Can You Wash Birkenstocks In The Washing Machine?

You can clean your Birkenstocks easily at home by following these steps. Do not wash Birkenstocks in the washing machine; otherwise, this will happen to your sandals.

Birkenstocks are always on our mind when we plan to go to the beach or during summer.

They are super comfy and beautiful sandals.

With time they get sweat and water patches, which doesn’t look good.

Now the time has come to take care of our comfy pair.

But this question might have swirled in your head?

How am I going to wash my Birkenstocks?

Can I wash it in the basin or washing machine? 

Please do not wash your Birkenstocks in the washing machine.

The washing machine will damage your favorite pair within no time.

And we are not up for this damage.

I’ll tell you some easy tricks to keep your Birkenstocks clean and tidy.

How To Remove The Stain From Birkenstocks?

If you have got the stain on the leather straps;-

  • Take a damp cloth dipped in shampoo 
  • Rub it on the stained part
  • Make sure the water is warm add shampoo in the warm water
  • And rub gently, you’ll see that the stain is gone.

How Can I Wash Birkenstocks In The Washing Machine?

Consider it no. You can’t wash Birkenstocks in the washing machine as the leather straps are too delicate to get washed in the washing machine.

Washing Birkenstocks in the machine could also damage the washing machine.

How To Take Care Of The Birkenstocks?

  • If some tiny stones get stuck, you can easily take them off with the help of tweezers.
  • Never tumble dry the Birkenstocks.
  • Do not dry your Birkenstocks in extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  • Air dry them naturally in a cold and dry place.
  • Use Birkenstocks cleaner to clean your sandals and wipe off the dirt.
  • Use a suede brush to restore the look of the sandals.
  • Wipe off your Birkenstocks weekly to avoid any dirt and stains.
  • Give them at least 24 hours to get dry naturally, as you want any odor to come.
  • Buy a care kit to maintain the health of your Birkenstocks.

Following the above steps will keep your Birkenstocks always looking good and tidy. This way they will stay for a longer time. 

Please use the product made for suede cleaning.

Washing them in the washing machine is never a good idea!