Can You Wash Silk In The Washing Machine?

Easy way to wash your Silk in the washing machine. Do not dry them in direct sunlight. Do not bleach your silk cloth. Read more to know how to wash Silk?

Surely, Yes! You can wash your silk cloth in the washing machine. Besides, Silk is the most beautiful fabric; it is also extremely delicate. A silk cloth always needed more attention while keeping it in a cupboard or washing it. We have usually laundered our silk clothes at dry cleaners as you don’t want your fabric to snag. I have a hack to save your money. You can treat and wash your Silk at home in the washing machine.

I know this thought has made you anxious! Washing silk in the washing machine at home? No way. My Silk is expensive; I can’t take a risk. Do not worry! I’ll tell you some easy steps that will take care of your fabric. Washing silk at home will help you to save extra pennies which you were spending on the dry-cleaning. Always test a patch before washing as some silk cloth bleeds color.

Steps To Pre-Treat The Stains On Silk

  1. If your Silk has strong stains, pre-treat it with a stain solution.
  2. Apply the solution or bar directly on the stain
  3. Do not use chlorine bleach on Silk
  4. Let the solution rest on the stain for 15-20 minutes.
  5. It’s ready to get a wash in the washing machine.

Steps To Wash Silk In The Washing Machine

  1. Consider using a soft mesh cloth or bag or a soft pillow cover. Place your silk item in that bag before placing it into the washing machine.
  2. Do not overload the machine while washing silk cloth. Take only 3-4 soft clothes of the same color.
  3. Select your wash cycle to a delicate or quick wash.
  4. Select the cold water temperature.
  5. Please do not use a warm water cycle as it will shrink your cloth.
  6. Use a delicate liquid detergent that is specially designed for silk cloth.


Always refer to the fabric label before you put your Silk in the washing machine. As some silk cloth color fades away and the fabric can get damaged. Do not wash silk cloth with other fabrics. Please do not tumble dry them. Always air dry your silk cloth. Do not dry them in the direct sunlight.

Before keeping it in your cupboard, use a repellant that will help to prevent it from any bacteria.

Do not sprinkle water on Silk while ironing. It will leave a patch. If you are using your Silk occasionally, store it in a breathable bag.


Apart from washing and drying, it’s necessary to take care of your silk cloth. Silk is a high-maintenance fabric. Silk needs special care. Do not iron silk when it is damp. Set your iron to a silk setting. Always iron inside out while placing a cotton cloth in between. Hang them flat on the drying rack in a cool and dry area. You can soak excess moisture with a towel. Lay them straight on a hanger.

Following all the above steps will help you to maintain the sheen and quality of the Silk.