How Many Clothes Can Be Inserted In a 7kg Washing Machine?

Normally most people do not understand the concept of the weight displayed on the washing machine. Sometimes it is one feature that is neglected. The weight may range from 3 kg to 7 kg, and they are an indication of the number of clothes that can be inserted within the machine in a single cycle. 

In reality, this is nothing but the cubic feet of the Whirlpool washer. This weight is not the machine’s weight but is an indication of the machine’s loading capacity. Here we will explain in detail the washing capacity and how many clothes you can insert within a 7Kg capacity machine. 

Know more about washing machine capacity

Initially, there were washing machines in the market that had a capacity of 3-4 kg. But they were too small and were not able to load many clothes inside the machine. Nowadays, they have expanded capacity to 7 kgs which is available for commercial and household purposes. This measurement is nothing but the loading capacity of the machine. 

For example, here, for a 7 Kg washing machine, you can load at least 7 kg weight of laundry materials without affecting the water cycle. It does not necessarily mean that the machine will not wash when there is a heavy load because it will, but the cleaning capacity will be poor. 

Using this particular idea will allow the drum to move freely. It saves a lot of power and time. Sometimes you might have experienced a situation where the machine will take more time than the prescribed amount. This may sometimes be because of the increase in the quantity of the laundry materials. 

This capacity is measured for dry clothes. Do not try to take it for the wet clothes. For a 7 kg laundry machine, you can put 7 kg worth of laundry for quick and easy wash. If you add 8 kg instead of 7, then the machine’s running time will be slowed, and the drum will use more power for maintaining the water cycle. This, in turn, will reflect on your electric bill. 

The capacity of a 7Kg washing machine

In a  7kg washing machine, you will have the ability to process at least 35 t-shirts or two large bedsheets. Adding more will disrupt the cycle, and the final result will not be satisfactory. Here we have listed the quantity of some clothes that can be processed in a single wash cycle. 

Clothing items


Lightweight tops


Pants and jeans


Underwear, handkerchief and socks


Small towels




Duvet cover


Which load type is best?

There are two types of the loads present called front and top load. Each of them has its benefits and depending upon your requirement you can choose them. For example, despite providing a 7 kg capacity, the top load washing machine will not be good with heavy items like jeans and bedsheets. Commonly people prefer using a front load washing machine as they are more advanced and provide a quality washing technique. The water consumption is also so low when compared to the top load. So when you use a 7kg machine front load, you will have a greater advantage. 

Before deciding on a washing machine, it is important for you to consider the number of family members and how much load of laundry falls per day. You should also have proper space available for keeping the washing machine. When you constantly wash bulky items like screens and bedsheets, the best option is to go for a heavyweight washing machine. With the space measurement and frequency of washing, select a washing machine that suits your requirement.