clothes washed in a house of four every day. Washing the clothes of eight people in a washing machine meant for four will increase the risk of overloading, which can damage the engine in the long run. Some devices are designed in a way that they stop working if they are overloaded. So, as soon as you overload a machine, it will send out signals and stop running till you release the load.

Consumes more electricity

Most importantly, if you are washing clothes in two halves, it increases the wash time and consumes more electricity because the washing machine is being run twice. 

The exact weight of a washing machine for eight people

If you stay in a family of eight, it is advised to opt for a 7 to 8 kg washing machine, which falls under medium devices. And if there are more than eight people, you need to opt for a device that is more than 8 Kg.