Can You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Crocs are expensive products that are bound to get dirty. While there are simple techniques available for cleaning them, some people prefer washing machines. This article clears out if it is a good option or not.

Yes, Crocs can be washed using a washing machine. Crocs are high-quality slippers that might get dirty quickly. Some people wonder if they can clean it using a washing machine since they are flexible and durable. As reverting as the topic might sound, they indeed can be washed in a washing machine. 

A washing machine is a unique product that has been used for cleaning a variety of items, including clothes, blankets and mats. So among these materials, crocs are also a durable item that can be washed in a washing machine. Washing the crocs once or twice in the machine can be a healthy option. But, they are not advisable for the long term usage. Let us now examine the effects faced by both the crocs and the machine after washing for months. 

Effects faced by a washing machine

A washing machine is made up of high-quality drums lined with acceptable ranges that can remove dust particles. In addition, the drums will regularly rotate to provide clean clothes. Some of the modes in the washing machine also offer hot water-based wash, which can be used for cleaning kids’ clothes and other materials for maintaining health. 

These washing machines are regularly designed for clothes only. Also this criteria can be used for the carpets too. But incase of both shoes and Crocs, the drum design might not be suitable. They damage the quality of the Crocs, and at the same time, the drums will not last forever. In addition, high mud substances might affect the quality of the filter and drum holes. Similarly, when you wash your cloth materials after watching these crocs, then the chances of getting your clothes infected with unknown microbes and mud particles is higher. So from the washing machine point of view washing, a croc might damage the machine. 

Effects faced by crocs

Crocs are made up of high-quality material called crosellite. They are a form of resin material in an enclosed form making it look like rubber material. Each part of this slipper or shoe model is well fitted and enclosed. So when you drop them in a machine, the entire structure or the material will not be affected. But in reality, the drum rotation might alter the croc’s material a bit, and they might not be as fitting as before. 

Even though the machine’s cleaning capacity, along with the soap, will make the crocs look as gorgeous as a new one, they still make some minute alterations that will be visible after five to six washes. So it’s not just in the quality of the slippers, but their colour also might be lost after continuous washing in a washing machine. If you still want to wash, choose a simple soft wash setting that does not involve any hot water or excessive rotations. 

Crocs are ideally high budget slippers, and people choose them for their life and style. So by dropping it into the washing machine, you are naturally affecting its quality. 

So the final answer is yes, the crocs can be washed in a washing machine easily, but they should not be cleaned constantly. So the better option is to try washing them using hot water soap and a soft cloth for a good life. So try washing your product with the best techniques possible for a better life.